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Konichiwa and Records
Konichiwa Records signed an international licensing deal with Universal Music Group to launch and distribute Robyn's music globally.

Konichiwa and was
This was followed by the release of " Konichiwa Bitches " in March 2007.

Records and was
His experience there was turned into two books: Records of a School and Conversations with Children on the Gospels.
It was included from 1926 to 1930 in Okeh Records ' catalog, which typically concentrated strongly on blues and jazz.
During 1976, Grant wrote her first song (" Mountain Man "), performed in public for the first time — at Harpeth Hall School — the all-girls school she attended, recorded a demo tape for her parents with church youth-leader Brown Bannister, then later when Bannister was dubbing a copy of the tape, Chris Christian, the owner of the recording studio, heard the demo and called Word Records.
The album was a multi-platinum success and produced the pop hit " Lucky One " ( No. 18 pop and No. 2 AC ; No. 1 on Radio & Records ) as well as the title track ( a duet with country music star and future husband Vince Gill ) ( No. 37 pop ) and a cover of Joni Mitchell's frequently covered " Big Yellow Taxi " ( No. 67 pop ) ( in which she changed the line " And they charged the people a dollar and a half just to see em " to " And then they charged the people 25 bucks just to see em ").
The concert was recorded by Columbia Records, preserving for the first time musical passages and numbers not included on the original Broadway cast recording.
The group was on the verge of signing with Warner Bros. Records at the time of La Rock's murder.
The version with Bardot was issued in 1986 and became a popular download hit in 2006 when Universal Records made its back catalogue available to purchase online, with this version of the song ranking as the third most popular download.
( The police officer was played by Colin Bell, then the marketing manager of London Records ).
Steinbachek and Bronski toured extensively with the new material and got great reviews, however the project was abandoned as the group were dropped by London Records.
Nonetheless, he recorded so prolifically that Coral Records was able to release brand-new albums and singles for 10 years after his death, although the technical quality was very mixed, some being studio quality and others home recordings.
In 1927, when Williams moved to OKeh Records, he took Jefferson with him, and OKeh quickly recorded and released Jefferson's " Matchbox Blues " backed with " Black Snake Moan ," which was to be his only OKeh recording, probably because of contractual obligations with Paramount.
While he did well in Las Vegas and other areas, and made records for the Kapp Records label, he was largely a forgotten figure — even though inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1968.
The Diddley-penned, " Wyatt Earp " was a single released on Okeh Records, since the Chess brothers did not want to release the record.
The album, titled Pretty on the Inside, was released in August 1991 on Caroline Records, produced by Gordon and Gumball's Don Fleming.
In 2002, Love began composing an album with Linda Perry ; the record, America's Sweetheart, was released on Virgin Records in February 2004, was embraced by critics with mixed reviews.
A CD of some of the best Blue Jam sketches was released on 23 October 2000 on Warp Records.
The first major artist to have his entire catalogue converted to CD was David Bowie, whose 15 studio albums were made available by RCA Records in February 1985, along with four Greatest Hits albums.
Records show the similar game of " crookey " being played at Castlebellingham in 1834, which was introduced to Galway in 1835 and played on the bishop's palace garden, and in the same year to the genteel Dublin suburb of Kingstown ( today Dún Laoghaire ) where it was first spelt as " croquet ".
was released in April 1989 on Ahead of Our Time and distributed by Big Life Records.
The U. S. version was distributed by Tommy Boy Records and featured Tommy Boy artist Queen Latifah rapping over the ( previously instrumental ) track " Smoke This One ".
The album was released on August 31, 2012 thru Napalm Records in Europe and September 11, 2012 in the United States and Canada.
Eventually titled Temple of Low Men, their second album was released in July 1988 with strong promotion by Capitol Records.

Records and created
* Creation Records, a record label created in 1983 by Alan McGee
Records would be created in these optional tables only if the address or phone numbers were actually provided.
Artistik Records was created by freestyle artist and producer Willie Valentin, and was distributed by Tazmania / Hot productions in early 1994 and by Mic-Mac Records in 1995-1996.
The band soon left Elektra and created their own label, Mötley Records.
In early 1987, Evans negotiated a deal with Revolver FM for a one-off release on the specially created Black Records label ; by the time of the release of the single, " Sally Cinnamon ", the group's sound had changed considerably, with chiming guitar hooks and a strong melody, alienating some of their old fans but attracting many new ones.
* Threshold Records, a record label created by The Moody Blues
Stax Records created a classic 60's soul music, much grittier and horn-based than Motown.
She left Decca and Granz, now her manager, created Verve Records around her.
According to the Led Zeppelin biography Hammer of the Gods, the band also owed Atlantic Records one more album from the five album deal that created Swan Song Records in 1974.
Uematsu left Square Enix in 2004 and formed his own company called Smile Please ; he also created the music production company Dog Ear Records in 2006.
In 1955, ABC established a recording division, the AmPar Record Corporation, which founded and operated the popular label ABC-Paramount Records ( which became ABC Records in 1965 ) and the noted jazz label Impulse Records, created in 1961.
The concept of salsa music which began as a marketing ploy created by Izzy Sanabria was successfully exploited by Fania Records, then eventually took on a life of its own, organically evolving into an authentic pan-Latin American cultural identity.
In an attempt to duplicate the Sun Records sound, RCA used a large empty hallway at the studio to create an echo, but it sounded nothing like the echo that Phillips had created at Sun Records.
Industrial Records intended the term industrial to evoke the idea of music created for a new generation, with previous music being more agricultural: P-Orridge stated that " there's an irony in the word ' industrial ' because there's the music industry.
He also created the revised logo and record label designs of Blue Goose Records that were used from 1974 onward.
In the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition book, the writer suggests that Waluigi was created only for the purpose of giving Wario a doubles ' partner in Mario Tennis.
Stereo 8 was created in 1964 by a consortium led by Bill Lear of Lear Jet Corporation, along with Ampex, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Motorola, and RCA Victor Records ( RCA ).
Records show that it was first a mission of Opelousas beginning in 1856 but that in 1869 it was created as a separate parish called Our Lady of Mount Carmel.
The material was released in the United Kingdom on 8 December 1967 as a six-track double EP on the Parlophone label ; in the United States the record, released on 27 November 1967, was an eleven-track LP created by Capitol Records, adding the band's 1967 single releases.

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