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Korner and then
In the 1960s Korner began a media career, working initially as a show business interviewer and then on ITV's Five O ' Clock Club, a children's TV show.
Bringing a shared love of jazz to the British blues boom, then sweeping London's clubs ( which also spawned Alexis Korner, The Rolling Stones and The Yardbirds ), the band was completed by Mike Vickers on guitar, alto saxophone and flute, bassist Dave Richmond and Paul Jones as lead vocalist and harmonicist.
In 1973 Burrell formed " Snape " with members of King Crimson and Alexis Korner and then became a founder member and bass player for the rock band Bad Company, in the same year he co-wrote songs performed by Bad Company such as, " Rhythm Machine " with Simon Kirke and " Gone Gone Gone " from Desolation Angels ( 1979 ), " Nuthin ' on the TV " and " Ballad of the Band " from Rough Diamonds ( 1982 ).
He then joined a tiny Trotskyist group, the Union Communiste, led by Barta ( David Korner ) a Romanian Trotskyist.
Greenberg retired after the season, but by then Ralph Kiner was an established slugger with the Pirates, and the bullpen was redubbed " Kiner's Korner ".
It was Chris Barber whose band performances gave a stage to Lonnie Donegan and Alexis Korner, setting off the craze for skiffle and then British rhythm and blues that powered the Beat boom of the sixties.

Korner and on
A major influence on the sound of the British music scene in the 1960s, Korner was instrumental in bringing together various English blues musicians.
Korner made his first official record on Decca Records DFE 6286 in the company of Ken Colyer's Skiffle Group.
Some of these tracks, including audio of Korner himself, appear on the Hendrix double-CD BBC Sessions, including Korner playing slide guitar on "( I'm Your ) Hoochie Coochie Man ".
Plant and Korner were in the process of recording a full album with Plant on vocals until Page had asked him to join " the New Yardbirds ", aka Led Zeppelin.
Alexis Korner gave one of his last radio interviews to BBC Midlands on the Record Collectors Show with Mike Adams and the Late Chris Savory.
Korner also played on B.
In 1981, Korner joined another " supergroup ", Rocket 88, a project led by Ian Stewart based on boogie-woogie keyboard players, which featured a rhythm section comprising Jack Bruce and Charlie Watts, among others, as well as a horn section.
He died of lung cancer in London on 1 January 1984 and was survived by a daughter, musician Sappho Gillett Korner, and two sons, guitarist Nicholas ( Nico ) Korner and sound engineer Damian Korner.
Initially developing out of the trad jazz, skiffle and folk club scenes, early artists tended to focus on major blues performers and standard forms, particularly Alexis Korner, who acted as a mentor to members of The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, Manfred Mann, the Graham Bond Organisation and The Kinks.
:* Page on Hag Ha-Sukkot ( Holiday of Sukkot ) from Karaite Korner ( Karaite Judaism )
He moved to London from Yorkshire in the early 1960s, playing with Alexis Korner and the Marzipan Twisters before moving on to Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames, the Graham Bond Organisation ( in 1963 ) and Brian Auger.
Kiner also hosted a post-game show known as " Kiner's Korner " on WOR-TV.
Del Canto and Korner now resolved on a daring step.
Kay left the Daily News to host a sports talk show on WABC in 1992, briefly returning to write " Kay's Korner " for the News in 1993, before taking the microphone job for radio broadcasts New York Yankee games beside John Sterling.
Bertles left to play with UK jazz-rock band Nucleus, Speer toured Europe with Alexis Korner, and Merritt was forced to fall back on his old trade and work as a bricklayer.
The northwest staircase has an antique " SUBWAY " white and green globe sign since it is in the front yard of St. Ann's and Holy Trinity Church ( the mezzanine has a mosaic sign with the church's name on it ) while the southwest staircase is next to the basement entrance of a Kiddie Korner daycare.

Korner and all
" While his one-time acolytes The Rolling Stones and Cream made the front pages of music magazines all over the world, Korner was relegated to the role of ' elder statesman '.
In his " Chronica novella ", German chronicle: de: Hermann Korner describes the vast, three day long burial ceremony involving King Eric VII, several noblemen, the Achbishop of Lund, and all of the Danish bishops.

Korner and wanted
The band was formed by trumpeter John Rowlands and alto saxophonist Jack Massarik, who had seen the Alexis Korner band at a Manchester club and wanted to try a similar blend of Jazz and Blues.

Korner and do
Toward the end of the decade, novels of disillusionment, skepticism, and a need to find one's place in the world and history begin to appear ( Vaculík, M. Kundera, Hrubín ), as do modern historical novels ( Oldřich Daněk, Jiří Šotola, Vladimír Korner, Ota Filip ).

Korner and was
Alexis Korner ( 19 April 1928 — 1 January 1984 ) was a blues musician and radio broadcaster, who has sometimes been referred to as " a Founding Father of British Blues ".
Although he himself was a blues purist, Korner criticised better-known British blues musicians during the blues boom of the late 1960s for their blind adherence to Chicago blues, as if the music came in no other form.
Altman was married to Ann Korner in 1972.
It was Alexis Korner who persuaded Mayall to opt for a full time musical career and move to London.
In 1957 Davies and Korner decided that their central interest was the blues and closed the skiffle club, reopening a month later as The London Blues and Barrelhouse Club.
Diamond was discovered by Alexis Korner.
David Korner ( also known as Barta, Albert, and A. Mathieu ; October 19, 1914-September 6, 1976 ) was a Romanian and French communist militant, trade unionist, and journalist.
Born into a Jewish family, Korner was a member of the Romanian Communist Party ( PCR ) in 1932-1933.
When the Spanish Civil War and the June 1936 strikes took place, Korner again returned to France and was a member of the Internationalist Workers Party ( POI ).
Many of Kiner's homers were hit into a shortened left-field and left-center-field porch at Forbes Field ( originally built for Greenberg and known in the press as " Greenberg Gardens "); the porch was retained for Kiner and redubbed " Kiner's Korner ".
In addition to her husband, Korner and Bolan, Hunt was professionally associated with such musicians as Long John Baldry, John Mayall and Elton John.
Studio One was used by many influential British groups including, The Yardbirds, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Alexis Korner and Graham Bond.
* Klara ’ s Korner: a cooking show that was in national syndication for many years

Korner and play
Davies and Korner, having already split with Barber, now plugged in and began to play high powered electric blues that became the model for the sub-genre, forming the band Blues Incorporated.
Some, like Korner and Mayall, continued to play a " pure " form of the blues, but largely outside of mainstream notice.
Within the first week Harper saw John Renbourn, Alexis Korner, Paul Simon, Alex Campbell and Bert Jansch play and he would play, associate, and ' rub shoulders ' with other artists arriving later, including John Martyn, Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake.

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