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Kusumi and Koharu
* 1992 – Koharu Kusumi, Japanese singer and actress ( Morning Musume and Dream Morning Musume )
* July 15 – Koharu Kusumi, Japanese singer
" ( Koharu Kusumi song )
* Koharu Kusumi ( 1992 -)
** on Tuesdays: Koharu Kusumi ( ex-Morning Musume )
* Koharu Kusumi
* Koharu Kusumi, a Japanese pop singer
# REDIRECT Koharu Kusumi

Kusumi and has
The expression was first used by Kiyoshi Kusumi, editor of the Japanese manga magazine Comickers, in referring to the work of French expatriate Frédéric Boilet, who lived in Japan for much of his career but has since returned to France in December 2008.
* In Japan, Scooby-Doo has been voiced by Kazuo Kumakura and Naomi Kusumi.

Kusumi and .
* Tadao Takashima-Dr. Tsunezou Kusumi
The Tsugaru lineage consisted of Kusumi Taiso ( 1815 – 1882 ), who learned the heike of Edo Maeda-ryu, as well as his sons Tateyama Zennoshin and Tateyama Kogo, both of whom lamented the decline of heike in the late years of Meiji and sought to foster a number of pupils.
* Kensho Kusumi ( former Executive Vice President, Nissan Co., Ltd.

Koharu and has
Heishiro has married Koharu, the sword is restored, and Mizoguchi is now an official in Heishiro's clan.

Koharu and .
#, center field: The only members of the team with actual baseball experience, Koharu played for a boys ' team before being found out as a girl.
Alongside with Koharu, Izumi is one of the two strongest batters of the team, forming the primary offensive weapons of Kisaragi Girls ' Baseball Team.
Takeya Ikuhara is a temperamental seventeen-year-old Japanese student attending the fictitious Koharu High School with a strong prejudice against the DearS.
Devoid of proper education, Ren is initially diglossic and needy, but through curiosity and friends, becomes well versed in language and customs, even becoming admitted to Koharu High.
: Intelligent yet sometimes conceited, Miu is a student who is assigned to study abroad at Koharu High and reside locally as a homestay.
The young noble ends up staying with an older samurai ( Morio Kazama ) and his daughter Koharu ( Tamaki Ogawa ) while he heals from his wound and plans his next move.
He then kidnaps Koharu in an attempt to get the master Mizoguchi to fight him.
They then go to find Kazamatsuri and rescue Koharu.
While Mizoguchi stalls Kazamatsuri, Heishiro takes Koharu aside and says he will marry her if Mizoguchi wins.
Heishiro and the others go to the bottom, where there is no sign of Kazamatsuri's body, but Koharu spots the stolen sword at the bottom of the river, where Heishiro retrieves it.

performed and song
He also performed the song on Red Sox opening day at Fenway Park in 2003, though the game was eventually rained out.
* Atomic Dog, a song that is popular world wide ; written and performed by Our Father Who Art of Funk ; " George Clinton " from Parliament and the Funkadelics
The Laudes Regiae, or song commending a ruler, that was performed at Matilda's coronation may have been composed by Ealdred himself for the occasion.
Created by the Scottish-born composer, Peter Dodds McCormick, the song was first performed in 1878, but did not gain its status as the official anthem until 1984.
The original song Advance Australia Fair was composed by Peter Dodds McCormick under the pen-name ' Amicus ' ( which means ' friend ' in Latin ), in the late 19th century, and first performed by Andrew Fairfax at a Highland Society function in Sydney on 30 November 1878.
The lyrics for the " Alabama Song " and another song, the " Benares Song " are in English ( albeit specifically idiosyncratic English ) and are performed in that language even when the opera is performed in its original ( German ) language.
The song is not actually performed a cappella, but rather, explains that before her son was born, her life was without music.
During 1976, Grant wrote her first song (" Mountain Man "), performed in public for the first time — at Harpeth Hall School — the all-girls school she attended, recorded a demo tape for her parents with church youth-leader Brown Bannister, then later when Bannister was dubbing a copy of the tape, Chris Christian, the owner of the recording studio, heard the demo and called Word Records.
The song was later featured in the film The Birdcage ( 1996 ) and performed by Robin Williams and Christine Baranski.
The show's theme song, " The Ballad of Jed Clampett ", was written by producer and writer Paul Henning and originally performed by bluegrass artists Flatt and Scruggs.
The song " Kärlekens Tid "-performed by Helen Sjöholm with BAO !--has also been performed in English by opera baritone Bryn Terfel.
The Grateful Dead performed " Not Fade Away " 530 times over the course of their career, making it their seventh most-performed song.
The punk band The F. U's performed a cover of the song, featured on the album This Is Boston, Not L. A.
He performed his song " Bo Diddley " with Eric Clapton, Robbie Robertson, and longtime bassist and musical director Debby Hastings at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 20th annual induction ceremony and in the UK, Uncut magazine included his 1957 debut album " Bo Diddley " in its listing of the ' 100 Music, Movie & TV Moments That Have Changed The World '.
The show's theme song, written and performed by Gary Portnoy, and co-written with Judy Hart Angelo, lent its famous refrain, " Where Everybody Knows Your Name ", as the show's tagline.
They performed the song " Too Hot ta Trot " during the dance contest ; their songs " Brick House " and " Easy " were also played during the movie.
One song from that record, " Producer's Medley ", featured Wariner's recreation of several very famous songs which Chet Atkins both produced and performed on.
" Pull My Strings " was never recorded for a studio release, though the performance at the Bay Area Music Awards, which was the first and only time the song was ever performed, was released on the band's compilation album Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death.
The Dead Kennedys performed what appears to be their first new song in 24 years, " You're Such a Fake ", during their October 16, 2010, concert at the Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington, D. C.
" ( Brubeck wrote, and the Quartet performed, the theme song for the Craig Stevens CBS drama series ; the music from the series became material for the " New York " album.
The first song she had performed for him was " Day After Day ", thus the origin of her stage name.
The songwriters ( Sager, Ingram, and Clif Mangess ) were nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song and Parton and Ingram performed the song on the awards telecast.
The music video for the 2006 Academy Award-nominated song Listen, performed by Beyoncé Knowles, received a director's cut by Diane Martel.

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