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Kwality and Wall's
* Kwality Wall's frozen dessert
* Kwality Wall's ( India )
At the same time, other brands acquired by Hindustan Lever, such as Gaylord-Milkfood, were phased out in favour of promoting the Kwality Wall's brand.
* Hindustan Lever Limited Kwality Wall's website

Kwality and ice
Kwality, the original Indian company, was founded in 1956, and was the first in the region to import machinery for the mass production and sale of ice cream on a commercial scale.

Kwality and India
The company ’ s Kwality Wall ’ s mobile vending operations provide entrepreneurship opportunities to over 6, 500 migrant labourers across India.

Kwality and .
Axe soap bar, Fair and Lovely advanced multi vitamin, Pepsodent Expert protection range, Pepsodent Mouthwashes, Vaseline moisture therapy Heel Cream, Lakme Perfect Radiance range, Kissan ‘ sweet and spicy ’ ketchup, New Vanilla Supreme from Kwality Walls, Kwality Walls Selection Range and Pureit Advanced with Double Protection.
In 1995, in view of the growth potential of the frozen confections market, Kwality entered into an agreement with Lever, and has since been known by its current umbrella name.

Wall's and is
A kill file ( also killfile, bozo bin or twit list ) is a per-user file used by some Usenet reading programs ( originally Larry Wall's rn ) to discard summarily ( without presenting for reading ) articles matching some unwanted patterns of subject, author, or other header lines.
Wall's training as a linguist is apparent in his books, interviews, and lectures.
In 1991 he finally disproved Wall's conjecture by finding a finitely generated group that is not accessible.
Wall's play is based on a true story.
* The recurring references to Coca-Cola, including the key sequence where a Coca-Cola banner is unfurled outside Christiane's bedroom, recall Billy Wilder's One, Two, Three, also set in Berlin, in 1961, the year of the Wall's erection.
The logo that it uses is the same Heartbrand logo that Wall's ice cream, Good Humor, Streets and Selecta use in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Philippines respectively – all brands are owned by Unilever.
The same ice as Langnese / Wall's is sold under different names around the world:
It is a company of Hindustan Unilever, the arm of Unilever in India, and is an extension of the Wall's ice cream brand of Great Britain.

Wall's and major
Paul Wall's major label debut, The Peoples Champ, on Swishahouse / Atlantic, was released in September 2005, eventually topping the Billboard 200.

Wall's and producer
He was also Kingston Wall's producer and manager and ran the band's own Trinity record label.

Wall's and ice
That, and the increasing sophistication of the gramophone record market, led to its collapse ; its facilities were then exploited by Wall's, a meat processor and ice cream manufacturer.
* Unilever PLC has its UK and Ireland headquarters in Leatherhead at the purpose-built Unilever House-home to some of the nation's favourite consumer brands including: Bertolli, Colman's, Knorr, Marmite, Hellmann's, Surf, Dove, Lynx, Radox, Sure, Persil, Flora, Tresemme, Toni & Guy, Wall's ice cream, Cif, VO5 and Domestos.
* A brand of elaborate choc ice manufactured by the British Wall's ice cream
A Wall's ice cream van parked near a school in Coventry, England.
Initially in the 1990s, she appeared in TV advertisements ( including the Wall's ice cream ad when the brand entered India ), and was a VJ on music channels where she was noticed by Subhash Ghai.
* Wall's ( Ice cream ), a company that makes ice cream
Upon leaving school he was a drummer for pub bands and worked as: a supermarket shelf stacker, a messenger, air ticket clerk for a travel agency, a cashier for Wall's ice cream, for Rank Xerox ( having trained as a reprographics operator ) and as a window cleaner.

Wall's and other
The Maypole Dairy Company was later acquired by Lever Brothers who, as part of the multinational Unilever company, converted the site to a Wall's Sausages factory which produced sausages and other meat products through until the late 1970s.
From about 1930 until Antinori's death, with both Wall's and Antinori's criminal ranks depleted by the casualties and lives lost by their fighting each other, Trafficante and his son, Santo Jr., were able to seize control of the Antinori's bolita rackets in the Gulf Coast region ; after Antinori's death, they were able to gain complete control when Wall retired in 1945 and conceded his power and all his operations to the father – son duo.
In Wall's eyes, the Party suffered from a lack of media attention and " opposition from many environmentalists ", which contrasted the experience of other emerging Green Parties, like Germany's Die Grünen.
On the other hand Coxe make also some mistakes on Wall's career.

Wall's and products
This arrangement allows for local production and sale of Wall's products that are popular in its home market, such as the Cornetto cone, and to create local variations on others, such as the Feast Jaljeera Blast.

Wall's and Pakistan
* Wall's ( Indonesia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Lebanon, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Maldives )

Wall's and .
The mathematically-minded might heed H. S. Wall's reminder that the statement " I have a son " does not necessarily imply that " I have exactly one son " or that " I have only sons ".
Wall's mother testified she found drawings of his that looked like plans for a Trivial Pursuit-like game, but the drawings had since been destroyed.
Wall's friend, who was allegedly hitchhiking with him that day, never testified.
From 1971 on several mathematicians have been working on Wall's conjecture, posed by Wall in a 1971 paper, which said that all finitely generated groups were accessible.
West Germany interpreted a 21 November 1989 diplomatic message on the topic, however, as meaning that only two weeks after the Wall's collapse the Soviet leadership already anticipated reunification.
Further south Acton Vale had famous names including Napier & Son ( engines ), H. Bronnley & Co ( Soaps ), Evershed & Vignoles ( electrical equipment ), Lucas CAV ( automotive electrical ), Vandervell Products ( bearings ), T. Wall & Son ( Wall's Sausages and Wall's Ice Cream ) and Wilkinson Sword ( swords and razors ).
Early in 1944, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel was assigned to improve the Wall's defences.
HA ' OROT-THE LIGHTS OF RAV KOOK by Greg Wall's Later Prophets Featuring Rabbi Itzchak Marmorstein – released on Tzadik Records, April 2009 Myspace ; Haorot. org ; Youtube. com
During the Wall's existence there were around 5, 000 successful escapes into West Berlin ; 136 people were officially killed trying to cross ( see Deaths at the Berlin Wall ) and around 200 were seriously injured.
At the north end of the leisure park it borders with Ingoldmells, and the boundary follows to the south of Wall's Lane.
He originated the role of " Cosmo " in Philip Ridley's The Pitchfork Disney, as well as that of " Bryan " in Michael Wall's Amongst Barbarians, for which he won a Mobil Award.
Kinneil, in the western part of Bo ' ness, was mentioned by Bede, who wrote that it was named Pennfahel (" Wall's end ") in Pictish and Penneltun in Old English.

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