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L and .
Ultracentrifugation was then carried out in a Spinco model L ultracentrifuge at 40,000 rpm for 125 to 150 min, refrigeration being used throughout the run.
A general line L meets Q in two points, Af and Af, through each of which passes a unique generator of the regulus, Af, whose lines are simple secants of Aj.
The line Af is the image of L.
For if it did, the plane of L and l' would contain two generators of Af, which is impossible.
Hence, thought of as a line in a particular plane **yp, any tangent to Q has a unique image and moreover this image is the same for all planes through L.
Clearly, any line, l, of any bundle having one of these points of tangency, T, as vertex will be transformed into the entire pencil having the image of the second intersection of L and Q as vertex and lying in the plane determined by the image point and the generator of Af which is tangent to **zg at T.
On C there is a Af correspondence in which the Af points cut from C by a general line, l, of the pencil correspond to the point of intersection of the image of L and the plane of the pencil.
A straight line relationship is usually observed in a plot of Af against load L, having slope k, and Af.
Make sure that the metal tube through which the wire passes is in the shape of an inverted `` L '', the foot of the `` L '' about three inches long, so that the puppet can hang directly under the light.
* Ackrill J. L. ( 2010 ).
* Bernard L. Austin ( 1902-1979 ), American admiral
* J. L. Austin ( 1911 – 1960 ), British philosopher
Much work has been done on the reconstruction of Proto-Mon – Khmer in Harry L. Shorto's Mon – Khmer Comparative Dictionary.
* Bolens, L. ( 1997 ).
In Korea, the Hangul alphabet was created by Sejong the Great Hangul is a unique alphabet: it is a featural alphabet, where many of the letters are designed from a sound's place of articulation ( P to look like the widened mouth, L to look like the tongue pulled in, etc.
To do this, Moseley measured the wavelengths of the innermost photon transitions ( K and L lines ) produced by the elements from aluminum ( Z = 13 ) to gold ( Z = 79 ) used as a series of movable anodic targets inside an x-ray tube.
* A. N. I. M. A. L., an Argentinian heavy metal band

L and P
In 1935, the new film studio Photo Chemical Laboratories, known as P. C. L.
The 25-year-old Kurosawa joined P. C. L.
* 1899 – P. L. Travers, Australian author ( d. 1996 )
1997 / P. L.
1997 / P. L.
* 1975 – Bus massacre in Lebanon: An attack by the Phalangist resistance kills 26 militia members of the P. F. L.
137 L .– P.
Thus, if P is a program in L < sub > 2 </ sub > which is a minimal description of s, then InterpretLanguage ( P ) returns the string s. The length of this description of s is the sum of
Let P be the root of the unbalanced subtree, with R and L denoting the right and left children of P respectively.
* If the balance factor of P is 2, then the left subtree outweighs the right subtree of the given node, and the balance factor of the left child ( L ) must be checked.
* If the balance factor of L is + 1, a single right rotation ( with P as the root ) is needed ( Left-Left case ).
" In P. Háyek, L. Valdés and D. Westerstahl ( ed.
* Graham, M. P, and McKenzie, Steven L., " The Hebrew Bible today: an introduction to critical issues " ( Westminster John Knox Press, 1998 )
* Prigent P., L ’ Apocalypse, Paris 1981.
* the income statement, also known as the statement of financial results, profit and loss account, or P & L
J. P. Smith, with Tippity Witchet and others of the L. T. Bauer string, is scheduled to start for " the big apple " to-morrow after a most prosperous Spring campaign at Bowie and Havre de Grace.
* P. Batiffol, L ' Histoire du bréviaire romain ( Paris, 1893 ; Eng.
For example " GOOD DOG " can be encrypted as " PLLX XLP " where " L " substitutes for " O ", " P " for " G ", and " X " for " D " in the message.
* Matthews M. L. and Endress P. K. ( 2004 ).
The 21 consonant letters in the English alphabet are B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, V, X, Z, and usually W and Y: The letter Y stands for the consonant in " yoke ", the vowel in " myth " and the vowel in " funny ", and " yummy " for both consonant and vowel, for examples ; W almost always represents a consonant except in rare words ( mostly loanwords from Welsh ) like " crwth " " cwm ".
* Floyd, D. L., Skolnik, M. L., & Walker, K. P., eds.

L and Summers
* Bracken, D. W., Summers, L., & Fleenor, J. W.
* Bracken, D. W., Timmreck, C. W., Fleenor, J. W., & Summers, L. ( 2001b ).
* Robert S Summers Lon L Fuller ( Stanford University Press, Stanford, 1984 ).
Nationally known criminal defense lawyer William L. Summers led the defense team in defending dozens of inmates charged in the riot's aftermath.
While still a junior high school student, Summers and Mildred L. " Milly " Watson ( later Millie Pace ) ( born February 26, 1922 in Los Angeles, California ; died August 2, 1976 in Orange County, California ), a local girl, performed together in churches in Pasadena, California, and later made religious recordings with Milly's older brother, Marvin, for which she wrote some songs.
* Raff, D., and Summers, L. ( 1987 ), “ Did Henry Ford pay efficiency wages ?”, Journal of Labor Economics, Oct 1987
In December 1991, " L. Summers, who at the time was chief economist and a vice-president of the World Bank, made an internal note ( leaked to the environmental community ) that asserted that the economically correct policy for the disposal of environmental poisons was to dump them in developing countries.
The editors of The Freeman have included Henry Hazlitt, John Chamberlain, Suzanne La Follette, Paul L. Poirot, Brian Summers, Charles Hamilton, and John Robbins.
At trial, he was represented by the Cleveland, Ohio criminal defense lawyer, William L. Summers.
# ( 24th ) L. Parker & R. Summers (# 622 ; Impreza )
# ( 22nd ) L. Parker & R. Summers (# 622 ; Impreza )
Summers was born in Marion County, West Virginia, the youngest of two sons to William L. Summers and Florence Swisher.

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