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Lacking and strong
Lacking a strong political representation in a state dominated by Pashtuns, minority communities commonly looked to pious learned or charismatically revered pirs ( saints ) for leadership.
Lacking the slick production style of the previous vocal album, True Believer, Phil Keaggy was a strong return to form for Keaggy in terms of recapturing his usual organic, live sound.
Lacking opposable thumbs and not being especially strong, they proceed upwards in a series of slow hops, gripping onto the bark of trees with their small, sharp claws.
Lacking the support of infantry or heavy artillery, the mounted force was too small to capture this strong rearguard position, but the threat from the mounted advance was enough to force the enemy to evacuate the position.
Lacking strong support from the domestic security services, Sarkis failed to have any impact or success in any of his initiatives.
Lacking the tools to do this and absent a political party with which to stake his run, he was approached by a founding member of the Likud party and participant in the Zo Artzeinu protests who proposed that Feiglin register for the Likud party and register, in turn, the thousands who participated in the protests, thereby building a support base for himself in the party and running for the party leadership, thereby attaining Prime Ministerial candidacy .< ref > Feiglin, Moshe .< u > מלחמת החלומות </ u >, Manhigut Yehudit: 2005, pp. 378-382 .</ ref > At present, Feiglin has an estimated 12, 000-15, 000 loyalists in the party, making Manhigut Yehudit the largest consolidated faction in the Likud's approximately 100, 000 strong party membership.
Lacking a feudal system of vassal loyalty made it impossible for any prince, early on, to gain enough influence and power to project a strong force against any invaders.
Lacking a feudal system of vassal loyalty made it impossible for any prince, early on, to gain enough influence and power to project a strong force against any invaders.
Lacking strong flavor, fermented bean curd takes on the aroma and taste of its soaking liquid.

Lacking and general
Lacking the two-thirds majority necessary in both houses of the Legislature to submit constitutional amendments to the electorate, in 2004 the Popular Democratic Party's then-majority approved legislation to hold a referendum, not on a particular constitutional amendment as such, but on the general concept of switching from a bicameral to a unicameral system which was held on July 10, 2005.
Lacking necessary scientific background, Matvei Gedenschtrom had to study a lot in order to be able to reckon a latitude and longitude of a given location and use scientific equipment in general.
Lacking general unity and forming a minority in the Verkhovna Rada, opposition politicians could provide protesters with only limited support, such as initiating a mock impeachment of Kuchma and making parliamentary protest.
Lacking of a general algorithm, the developers of computer algebra systems, have implemented heuristics based on pattern-matching and the exploitation of special functions, in particular the incomplete gamma function Although this approach is heuristic rather than algorithmic, it is nonetheless an effective method for solving many definite integrals encountered by practical engineering applications.

Lacking and control
* Lacking control of the government.
Lacking modern means of environmental temperature control, experimentalists struggled with continual fringe drift even though the interferometer might be set up in a basement.
Lacking modern means of environmental temperature control, experimentalists struggled with continual fringe drift even though the interferometer might be set up in a basement.
Lacking control, the airplane then pitched nose-up, and another gust caused a failure of the main wing spar.
Lacking effective control on the free movement of capital, the Impossible Trinity asserts that a country has to choose between reducing currency volatility and running a stabilising monetary policy: it cannot do both.
Lacking formal consent of the government of Panama, he entered into negotiations with the American Secretary of State, John Hay, to give control of the Panama Canal area to the U. S. No Panamanians signed the resulting Hay – Bunau-Varilla Treaty.
Lacking control of the air, the forces at Åndalsnes were withdrawn in early May 1940.
Lacking any effective control of its land, the municipality is remembered for two reasons, the first being the partisan Republic of Alba which took its name during World War II, the second one is its flag, designed by the jacobin Juan Antonio Ranza, who said that the blue and red were for France while the orange is taken to the tree of the Piedmont's shield.
Lacking democratic control over the military on both nations.

Lacking and mostly
Lacking the powers necessary for your typical superhuman hero, Mark relies mostly upon his wits, and often sheer luck, to fend off Lord Fear and his army, until obtaining a simple hand held energy gun in the final series.

Lacking and Roman
Lacking support from the Salian dynasty of the Holy Roman Empire, secular Saxon princes seeking Slavic territory found themselves in a military stalemate with their adversaries.
Lacking an heir, Attalus III Philometer, the last of the Attalid kings of Pergamum, bequeathed his kingdom, including Philadelphia, to his Roman allies when he died in 133 BC.

Lacking and Army
Lacking the desire to make a career in merchant banking, Meinertzhagen took the examinations for a commission in the British Army, and after training at Aldershot was commissioned in 1899.

Lacking and could
Lacking in numbers, Eugene could not seriously disrupt Tallard's march ; nevertheless, the French Marshal's progress was proving pitifully slow.
Lacking the residency requirements in Illinois at the time, he could not vote.
Lacking substantial evidence for the mode of failure, the following possibilies could not be excluded:
Lacking official press credentials to witness the Normandy landings, she impersonated a stretcher bearer and later recalled, " I followed the war wherever I could reach it.
Lacking anti-tank weapons, the Norwegian troops could not hold back the German attack.
Lacking such a correlation, the identification of the cause of the thirty-one events as gamma rays of cosmic origin could not be established.
Lacking scaling ladders, Procter finally realized that the attackers could do very little against the fort.

Lacking and do
Lacking direction, Ben wandered into an alleyway where he encountered a shadowy figure who told him that any action he takes would simply create another universe where he took the opposite action, so he might as well do what felt good.
Lacking the capital to do it themselves, Jack Webb offered to put up some of the money to build live-action stages in exchange for their use ( Webb used it to shoot much of the Dragnet TV series ).
Lacking popularity in commercial fishing, many regions do not even consider management plans.
Lacking the fuel to do so, the plane instead lands at the military base at Ovda Airport in Israel, where Jabari is arrested.
Lacking the power to repair the timelines, they concocted this scheme of recruiting heroes from various worlds to do their work for them.

Lacking and little
) Lacking outside confirming texts, they hold that we cannot confirm the origin or date of most statements and laws, and that we can say little for certain about their authorship.
Lacking military experience, he showed little initiative or self-confidence, instead cautiously obeying the instructions of the king, and relying on the opinion of his advisers and subordinate commanders.

Lacking and attack
Lacking the " second resolution ", the U. S. announced its intention to attack Iraq regardless if Saddam Hussein did not abdicate.
Lacking sufficient supplies to mount an attack Luxembourg was unable to prevent the Allies garrisoning Dixmude and, on 27 September 1694, recapturing Huy, an essential preliminary to future operations against Namur.
Lacking air cover, the small, slow anti-submarine sloops and trawlers used were very vulnerable to air attack.

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