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Lagoona and also
Lagoona also released their music on other sites, like Beatmaka. com, Weedshare. com and Javamusic. com, where they also reached the # 1 spots, and they were ranked in the mp3charts. com " Global Top 100 " for more than two years in a row.
Lagoona has also produced music for British / Australian popstar Gina G and released single tracks on several international compilation albums, with the last major release being " Cream of the clubs 2004 " ( ZYX / DanceStreet ) and " A trip in Trance 3 " ( Blue Dot ).
" Final destination " is also the only Lagoona song where both members are singing the vocals.
Beside these releases, the two members have also made releases under their own name during the time of Lagoona.

Lagoona and got
Lagoona got more than 2. 4 million song plays from MP3. com, and in total more than 8 million recorded downloads as of 2007-a number which only a few bands in Sweden could match at the time.

Lagoona and #
At the same ranking for year 2004, Lagoona had three songs on the top-20 (" Into my dream " being the highest at # 12 ).
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Lagoona and at
* Lagoona Beach at
Since then, Lagoona have peaked most major MP3 music charts on the net at some point.
In the MP3. com genre charts, all songs Lagoona released ( over 40 tracks in total ) reached a top-20 place at some point.
The official website of Lagoona used to be found at lagoonamusic. com, but the site was closed a couple of years ago.

Lagoona and with
However, in confusion with the word " Lagoon ", Laguna Beach was nearly misnamed " Lagoona " by the State of California.
By 2000 she recorded a number of songs with Swedish producers Lagoona, including a new version of her debut hit " Ooh Aah ... Just a Little Bit ", and a cover of Nancy Sinatra's " These Boots Are Made for Walkin '".
In 2001, Lagoona started working with vocals.
In 2003, the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service stuck a cooperative agreement with DTE Energy to include portions of their properties into the refuge, including the Lagoona Beach Unit and Brancheau Unit of the Enrico Fermi Nuclear Generating Station.

also and got
And you also got this little spark in your bird-brain that tells you to turn around before you drown yourself.
As he made plans for the new Taliesin, Wright also got on paper his conception of a cathedral of steel and glass to house a congregation of all faiths, and the idea for a planetarium with a sloping ramp.
Masu also uses the training she got in an American home where she learned to polish furniture, clean corners, and work effectively in keeping a shiny house.
It has also been suggested that the name might be related to the ribat of Waggag ibn Zallu in the village of Aglu ( near present-day Tiznit ), where the future Almoravid spiritual leader Abdallah ibn Yasin got his initial training.
She has been repaying the debt from her housekeeping budget, and also from some work she got copying papers by hand, which she did secretly in her room, and took pride in her ability to earn money " as if she were a man.
The PUSC also obtained 27 seats in the 57-member Legislative Assembly, for a plurality, while the PLN got 23 and five minor parties won seven.
In 2005, a group of Perl developers who also had an interest in JavaScript got together to create JSAN, the JavaScript Archive Network.
This was so novel a proposition at the time that it got picked up and published by Newsweek and also covered by Walter Cronkite on the CBS Evening News.
He also got involved in the Albanian Communist Group under the tutelage of Llazar Fundo who also taught him law.
Tom Frame also records that Holt had already got into trouble twice while skindiving earlier in 1967 — on the first occasion, while snorkeling at Portsea in May, he got into severe difficulties due to a leaking snorkel and had to be pulled from the water by friends, gasping for breath, blue in the face and vomiting seawater.
Bass also got a look in the outfield.
John Huston was reported to be easily bored during production, and admired Bogart ( who also got bored easily off camera ) not just for his acting talent but for his intense concentration on the set.
Like his father, Isaac also deceived Abimelech about his wife and also got into the well business.
He also got involved in smuggling opium.
Cocteau also got Radiguet exempted from military service.
Their fellow second-year NFC expansion team, the Carolina Panthers, also got to their conference championship game, where they lost 30 – 13 to the eventual Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers.
Jaxson's antics got him into trouble in 1998 and stemmed the changing of the NFL's mascot rules, and also caused him to calm down.
During the Blackest Night event, when word got out that apparently everyone around the world who have died are rising as undead Black Lanterns, Luthor isolates himself in his safehouse in fear that all the people he had murdered over the years would also reanimate and seek revenge on him.
They are also the only Slavic languages with any definite articles, but only Macedonian has got three: unspecified, proximate and distal article.
" He also says that when he and Palin were asked to do the sketch for Saturday Night Live, they sat down together to try to remember the lines, and when they got stuck they considered just going out and stopping somebody on the street to ask how it went, since everybody seemed to have it memorised.
England ’ s Derek Randall scored 174, Australia ’ s Rod Marsh also got a century, Lillee took 11 wickets, and David Hookes, in his first test, smacked five fours in a row off England captain Tony Greig ’ s bowling.
One of the gunmen who got out of the car shot him dead while he lay on the floor and also shot a woman, who screamed out, " Murderer.

also and #
# Having been drawn and enabled, but prior to regeneration, one is able to believe … able also to resist.
# After one believes, God then regenerates ; one is able to continue believing … able also to resist.
# Abijah ( king ) of the Kingdom of Judah, also known as Abijam ( אבים ' aḄiYaM " My Father is Yam "), who was son of Rehoboam and succeeded him on the throne of Judah.
# Auditory verbal agnosia ( also known as Pure Word Deafness )
# Transcortical motor aphasia ( also known as Adynamic aphasia and Extrasylvian motor aphasia )
# The bishops were also successors of the apostles in that " the functions they performed of preaching, governing and ordaining were the same as the Apostles had performed ".
# It is also used to signify that " grace is transmitted from the Apostles by each generation of bishops through the imposition of hands ".
# " Protoalkaloids ", which contain nitrogen and also originate from amino acids.
# Chromatin undergoes condensation into compact patches against the nuclear envelope ( also known as the perinuclear envelope ) in a process known as pyknosis, a hallmark of apoptosis.
# The infected CD4 + cell may also receive the death signal from a cytotoxic T cell.
The United Methodist Hymnal also contains ( at # 882 ) what it terms the " Ecumenical Version " of this creed — a version which is identical to that found in the Episcopal Church's current Book of Common Prayer.
It is used for seawater service and also in Euro coins # Small-denomination coins ( Nordic gold ).
In 1990, Andersson scored a Swedish # 1 hit with " Lassie ", sung by female cabaret group Ainbusk, for whom he also wrote the Svensktoppen hits " Älska Mig " and " Drömmarnas Golv ".
A version of the archbar truck was at one time also used on US Railway car # Freight cars | freight cars
# the powers of y go up from 0 () until it reaches n ( also the n in.
Bodmin was in the administrative North Cornwall District until local government reorganisation in 2009 abolished the District ( see also Politics of Cornwall # Cornwall Council ).
Published in 1985, it is also known variously as Chapterhouse Dune, Chapter House Dune, and Chapter House: Dune, and rose to # 2 on The New York Times Best Seller list.
: See also: Major League Baseball # MLB uniforms ( including image of baseball-cap logos of the 30 MLB franchises )
This remix was itself sampled in the remix of " Pump Up the Volume " by MARRS that reached # 1 in the UK, also in October 1987.
# The term chakra also is used to denote yantras or mystic diagrams, variously known as,, etc.
The CIE 1931 x, y chromaticity space, also showing the chromaticities of black body light sources of various temperatures ( Planckian locus ), and lines of constant # Correlated color temperature | correlated color temperature.
There were also rumors that Expansion Module # 3 was to have incorporated an RCA CED player to store larger amounts of data.
The Prologue of the Code of Hammurabi ( the first 305 inscribed squares on the stele ) is on such a tablet, also at the Louvre ( Inv # AO 10237 ).
Likewise, the Museum of the Ancient Orient, part of the Istanbul Archaeology Museums, also has a " Code of Hammurabi " clay tablet, dated to 1750 BC, in ( Room 5, Inv # Ni 2358 ).
# All things bearing a certain relation to other members of the set are also to count as members of the set.

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