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Lake and Grove
Born in nearby Paddock Grove, son of a butcher, he was also MP for Boston, from 1856, until his death in 1860, in a shipping accident on Lake Michigan.
In 1960, Oswego was renamed Lake Oswego when it annexed part of neighboring Lake Grove.
The city extends up Mount Sylvania and through Lake Grove towards Tualatin.
As of February 2005, there are 20 recognized neighborhood associations: Blue Heron ¤, Bryant ¤, Country Club-North Shore ¤, Evergreen ¤, First Addition, Forest Highlands, Glenmorrie, Hallinan Heights, Holly Orchard, Lake Forest, Lake Grove, Lakewood ¤, McVey-South Shore ¤, Oak Creek, Old Town, Palisades ¤, Rosewood, Uplands, Waluga, and Westridge.
An additional swim park is open to those who live in the boundaries of the old Lake Grove School District.
The county is divided into twenty-two townships: America, Brule, Chamberlain, Cleveland, Eagle, Highland, Kimball, Lyon, Ola, Plainfield, Pleasant Grove, Plummer, Pukwana, Red Lake, Richland, Smith, Torrey Lake, Waldro, West Point, Wilbur, Willow Lake, Union ; and one area of unorganized territory: Grandview.
Although heavily wooded in many rural areas and retaining a predominantly rural character in its western sector, York County is part of the greater Charlotte metropolitan region and includes Rock Hill, the county ’ s largest city, as well as the smaller cities of Tega Cay and York and the smaller towns of Clover, Fort Mill, Hickory Grove, McConnells, Sharon, and Lake Wylie.
The county consists of twelve townships: Soldier, Menoken, Silver Lake, Grove, and Rossville north of the Kansas River ; Tecumseh, Topeka, Mission, and Dover south of the river ; and Monmouth, Williamsport, and Auburn in the southernmost tier of townships occupying the Wakarusa River valley.
* Pine Grove, Lake County, California
Union Grove is located approximately from Guntersville Lake and from Arab.
References: Palazzo, Robert P. Darwin, California, Lake Grove, OR: Western Places, 1996.
Shasta Lake started out as five small communities named Central Valley, Toyon, Project City, Pine Grove, and Summit City, all of which came about with the beginning of construction of Shasta Dam in 1938.
and Lake Blvd., and Pine Grove at what today is the intersection of I-5 and Pine Grove Ave.
* Lake Grove
Fox River Grove is a village in the Cuba Township of Lake County and the Algonquin Township of McHenry County, Illinois, United States.
Vernon Hills serves as a retail hub for its surrounding area ( Libertyville, Lake Forest, Mundelein, Lincolnshire, Buffalo Grove ,).
Even more recently a third high school, Prairie Ridge High School, opened in 1997 north of the city to accommodate the spread moving into the area between Crystal Lake and the two communities directly to its north, Prairie Grove and Bull Valley.
Prairie Grove Consolidated School District # 46 also serves a portion of northeast Crystal Lake.
* Prairie Grove Junior High School was built in 1998 and opened in 1999 which is the newest Middle School in Crystal Lake.
Those settlements were Cuba, to the north, Magor, to the northwest, Mikesville, to the southwest, Aldrich, to the south ( Drew, moved and renamed Bruce, was farther south ), West Lake, to the east, and Bailey's Grove to the north east.

Lake and is
Memphis stinkpotters like McKellar Lake, inside the city limits, and sailors look for autumn winds at Arkabutla Lake where fall racing is now in progress.
Turkey's largest lake, Lake Van, is situated in the mountains at an elevation of.
The main basin is the Mus Valley, west of Lake Van.
Flat or gently sloping land is rare and largely confined to the deltas of the Kızıl River, the coastal plains of Çukurova and the valley floors of the Gediz River and the Büyük Menderes River as well as some interior high plains in Anatolia, mainly around Tuz Gölü ( Salt Lake ) and the Konya Basin ( Konya Ovasi ).
* 1893 – Salt Lake Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is dedicated by Wilford Woodruff.
Lake Sevan, across at its widest point and long, is by far the largest lake.
Most of Armenia is drained by the Araks or its tributary, the Hrazdan, which flows from Lake Sevan.
Another environmental concern is a significant drop in Lake Sevan's water level because of drawdowns for irrigation and the diversion of water to hydroelectric plants to compensate for the electric power lost through the inactivity of the nuclear plant at Metsamor.
landlocked in the Lesser Caucasus Mountains ; Sevana Lich ( Lake Sevan ) is the largest lake in this mountain range
Averaging at least 1. 6 km thick, the ice is so massive that it has depressed the continental bedrock in some areas more than 2. 5 km below sea level ; subglacial lakes of liquid water also occur ( e. g., Lake Vostok ).
Shown is a sign indicating an accessible fishing platform at Drano Lake, Washington ( state ) | Washington.
* 1959 – Quake Lake is formed by the magnitude 7. 5 1959 Yellowstone earthquake near Hebgen Lake in Montana.
* 1363 – Beginning date of the Battle of Lake Poyang ; the forces of two Chinese rebel leaders — Chen Youliang and Zhu Yuanzhang — are pitted against each other in what is one of the largest naval battles in history, during the last decade of the ailing, Mongol-led Yuan Dynasty.
* 215 BC – A temple is built on the Capitoline Hill dedicated to Venus Erycina to commemorate the Roman defeat at Lake Trasimene.
Towards the south the two lines converge and give place to one great valley ( occupied by Lake Nyasa ), the southern part of which is less distinctly due to rifting and subsidence than the rest of the system.
Farther north the western depression, known as the Albertine Rift is occupied for more than half its length by water, forming the Great Lakes of Tanganyika, Kivu, Lake Edward and Lake Albert, the first-named over 400 miles ( 600 km ) long and the longest freshwater lake in the world.
There is, however, in the centre a circular basin occupied by Lake Tsana.
The first is being planned for Lake Havasu City with programs available as early as fall 2012.
The city centre is laid out on two perpendicular axes: a water axis stretching along Lake Burley Griffin, and a ceremonial land axis stretching from Parliament House on Capital Hill north-eastward along ANZAC Parade to the Australian War Memorial at the foot of Mount Ainslie.
* Champ is the name given to a reputed lake monster living in Lake Champlain, a natural freshwater lake in North America, partially situated across the U. S .- Canada border in the Canadian province of Quebec and partially situated across the Vermont-New York border.
Situated at its center, on the southern shore of Groom Lake, is a large military airfield.
Though the name Area 51 is used in official Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) documentation, other names used for the facility include Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, Home Base, Watertown Strip, Groom Lake, and most recently Homey Airport.

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