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Lang and Son
Both nations are working to establish an " economic corridor " from China's Yunnan province to Vietnam's northern provinces and cities, and similar economic zones in the Gulf of Tonkin and connecting the Nanning of Guangxi province, Lang Son province, Hanoi, Haiphong and Quang Ninh province of Vietnam.
Railway access to Nanning is done through the border at Dong Dang, in Lang Son Province.
The presence of Homo erectus around 500, 000 BC was found in caves of Lang Son and Nghe An provinces in North Vietnam.
On 25 May, 2, 500 Viet Minh troops overwhelmed the French fortress at Dong Khé, which lay at the strategic center of RC4, thus cutting the supply line between the French positions at Cao Bang and Lang Son.
The 1st BEP waited at That Khe while a force of French colonial troops, the Moroccan 1st and 11th Tabors, assembled at Lang Son.
The excitement caused in Paris by the sudden retreat of the French troops from Lang Son during this war led to the Tonkin Affair: his violent denunciation by Clemenceau and other radicals, and his downfall on 30 March 1885.
On 23 June 1884, French troops advancing to occupy Lang Son, in accordance with the terms of this agreement, clashed near the small town of Bac Le with a detachment of the Chinese Guangxi Army.
* Chũ River, river of Lang Son Province, Vietnam
The song " Zeven Dagen Lang " (" Seven Days On End "), a cover version of the Breton folk song Son ar Chistr popularised by singer-songwriter Alan Stivell and Bots ' best known song today, ends up on the album Voor God En Vaderland ( For God And Country ).
Four of the waves struck targets in the Hanoi area ( including SAM Support Facility # 58 ), while the fifth hit the Lang Dang Railroad yards southwest of Lang Son, a major chokepoint on the supply route from the People's Republic of China.
* 1987, Dong-Hyun Son, Die Seinsweise des objektivierten Geistes: Eine Untersuchung im Anschluss an Nicolai Hartmanns Problematik des " geistigen Seins ", Peter Lang
The Chinese entered Northern Vietnam and advanced quickly about 15 – 20 kilometers into Vietnam, with fighting mainly occurring in the provinces of Cao Bang, Lao Cai and Lang Son.
After capturing the northern heights above Lang Son, the Chinese surrounded and paused in front of the city in order to lure the Vietnamese into reinforcing it with units from Cambodia.
After three days of bloody house-to-house fighting, Lang Son fell on March 6.
The PLA then took the southern heights above Lang Son and occupied Sapa.
Major battles developed at Cao Bang, Lang Son, Hoang Lien Son, Lai Chau and Quang Ninh.
In Lang Son the Chinese launched 17 counter attacks to regain one objective.
They are located primarily in the provinces of Bac Giang, Bac Kan, Cao Bang, Lang Son, Thai Nguyen, and Tuyen Quang.
He was first stationed at Kylua, near Lang Son, in Tonkin ( Northern Vietnam ).

Lang and next
Steinway Artist Lang Lang ( pianist ) | Lang Lang next to a Steinway grand piano
Further financial difficulties saw them trade Alexei Kovalev to the New York Rangers the next season, quickly followed by the departure of Lang in free agency.
" Mike Lang next lead the group discussion to reach consensus on the guidelines for use of dive computers.
Lang would win the same award for the next three years, in addition to two Female Vocalist of the Year awards in 1988 and 1989.
The show quietly ended with a roll of credits as " Auld Lang Syne " was played on a celeste, and there was an announcement that The Shari Lewis Show would be on at that time next week.
Her next big production with Fritz Lang would be M, a film about a child murderer, and would be written with incredible attention to accuracy.
Narrated by Lana Lang, she reveals she wanted to marry the boy next door, and become Mrs. Lana Lang Kent.
At this stage the basic schedule for the next decade or so was put in place: Ian Dempsey, Gerry Ryan, Larry Gogan, Gareth O ' Callaghan, Tony Fenton, Barry Lang John Kenny and Dave Fanning were staples of this period.
Dressed in these, he was executed ( hanged and garrotted ) the next day, the brutality of which was increased by the fact that the executioner Joseph Lang botched the job and Battisti actually was hanged twice.
Dr. Emil Lang, Earth's chief Robotechnician, frequently referred to a cosmic force that he called The Shapings, a cycle of events and occurrences that ultimately lead to a greater event in the nature of the universe ; perhaps the ultimate evolution of life itself to a next stage.
Hollis meets up with Arthur Wheeler ( Lang Jeffries ) at his office to detail the itinerary for the next two days.
The next day, Edward meets Fritz Lang, a Jewish film director resembling King Bradley, who persuades Edward into helping him hunt down a " dragon " he has been seeking out for inspiration for his next film.
The new government was formed solely of Lang supporters and Lang used the four months prior to the election to ensure that his opponents were denied ALP pre-selection. The ALP lost the election but the caucus that was elected was under Lang's control and he was able to dominate the party in NSW for the next 12 years.

Lang and French
A 1954 article by Truffaut attacked La qualité française (" the French Quality ") and was the manifesto for ' la politique des Auteurs ' which Andrew Sarris later termed the auteur theory — resulting in the re-evaluation of Hollywood films and directors such as Alfred Hitchcock, Howard Hawks, Robert Aldrich, Nicholas Ray, Fritz Lang and Anthony Mann.
In autumn 2006, Smith starred opposite Belinda Lang in a tour of a new comedy An Hour and a Half Late by French playwright Gérald Sibleyras, which was adapted by Smith.
In the 1870s there was a revival of interest in French forms, led by Andrew Lang, Austin Dobson, Edmund Gosse, W. E. Henley, John Payne, and others.
After starring in a French adaptation of Liliom ( 1934 ) directed by Fritz Lang, he began to receive public favor ; Boyer landed his first leading Hollywood role in the romantic musical Caravan ( 1934 ) with Loretta Young.
In April 2001, the Minister of Education, Jack Lang, admitted formally that for more than two centuries, the political powers of the French government had repressed regional languages, and announced that bilingual education would, for the first time, be recognized, and bilingual teachers recruited in French public schools.
Scarlet Street is a 1945 American film noir directed by Fritz Lang and based on the French novel La Chienne ( The Bitch ) by Georges de La Fouchardière, that previously had been dramatized on stage by André Mouëzy-Éon, and cinematically as La Chienne ( 1931 ) by director Jean Renoir.
In 1985, former actress Melina Mercouri, then Greece ’ s Minister of Culture, and her French counterpart Jack Lang came up with the idea of designating an annual Capital of Culture to bring Europeans closer together by highlighting the richness and diversity of European cultures and raising awareness of their common history and values.
The FIS Alpine Ski World Cup is the top international circuit of alpine skiing competitions, launched in 1966 by a group of ski racing friends and experts which included French journalist Serge Lang and the alpine ski team directors from France ( Honore Bonnet ) and the USA ( Bob Beattie ).
The original lineup consisted of Carrie Ann Inaba ( who would later become a choreographer and judge on Dancing with the Stars ), Cari French, Deidre Lang, Lisa Marie Todd, and Michelle Whitney-Morrison.
A member of the French Socialist Party, Allègre is better known to the general public for his past political responsibilities, which include serving as Minister of Education of France in the Jospin cabinet from 4 June 1997 to March 2000, when he was replaced by Jack Lang.
* Jack Lang ( French politician ) ( born 1939 )
Jack Mathieu Émile Lang ( ; born 2 September 1939 ) is a French politician.
Lang entered politics as a Socialist member of the French National Assembly from Paris in 1977.
Lang replied by saying that it " is in nobody's power to strike me from the map of the French political landscape ".
Percy Toplis the The Monocled Mutineer, founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Planters mascot Mr. Peanut, Batman series antagonist Oswald Cobblepot ( also known as The Penguin ), Portuguese President António de Spínola, filmmakers Fritz Lang and Erich Von Stroheim, prominent 19th century Portuguese writer Eça de Queiroz, Soviet writer Mikhail Bulgakov, actor Conrad Veidt, Dadaists Tristan Tzara and Raoul Hausmann, esotericist Julius Evola, French collaborationist politician Louis Darquier de Pellepoix, criminal Percy Toplis, Poet laureate Alfred Lord Tennyson, singer Richard Tauber, diplomat Christopher Ewart-Biggs ( a smoked-glass monocle, to disguise his glass eye ), Major Johnnie Cradock, actors Ralph Lynn and George Arliss, Karl Marx and Milburn Pennybags.

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