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Later and hits
He is credited by many with first popularizing this form of music in the early 1950s with his group Bill Haley & His Comets ( inspired by Halley's Comet ) and million selling hits such as, " Rock Around the Clock ", " See You Later Alligator ", and " Shake Rattle and Roll ".
Haley continued to score hits throughout the 1950s such as " See You Later, Alligator " and he starred in the first rock and roll musical movies Rock Around the Clock and Don't Knock the Rock, both in 1956.
Later hits in the series were Iolanthe ( 1882 ), The Mikado ( 1885 ), The Yeomen of the Guard ( 1888 ) and The Gondoliers ( 1889 ).
Other hits recorded by the band included " See You Later, Alligator " in which Haley's frantic delivery contrasted with the Louisiana languor of the original by Bobby Charles, " Don't Knock the Rock ", " Rock-a-Beatin ' Boogie ", " Rudy's Rock " ( the first instrumental hit of the rock and roll era ) and " Skinny Minnie ".
Later top 20 hits included 1970's " One Less Bell to Answer " ( U. S. # 2 ), 1971's " Love's Lines, Angles and Rhymes " ( U. S. # 19 ) and " Never My Love " ( U. S. # 12 ) ( 1971 ), 1972's "( Last Night ) I Didn't Get to Sleep at All " ( U. S. # 8 ) and " If I Could Reach You " ( U. S. # 10 ).
Later shows built a tight theme, sometimes acting as a metaparody — such as the Emmy-winning " Moral Majority " episode where advertisers and special interest groups forced significant changes to SCTV's programming ; " Zontar ", a parody of the Larry Buchanan film Zontar, The Thing from Venus which featured an alien race seeking to kidnap SCTV's on-air talent for " a nine-show cycle plus three best-ofs " ( which was the actual deal NBC worked out with SCTV that season ); and an ambitious parody of The Godfather featuring an all-out network war over pay television between SCTV, CBS, NBC, ABC, and PBS-the last featured mafia-style hits on the sets of The Today Show, Three's Company, and The NFL Today as well as an extended sequence with guest star John Marley as an off-beat Leonard Bernstein, spoofing his Godfather role of Hollywood mogul Jack Woltz.
Later that year, the No. 10 hit " Rain On The Roof " and the No. 8 hit " Nashville Cats " completed the group's first seven consecutive Hot 100 hits to reach that chart's top 10.
Later in the war, a few Dutch submarines scored some remarkable hits, including one on a Kriegsmarine U-boat in the Mediterranean Sea.
Later versions omitted the line and replaced it with different lyrics, including the version on the greatest hits compilation The Very Best of Brand Nubian.
Later, to recoup some of the costs of making the album for Feed the Children, the label took those new songs, two from The Journey, and freshly cut versions of some of their previous gospel hits to make up their 2005 Common Thread album.
However, the band did produce at least one collection of music videos, which were issued on the 1982 Pioneer Artists laserdisc " The Tubes Video " ( this videodisc contained versions of twelve of the band's hits, including " White Punks on Dope ", " Mondo Bondage ", " Talk to Ya Later ", and several others from yet-to-be-completed " The Completion Backwards Principle " album, in slickly produced music videos based on the group's stage shows ).
Later in the 1950s, particularly through their work with The Coasters, they created a string of ground-breaking hits that are some of the most entertaining in rock and roll, by using the humorous vernacular of the teenagers sung in a style that was openly theatrical rather than personal, songs that include " Young Blood ", " Searchin '", and " Yakety Yak ".
Later, the group had multiple hits from its third and fourth albums, called 19 Naughty III and Poverty's Paradise respectively.
Later on in his career he adapted his writing for pop music, and co-wrote a succession of hits that were to be sung by artists such as Celine Dion, Cher, Cliff Richard, Leo Sayer, Five Star and Bucks Fizz.
Later he gave hits after hits when Suraiya became full fledged singing star in Anmol Ghadi ( 1946 ), Dard ( 1947 ), Dillagi ( 1949 ) and Dastaan ( 1950 ).
Later that year, the band released a self-titled greatest hits compilation, containing re-recorded songs from their career up to that point.
Thanks to repeated exposure on MTV, the album became a moderate hit in the U. S. Later in 1984, " New Song " and " What Is Love " became American Top 40 hits, while " Pearl in the Shell " became his third UK Top 10 single.
Later in the week, an avalanche hits the plane and floods the interior with snow.
Later, after the leader of the group Larry Raspberry left, Hart took over and they had a few minor hits most notably " Why Should I Cry " and a cover of Neil Young's " Cinnamon Girl ".
Later hits included " That's Where I Went Wrong " (# 9, also # 27 US ), ' Where Evil Grows ' (# 6, also # 45 US ), and ` Good Friends?
Later that year, Cameo-Parkway Records was acquired by ABKCO, bringing the legendary Philadelphia label ’ s decade-long run of hits into the fold.
Later hits would include " Let's Ride " with Master P and " Talk Show " with Shae Jones in 1998 and " Get It on Tonite " in 1999.
Later in the decade and into the early 1980s, hits with Tubeway Army and Gary Numan secured the label's future.

Later and included
Later important examples of the poetic form included Rudyard Kipling ’ s ‘ Barrack Room Ballads ’ ( 1892-6 ) and Oscar Wilde ’ s ‘ Ballad of Reading Gaol ’ ( 1897 ).
Later adopters of the constellation included Jakob Bartsch in 1624 and Augustin Royer in 1679.
Later upgrades produced the compatible DECSYSTEM-20, along with TOPS-20 that included virtual memory.
Later councils included bishops of only parts of the Church as previously constituted, leading the Christians who do not belong to those parts to reject the actions of those councils.
Later works included Nicholas and Alexandra, Papillon, Islands in the Stream and The Boys from Brazil.
Later artists performing comical versions of this song included Archie Campbell on his Have A Laugh On Me album in 1966, and Buck Owens on his album Too Old To Cut The Mustard in 1972.
Later variants included the Chalcidian helmet, a lightened version of the Corinthian helmet, and the very simple Pilos helmet worn by the later Spartan hoplites.
Later record keeping aids throughout the Fertile Crescent included calculi ( clay spheres, cones, etc.
Later Microsoft also released Windows 3. 11, a touch-up to Windows 3. 1 which included all of the patches and updates that followed the release of Windows 3. 1 in 1992.
Later, Solomon included still more such imagery when he built the first temple.
Later versions of the Highway products also included built-in Universal serial bus ( USB ) sockets for direct computer access.
Later versions of Kazaa Lite included K ++, a memory patcher that removed search limit restrictions, and set one's " participation level " to the maximum of 1000.
Later improvements included the addition of roofs, first to the Stretford End and then to the North and East Stands.
Later that summer, New Order headlined a line-up that included The Smiths, The Fall, and A Certain Ratio during the Festival of the Tenth Summer at Manchester's G-Mex.
Later variants of the original rn program included rrn, trn, and strn.
Later, the novel Daedalus, by Dave Stern, included flashbacks to the early days of the NX Program which needed to be revised to avoid conflicting with the already-broadcast episode " First Flight ", which also featured a look at the early days of the NX Program.
Later analysis revealed the problem not to be a lack of observational data but included references to negative observations.
Later archaeologists, including Christopher Chippindale of the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge and Brian Edwards of the University of the West of England, campaigned to give the public more knowledge of the various restorations and in 2004 English Heritage included pictures of the work in progress in its book Stonehenge: A History in Photographs.
Later East German – produced TV sets even included a dual standard PAL / SECAM decoder.
Once seriously questioned, the intermediates did not wait for the next Pan African Congress two years hence, but were officially rejected in 1965 ( again on an advisory basis ) by Burg Wartenstein Conference # 29, Systematic Investigation of the African Later Tertiary and Quarternary, a prestigious conference in anthropology held by the Wenner-Gren Foundation, at Burg Wartenstein Castle, which it then owned in Austria, attended by the same key scholars that attended the Pan African Congress, including Louis Leakey and Mary Leakey, who was delivering a pilot presentation of her typological analysis of Early Stone Age tools, to be included in her 1971 contribution to Olduvai Gorge, " Excavations in Beds I and II, 1960-1963.
His compositional efforts have included a number of film scores, notably a set of songs written for Warren Beatty's 1990 film version of Dick Tracy ; one song, " Sooner or Later ( I Always Get My Man )" ( as performed by Madonna ), won Sondheim an Academy Award.
Later additions to cheaper models included the 20 ( 1966, mentioned above ), 22 ( 1971 ), and 25 ( 1968 ).
Later conquerors included Alexander the Great, the Parni, Ephthalites, Huns, Göktürks, Sarmatians, and Sassanid Iranians.
Later additions included a " Sequel: The Story of Toby " written by Melville explaining what happened to Toby.
Later versions also included additional languages that compiled to the p-code base.

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