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Later and Rolling
Later he preferred the rough, direct sound of The Rolling Stones.
Later they were to draw artistic influence from contemporary rock acts including The Beatles, Chuck Berry, Joe Brown, Cream, The Kinks, Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, The Rolling Stones, Rufus Thomas, The Who, The Pretty Things, and Screaming Lord Sutch.
Later that year, The Rolling Stones offered Ike and Tina a chance to be one of their opening acts on their fall tour in the United Kingdom that year, which they accepted.
Later hits included " Peace Will Come ( According To Plan )" and a cover of the Rolling Stones ' " Ruby Tuesday ".
Later that year Dylan adopted electric instruments, much to the outrage of many folk purists, with his " Like a Rolling Stone " becoming a US hit single.
Later, upon discovering the Rolling Stones, she daydreamed of Mick Jagger, while growing up in Los Angeles in the early 1960s.
Later assessments in The Rolling Stone Record Guide ( 1979 ) and The Rolling Stone Album Guide ( 1992 ) were less generous.
Later Rolling Stone was to put it at # 33 on its list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

Later and Stone
In African archaeology, which applies only from the Sahara southward, Lower Paleolithic is replaced by " Early Stone Age ," Middle Paleolithic is replaced by " Middle Stone Age " and Upper Paleolithic by " Later Stone Age.
Later still, T. H. White featured Robin and his band in The Sword in the Stone – anachronistically, since the novel's chief theme is the childhood of King Arthur.
He therefore proposed a relative chronology of periods with floating dates, to be called the Earlier and Later Stone Age.
Once seriously questioned, the intermediates did not wait for the next Pan African Congress two years hence, but were officially rejected in 1965 ( again on an advisory basis ) by Burg Wartenstein Conference # 29, Systematic Investigation of the African Later Tertiary and Quarternary, a prestigious conference in anthropology held by the Wenner-Gren Foundation, at Burg Wartenstein Castle, which it then owned in Austria, attended by the same key scholars that attended the Pan African Congress, including Louis Leakey and Mary Leakey, who was delivering a pilot presentation of her typological analysis of Early Stone Age tools, to be included in her 1971 contribution to Olduvai Gorge, " Excavations in Beds I and II, 1960-1963.
The presence of microlithic tools in Zanzibar attests to at least 50, 000 years of human occupation, which was the beginning of the Later Stone Age.
The band were unable to promote the album, albeit with the exception of an appearance on Later ... with Jools Holland and a few performances of " Stone by Stone ", as Cerys Matthews was being treated for alcohol and smoking problems.
Later, both Stone and Hayes expressed their regret on how Turkish people were portrayed in the movie.
Later on, the two decide to discover the identities of the Power Rangers after they were saved by them in the second season, and later enroll in the Junior Police Force in the third season in order to impress girls, thanks to the efforts of their superior officer Lt. Stone, the duo become good-natured goofs.
Later, in 1977, since the name Mammoth was already taken by another band, the name was replaced by Van Halen, and Stone was replaced by Michael Anthony.
( Neolithic, Later Stone Age, c. 8500-4500 BC ).
Later acts signed to Sugar Hill Records included all-female rap / funk group The Sequence, featuring a teenage Angie Stone ( recording as " Angie B "), who had a million-selling hit in early 1980 with " Funk U Up ".
Later live versions of the track had the singer substituting " The Spice Girls ", " The Counting Crows ", or others for " Stone Temple Pilots ".
Later, after seeing how villainous Cliff truly was ( and his plans on betraying her ), Miss Stone assists Fred and the others in unraveling the plot.
Later, during the Neolithic Era, or New Stone Age, came the Agricultural Revolution ( between 8000 and 5000 BCE ) in the Fertile Crescent, where humans first began the systematic husbandry of plants and animals.
Later series during the 1980s ( both of which lasted only one season ) were Stone, in which Weaver played a Joseph Wambaugh-esque police sergeant turned crime novelist, and Buck James, in which he played a Texas-based surgeon and rancher ( Buck James was loosely based on real-life Texas doctor Red Duke ).
Many sites across the province, mostly in open air locales or in sediments alongside rivers or pans, document Earlier, Middle and Later Stone Age habitation.
From Later Stone Age times, mainly, there is a wealth of rock art sites – most of which are in the form of rock engravings such as at Wildebeest Kuil and many sites in the area known as ǀXam-ka! kau, in the Karoo.
Later that decade, Walter Voegtlin and Dr. Herman Tarnower published books advocating the Stone age diet and Scarsdale diet, respectively, each meeting with moderate success.
Later dams at North Fork, Oak Grove, Stone Creek, and Timothy Lake also intercepted wood sediment on the lower river.
Later on in the match, Ross nearly broke character by calling Mick " the toughest son of a bitch he had ever seen, period ," before covering himself as Stone Cold Steve Austin is pushed as that type of character-instead added "... in this sort of environment ( aka the Cell itself ).
Later notable Academy ornithologists include James Bond, Frank Gill, Rodolphe Meyer de Schauensee, Pete Myers, Fred Sheldon, and Witmer Stone.

Later and interview
Later, in a 2000 interview, Bob Jones III said that interracial dating had been prohibited since the 1950s and that the policy had originated in a complaint by parents of a male Asian student who believed that their son had " nearly married " a white girl.
Later that day, Major gave an interview to ITN's Michael Brunson.
Later, in January 1950, Fuchs arranged another interview with Skardon and voluntarily confessed that he was a spy.
Later that same week, though, in an interview with Detroit radio station WKQI, Abdul rejected the article's accuracy.
Later editions of The Heidegger Controversy by MIT Press also omitted the Derrida interview.
Later on and during Isaac Peral's visit to London, he tried to interview with him unsuccessfully, with the help of a Peral's Spanish Navy fellow officer.
Later, during a 20th anniversary edition of Newsnight, Paxman told Howard that he had simply been trying to prolong the interview since the next item in the running order wasn't ready.
During in an interview on Later ... with Jools Holland, Love claimed the name for the band was inspired by a quote from Euripides ' Medea which read " there's a hole that pierces my soul.
Later in a 1992 American interview, Moreno cited the language barrier as the biggest impediment to his making it big in the United States.
She was the second guest on Dietmar Schönherr's talk show Je später der Abend ( The Later the Evening ) when she, after a rather terse interview, remarked passionately to the last guest, bank robber and author Burkhard Driest: " Sie gefallen mir.
Later in 2006, Townshend appeared on the Living Legends radio show in an exclusive interview with Opal Bonfante.
Later scholarship has cast doubt on Chateaubriand's claim that he had been granted an interview with George Washington or whether he actually lived for a time with the Native Americans he wrote about.
Later in 2003, along with members of his original bands and other music professionals, Shaw was extensively interviewed by Russell Davies for the BBC Television documentary, Artie Shaw — Quest for Perfection, which became his last major interview.
Later, in a VIBE interview of all three Beastie Boys, Chuck D of Public Enemy was quoted as saying that the " dirty secret " among the black hip-hop community at the time of release was that " Paul's Boutique had the best beats.
Later that year in an interview Blackburn said that this was the legislative action she was most proud of.
Later James's mentor Moses takes James to interview the sailor, only to find him in an 18th-Century doctor's care.
Later, many fans and critics saw Paul Henning's popular TV sitcom, The Beverly Hillbillies ( 1962 –' 71 ) as owing much of its inspiration to Li ' l Abner, prompting Alvin Toffler to ask Capp about the similarities in a 1965 Playboy interview.
Later, during an interview on the same magazine, Jango's widow, Maria Teresa Fontela Goulart, revealed documents from the Uruguayan government which reinforces her complaints that her family was being monitored.
Later, during a twentieth anniversary edition of Newsnight, Paxman told Howard that he'd simply been trying desperately to string out the interview because the next item in the running order had failed to materialize.
Later, Schabowski agreed to a live interview with Brokaw.
" Later in the interview, Martsch gave his perspective on the future of Built to Spill past the current material ; " I do think that Built to Spill could be something better than ever just because our lineup is better than ever ...
Later the method was used to interview criminals and prostitutes in Chicago.
Later in the same interview, Rubin recounted a conversation he had with former US Senator and US Special Envoy to Northern Ireland George Mitchell:
Later in 2009, Israeli media published an interview with Yehuda Hiss, chief pathologist at Abu Kabir Institute of Forensic Medicine, where he confirmed that tissues had been taken from corpses without permission until the late 1990s.

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