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Later and year
Later in the year, additional types of this Leesona twister will be made available to mills for other man-made fibers and natural yarns.
Later in the same year Henry Moseley provided additional experimental evidence in favor of Niels Bohr's theory.
Later that year at the Secular Games, at the performance of the Troy Pageant, Messalina attended the event with her son Britannicus.
However, the Prosopography of the Later Roman Empire interprets events and sources differently, believing that Alboin married Chlothsind when already a king in or shortly before 561, the year of Chlothar's death.
Later that year however a Byzantine fleet arrived, and in October Amalric launched yet another invasion and besieged Damietta by sea and by land.
Later that year the PTO issued a decision rejecting the patent, on the basis that the petitioners ' arguments that the plant was not " distinctive or novel " were valid.
Later that year, Bill Renwick, Augustus ( Bert ) Bertelli and a number of rich investors, including Lady Charnwood, took control of the company and renamed it Aston Martin Motors, and moved it to the former Whitehead Aircraft Limited works in Feltham.
Later in that year, however, the company decided to cut 6 % of its workforce as part of a restructuring effort.
Later in the same year, he captained the West Indies team in Australia for the Bicentennial Youth World Cup where the West Indies reached the semi-finals.
Later that year, his innings of 182 as captain of the West Indies under 23 XI against the touring Indian team further elevated his reputation.
Later in the year, Shirley Williams defeated Bill Rogers in the ballot to become SDP president.
Later in the inscription, Darius provides a lengthy sequence of events following the deaths of Cyrus the Great and Cambyses II in which he fought nineteen battles in a period of one year ( ending in December of 521 BC ) to put down multiple rebellions throughout the Persian Empire.
Later that year, they embarked on a European tour to a dozen sites, including the Paris Air Show, where they were the only team to receive a standing ovation.
Later that year Stafford Cripps tried to persuade Attlee to stand aside for Bevin.
Later that year, Hugh Dalton resigned as Chancellor after inadvertently leaking details of the budget to a journalist.
Later this same year, the Royal Canadian Air Force placed an additional order for 180 T-50s.
Later that year, in the rematch in Charlotte, the Panthers again held the lead 20-7 in the fourth quarter.
Later in the year, after Black joined Kiss FM with his own mix-based show, the pair eventually joined forces on its own show, Solid Steel.
Later that year SLON made La Sixième face du pentagone, about an anti-war protest in Washington, D. C. and was a reaction to what SLON considered to be the unfair and censored reportage of such events on mainstream television.
Later that year, Bartholomew County was organized by an act of the State Legislature and named to honor the famous Hoosier militiaman, General Joseph Bartholomew.
Later national myth made Kenneth MacAlpin the creator of the kingdom of Scotland, the founding of which was dated from 843, the year in which he was said to have destroyed the Picts and inaugurated a new era.
Later that year, Flockhart starred in Jane Doe as a drug addict.
Later that year, he directed a major portion of The Last of the Mohicans after Tourneur was injured in a fall.
Later that year, the band released their debut album, Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables.

Later and East
Later, it was taken across the sea to East Africa and may have been taken inland at the time of the Great Zimbabwe civilization.
Later, after he had been crowned King of East Francia, Arnulf turned his old territory of Carinthia into the March of Carinthia, a part of the Duchy of Bavaria.
Later, the Soviet Union and its satellites in Europe ( Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Romania ) established the Warsaw Pact as a counterpoint to NATO.
Later in the century, British interest in East Africa would be stimulated by German competition, and in 1887 the Imperial British East Africa Company, a private concern, leased from Seyyid Said his mainland holdings, a 10-mile ( 16-km )- wide strip of land along the coast.
Later improvements included the addition of roofs, first to the Stretford End and then to the North and East Stands.
Later East German – produced TV sets even included a dual standard PAL / SECAM decoder.
Later, Portugal relinquished control over East Timor in 1975, at which time Indonesia promptly invaded and annexed it.
Later, the closure was extended an additional block to the east to 15th Street, and East Executive Avenue, a small street between the White House and the Treasury Building.
Later operations were at Gasmata, Arawe, Cape Gloucester, and the East and South coast of New Britain, all without any loss of personnel.
Later, Cameron told reporters at his country residence, Chequers, that it was believed the explosive device intercepted at East Midlands Airport was " designed to go off on the aeroplane ".
Later on when Foucault went to Iran “ to be there at the birth of a new form of ideas ,” he wrote that the new “ Muslim ” style of politics could signal the beginning of a new form of “ political spirituality ,” not just for the Middle East, but also for Europe, which had adopted the practice of secular politics ever since the French Revolution.
Later envoys included Odoric of Pordenone, Giovanni de ' Marignolli, John of Montecorvino, Niccolò de ' Conti, or Ibn Battuta, a Moroccan Muslim traveller, who passed through the present-day Middle East and across the Silk Road from Tabriz, between 1325 – 1354.
( Later, the Tribune < nowiki >' s </ nowiki > East Coast sibling, the New York Daily News, would establish WPIX television and radio.
Later in the First Age the High Pass was used by the Dwarves, who connected their roads ( the Great East Road and the Men-i-Naugrim through Mirkwood ) with it.
Later in 1915 Asquith sent Kitchener on a tour of inspection of Gallipoli and the Near East, in the hope that he could be persuaded to remain in the region as Commander-in-Chief.
Later it was also supported by the section X of East Germany's Hauptverwaltung Aufklärung as admitted by its officer Günther Bohnensack.
Later, grist mills at Wayne, Dickson, south of East Lynn and at Lavalette ground their corn into meal and their wheat into flour.
Later, when the Danson estate was sold to developers, the land to the south was opened up to suburban sprawl and the settlement incorporated the local parishes of St Michael's East Wickham and St Johns Welling.
Later, the city was the production site of the 1991 Romanian drama Undeva în Est (" Somewhere in the East "), and the 1995 Hungarian language film A Részleg (" Outpost ").
Later, in the 17th century ( the Dutch Golden Age ), Middelburg became, after Amsterdam, the most important center for the East India Company of Republic of the Seven United Netherlands ( VOC ) or Dutch East India Company.
Later the name was changed to the Quad Cities with the addition of East Moline.
Later that year, residents of the village voted to break with the residents of East Williston and formally incorporate the village.

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