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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1215
from Brown Corpus
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Later and when
Later it was gratifying to note that they had set so solidly as to be hard to remove when the time came.
Later, the word became almost exclusively applied to a cow thief, startin' from the days of the maverick when cowhands were paid by their employers to `` get out and rustle a few mavericks ''.
Later, we shall see what happened when an emperor took this idea too literally.
Later on, when he became king in 1509, Henry VIII is supposed to have commissioned an English translation of a Life of Henry V so that he could emulate him, on the grounds that he thought that launching a campaign against France would help him to impose himself on the European stage.
Later in the novel, when Tarrou tells Rieux the story of his life, he adds a new dimension to the term ” plague .“ He views it not just as a specific disease or simply as the presence of an impersonal evil external to humans.
Later, when Achilles dies, killed by Paris ( with help from Apollo ), Ajax and Odysseus are the heroes who fight against the Trojans to get the body and bury it next to his friend, Patroclus.
However, the Prosopography of the Later Roman Empire interprets events and sources differently, believing that Alboin married Chlothsind when already a king in or shortly before 561, the year of Chlothar's death.
Later in 1051, when he was sent to intercept Harold Godwinson and his brothers as they fled England after their father's outlawing, Ealdred " could not, or would not " capture the brothers.
) Later, when Vortigern's power has faded, the two brothers return from exile with a large army, destroy Vortigern and become friends with Merlin.
Later Anah was the place of exile of the caliph Qaim ( al-qaim bi-amr-illah ) when Basisiri was in power ( 450 / 1058.
Later, when a client wanted to access that service, it used NBP to query machines to find that service.
The difficulty is heightened when songs merge, as in " Now "/" Later "/" Soon ", because all three have to be performed in the same key, limiting the ability to pick a comfortable key for each singer.
Later known as Troopergate, the allegations by these men were that they arranged sexual liaisons for Bill Clinton back when he was governor of Arkansas.
Later, when The Village Voice conducted its Pazz & Jop Critics Poll for 2001, " Love and Theft " topped the list, the third Dylan album to accomplish this.
Later, when Watterson was creating names for the characters in his comic strip, he allegedly decided upon Calvin ( after the Protestant reformer John Calvin ) and Hobbes ( after the social philosopher Thomas Hobbes ) as a " tip of the hat " to the political science department at Kenyon.
Later in the work, when Snorri describes Baldr, he gives a longer description, citing Grímnismál, though he does not name the poem:
Later Thor borrows Brísingamen when he dresses up as Freyja to go to the wedding at Jötunheim.
Later, when he returned to the front, he was informed that his company had been chosen to hold the final lines when Gallipoli was evacuated.
Later, when the march reached London, there were disorderly demonstrations in which anarchists were prominent, quickly deprecated in the press and in parliament.
Later in the film, when the need to change is more urgent ( as he believes the city is about to be poisoned by Lex Luthor ), he simply jumps out a window of the Daily Planet offices, changing at super-speed as he falls ( the film merely shows the falling Kent blurring into a falling Superman ) and flies off.
Later, Brubeck was nearly expelled when one of his professors discovered that he could not read music.
Later, when his crew refused to let Syn leave, Syn and Mipps slipped away in one of the ship's boats ; unknown to Syn, Mipps had arranged a convenient " accident " in the ship's powder hold with an exploding barrel of gunpowder, eliminating witnesses of Syn's piratic acts.
Later, when the French began settling in the area, they navigated the river using canoes made of birch or elm bark.

Later and I
Later I would remember what this pompous little man had told me about the worth of a ticket.
Later Helion wrote of this phase: `` For years I built for myself a subtle instrument of relationships -- colors and forms without a name.
Later I learned that Sir Hugh Dalton had expressed a desire to see me, hence their trip to `` No Man's Land ''.
Later the British also developed a version of the Mk. VI light tank armed with 4 machine guns that was known as Light Tank AA Mk. I.
Later he assumed the office of rector in Cæsarea, the former seat of R. Hoshaya I, and established himself at the so-called Kenishta Maradta ( Insurrectionary Synagogue ; Yer.
)" Later, in verse 10, he states " like a wise architect I placed a foundation, then another builds.
Later in the year, the East Lancashire Regiment was rebuilt with new volunteers — in all, 865 Accrington men were killed during World War I.
" Later, a Lady Gaga video convinced Van Toffler of the tenability of a Beavis and Butt-Head revival: " I felt like there was a whole crop of new artists — and what the world sorely missed was the point-of-view that only Beavis and Butt-Head could bring.
Later, I was told that Paustovski had wanted to give the funeral address, but it was in fact Professor Asmus who spoke.
Later, he would receive an honorary degree from its S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.
Later, other module series provided additional speed, much higher logic density, and industrial I / O capabilities.
Later the project was supported by J. Lyons & Co. Ltd., a British firm, who were rewarded with the first commercially applied computer, LEO I, based on the EDSAC design.
Later, he was to be transferred to the Legio I Minervia in Germany.
Later, the glamor would be gone and she would make herself useful as a cook, nurse and clothes washer, for which Bogart praised her, " I don't know what we'd have done without her.
Later in 1965, King released the uptempo rock ' n ' roll song, " I Got You ( I Feel Good )", which reached # 11 on the R & B chart in late 1965 and again reached the Top 10 on the pop chart in early 1966 peaking at # 3.
Later he wrote: " Adolf Hitler, I love you because you are both great and simple at the same time.
Later, however, Booth remarked about his " excellent chance ... to kill the President, if I had wished ".
Later in the 19th century, France invaded Mexico ( 1861 ) and set Maximilian I on the Mexican throne, which lasted until 1867.
Later that year, Chinese media reported that Miyazaki's final film project would be I Lost My Little Boy, based on a Chinese children's book.
Later monarchs whose inscriptions have appeared on the high city include Shalmaneser I and Tiglath-Pileser I, both of whom were active builders in Assur ( Ashur ); the former had founded Calah ( Nimrud ).
Later he passed to the service of Ferdinand I of Naples, but, not having taken part in the Barons ' conjure, he was rewarded with the fiefs of Ascoli and Atripalda.

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