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Lauper and co-wrote
Lauper co-wrote " Time After Time " with Rob Hyman when her producer, Rick Chertoff, suggested to the band that the album could use one more song.
In 1990, Lauper co-wrote the song " Paper Heart " ( a song about drug addiction ) with Go-Go's alumna Jane Wiedlin.
Also in 2000, Lauper co-wrote a song, " If You Believe ", with Faye Tozer of the British pop group Steps.
Morel co-produced and co-wrote several songs with Cyndi Lauper for her 2008 album Bring Ya to the Brink including the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play # 1 single " Same Ol ' Story ".
Pop singer Cyndi Lauper co-wrote " Sally's Pigeons " with Carpenter and released it on her 1993 album Hat Full of Stars.
Lauper co-wrote " Time After Time " with Philadelphia rocker Rob Hyman of The Hooters, who also supplied backup vocals to the song.

Lauper and most
Lauper was also getting ready to release an album later that year called " Kindred Spirit " but the release was canceled, most likely due to the backlash of this release.
Later on when Lauper released the album, now titled A Night to Remember, the track was not included on most formats of the album.
The oldies format returned to WCBS-FM on July 12, 2007 in an updated form featuring music from 1964 to 1989 ( and without the word " Oldies ", but rather " Greatest Hits " in the on-air positioning ), with songs such as " Girls Just Want to Have Fun " by Cyndi Lauper, " Gloria " by Laura Branigan, and " We Built This City " by Starship in rotation ( though it should be pointed out that the original WCBS-FM played current hits mixed in with its oldies as late as the late 1980s and the three songs mentioned here during most of their years ).
He has since worked as Front of House's sound engineer for acts such as Linkin Park, Cyndi Lauper, Slayer, and most recently HIM.

Lauper and album
The album spawned a minor hit " My Side of the Bed ", and a Cyndi Lauper penned " Unconditional Love ", but it stalled, and Hoffs was dropped from Columbia during the recording of her second solo album.
" It became the first album in history to have four top five singles by a female, and earned Lauper Best New Artist at the 27th Grammy Awards in 1985.
Despite critical acclaim, the album sold poorly ( or " went lead ", as Lauper says ) and the band broke up.
She's So Unusual led Lauper to win an award at the 1985 Grammy Awards: Best New Artist, the album also won the Grammy for Best Album Package, this award went to the art director, Janet Perr ; Additionally, it received four nominations ; Album of the Year, Record of the Year and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for " Girls Just Want To Have Fun ", and Song of the Year for " Time After Time ".
Lauper had the power to choose whom she wanted on the soundtrack, so she tried to make the album very diverse.
In the same year, Lauper released her second album, True Colors, on September 15, 1986.
In 1986, Lauper appeared on the Billy Joel album The Bridge on a song called " Code of Silence ".
The disappointing sales of the album " A Night To Remember ", a canceled United States tour due to low ticket sales and the pressures of celebrity led Lauper to " retire " from her " singing.
Lauper recorded " Santa Claus is Coming to Town ", a duet with Frank Sinatra, which was released on the album A Very Special Christmas 2.
In June 1993 Lauper released her fourth album, Hat Full of Stars, which tackled such topics as homophobia, spousal abuse, racism and abortion.
Lauper appeared on the Howard Stern Show to promote the album.
Tommy Mottola, president of Sony Music, told Lauper to go out and make her own Graceland ( referring to Paul Simon's album ).
Twelve Deadly Cyns sold over 5 million copies worldwide and Lauper began a world tour to promote the album.
He was born while Lauper was putting the finishing touches on her new album.
Lauper released her last album for Epic in late 1998.
Producer William Wittman, who has been behind a mixing board for Lauper since her debut album She's So Unusual, was once again in a co-producing and mixing role.
She closes the album with a stark rendition of " Silent Night " in memory of Peter Wood, the close friend and musician to whom Lauper dedicated her hits compilation, Twelve Deadly Cyns ... and Then Some.
Lauper prepared her sixth studio album in 2001, Shine, which saw her returning to her early pop / rock sound.
Under a new contract with Sony Music, Lauper released The Body Acoustic, an album that featured acoustic reinterpretations of tracks from her back catalog.
Though she had not released an album of new material since 1997's Sisters of Avalon, Lauper remained busy through the years.
Lauper on Good Morning America in 2008 to promote her album Bring Ya to the Brink
Lauper recorded an album of all new material during 2007.

Lauper and with
* Liberally adapted by playwright Wallace Shawn, the work was brought back to Broadway by the Roundabout Theatre Company in March 2006 with Alan Cumming playing Macheath, Nellie McKay as Polly, Cyndi Lauper as Jenny, Jim Dale as Mr Peachum, Ana Gasteyer as Mrs Peachum, Carlos Leon as Filch, Adam Alexi-Malle as Jacob and Brian Charles Rooney as a male Lucy.
Lauper was accepted in a special public high school for students with talent in the visual arts, but she was held back and eventually dropped out, earning her GED sometime later.
In the mid 1970s, Lauper performed as a vocalist with various cover bands ( such as Doc West and Flyer, who still perform under the names Gap Wilson Band and Red, White and Blues Band ), in the New York metropolitan area, singing hits by bands such as Jefferson Airplane, Led Zeppelin and Bad Company.
Music critics that saw Lauper perform with Blue Angel thought that she had star potential since she had a wide singing range ( four octaves ), perfect pitch, and a vocal style all her own.
In 1981, while singing in a local New York bar, Lauper met David Wolff, who took over as her manager ( and at some point became romantically involved with her ) and got her signed with Portrait Records, a subsidiary of Epic Records.
At the time, Lauper became popular with teenagers and critics, in part due to her hybrid punk image, crafted by stylist Patrick Lucas.
An example is her Platinum-certified " Girls Just Want to Have Fun "; Lauper says the original lyrics of the song dealt more with a girl pleasing a man, and therefore she changed the lyrics, wanting the song to be more of an anthem as she felt the original song seemed misogynistic.
It earned Lauper Gold certification with sales of 500, 000 from the RIAA and was one of the biggest hits of 1984.
Lauper came up with the title for " Time After Time " while reading TV Guide — Time After Time was a 1979 science fiction movie starring Malcolm McDowell as H. G. Wells, portraying him inventing and then traveling in a time machine.
The next awards ceremony, Lauper to win four awards at the 1985 Grammy Awards: Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals and Best Music Video, Short Form for collaboration We Are the World ; Additionally, it received one nomination ; Best Female Rock Vocal Performance for " What A Thrill ".
To prepare for the role, Lauper took a few classes in finger waving and hair setting at the Robert Fiance School of Beauty in New York and studied with a few Manhattan psychics.
Lauper had become close friends with Yoko Ono.
Lauper worked on the movie originally titled Moon Over Miami, which later became Off and Running with David Keith, Richard Belzer and David Thornton, whom she started seeing romantically.
The same year, Lauper recorded " Boys Will Be Boys " with The Hooters.
Lauper is ably assisted by Jan Pulsford, the keyboardist who tours with Lauper and co-produced her last disc, Sisters of Avalon.
Lauper reprises two holiday-themed tracks for previous albums that blend seamlessly with the newer material: " Feels Like Christmas ", a Cajun-spiced tune from Hat Full of Stars and " Early Christmas Morning " from Sisters of Avalon.
Lauper performed the Paul McCartney hit " Maybe I'm Amazed " with Ann Wilson of Heart.

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