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Lauper and had
Lauper has released over 40 singles, and as of 2011 had sold more than 50 million albums worldwide, and 1 million DVDs and 20 million singles, making her one of the best selling artists of all time.
At the age of twelve, Lauper learned how to play an acoustic guitar, which her sister had given to her, and she started to write her own lyrics.
Music critics that saw Lauper perform with Blue Angel thought that she had star potential since she had a wide singing range ( four octaves ), perfect pitch, and a vocal style all her own.
Lauper knew she could write songs, but the record company had a lot of material they wanted her to record.
Steven Spielberg had asked Lauper to be the musical director of his latest film The Goonies, an adventurous family film about lost treasure.
Lauper had the power to choose whom she wanted on the soundtrack, so she tried to make the album very diverse.
Lauper stated in a 1986 interview that she had been working 12 hour days and had gynecological problems.
Lauper had a minor operation and spent some time in the hospital.
Lauper has been quoted as saying that she had long despised the song because of Richard Donner's insistence on everything being perfect for the video shoot.
Lauper had become close friends with Yoko Ono.
Lauper had threatened to dress like a lighted Christmas tree, but settled on a traditional white wedding dress.
Lauper's sister Ellen had come out as a lesbian and Lauper considered her to be a role model.
Lauper began performing as a featured artist at gay pride events around the world ( as early as 1994, she had performed at the closing ceremonies for Gay Games IV in New York City ).
Though she had not released an album of new material since 1997's Sisters of Avalon, Lauper remained busy through the years.
Midway through the film, Sean Astin had to leave, much to the puzzlement of his costars, and without ever getting to say a personal message to Cyndi Lauper that he intended to.
In October 2008 it was revealed the band had recorded a Christmas duet entitled " A Christmas Duel " with Cyndi Lauper, which was available as a free download from their website on November 28, 2008.
On November 27, 2008, The Hives official website had begun to play the Cyndi Lauper / The Hives duet automatically whenever it is visited.
By the mid 1970s and early 1980s, the original wave of singer-songwriters had largely been absorbed into a more general pop or soft rock format, but some new artists in the singer-songwriter tradition ( including Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Mark Heard, Lucinda Williams, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Patti Smith, Elvis Costello, Cyndi Lauper, Kate Bush, Rickie Lee Jones, Stevie Nicks, Cheryl Wheeler, Loudon Wainwright III, The Roches and Warren Zevon ) continued to emerge, and in other cases rock and even punk rock artists such as Peter Case, Paul Collins and Paul Westerberg transitioned to careers as solo singer-songwriters.
In the early 1990s Cyndi Lauper had a bob haircut with very unusual colors ; soon afterwards, the cut became identified with Uma Thurman in the film Pulp Fiction in 1994.
The album is known primarily because it included song " The Goonies ' R ' Good Enough " by singer Cyndi Lauper, who had a cameo in the film ( as herself, singing the song on TV ).
The following year, singer Cyndi Lauper began a verbal feud with manager " Captain " Lou Albano, who long had a reputation of being a villain, that brought professional wrestling into mainstream culture in a storyline that became known as the " Rock ' n ' Wrestling Connection.
After much buildup and hype, the Fabulous Moolah lost the championship when defeated by Richter, who had Lauper in her corner, on July 23, 1984 in the main event of The Brawl to End it All, which was broadcast live on MTV.

Lauper and over
In 1981, while singing in a local New York bar, Lauper met David Wolff, who took over as her manager ( and at some point became romantically involved with her ) and got her signed with Portrait Records, a subsidiary of Epic Records.
Lauper wore a school girl outfit, performing to over 300, 000 people.
Twelve Deadly Cyns sold over 5 million copies worldwide and Lauper began a world tour to promote the album.
Well-known artists have performed at the festival over the years, including Jacques Hustin, Gilbert Becaud, Josephine Baker, Toto Cutugno, James Brown, Kylie Minogue, Diana Ross, Christina Aguilera, Cyndi Lauper, Kenny Rogers, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, UB 40, INXS, Scorpions, Tom Jones, Ricky Martin, P! nk, Sheryl Crow, Kelly Family, t. A. T. u., Ruslana & many others.

Lauper and song
Lauper later enlisted them for backup vocals in her 1986 hit song " Change of Heart ".
An example is her Platinum-certified " Girls Just Want to Have Fun "; Lauper says the original lyrics of the song dealt more with a girl pleasing a man, and therefore she changed the lyrics, wanting the song to be more of an anthem as she felt the original song seemed misogynistic.
Lauper co-wrote " Time After Time " with Rob Hyman when her producer, Rick Chertoff, suggested to the band that the album could use one more song.
Jules Shear and Cyndi Lauper went on to co-write the song " Steady ", which reached No. 57 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1985.
During the video commentary for " The Goonies ", actor Sean Astin can be heard thanking Lauper for the song.
In 1986, Lauper appeared on the Billy Joel album The Bridge on a song called " Code of Silence ".
Lauper also sang the theme song for the series " Pee-wee's Playhouse " the same year, though she was credited as " Ellen Shaw ".
Lauper contributed a track called " Hole in My Heart ( All the Way to China )" but the song was not included on the soundtrack.
In 1990, Lauper co-wrote the song " Paper Heart " ( a song about drug addiction ) with Go-Go's alumna Jane Wiedlin.
Lauper said the song " Hat Full of Stars " was written as a message to David Wolff.
Lauper started writing the song around 1994.
In 2000, Lauper contributed a song called " I Want a Mom That Will Last Forever " for the children's movie Rugrats in Paris.
Also in 2000, Lauper co-wrote a song, " If You Believe ", with Faye Tozer of the British pop group Steps.
Lauper took a role and wrote a song for the Serbian movie Here and There, which stars her husband, David Thornton, in one of the main roles.
In June 2012, Lauper made her first appearance for WWE in 27 years, to promote both WWE Raw's 1000th episode and her song " Echo " and in memory of " Captain " Lou Albano, being presented with a framed gold record in the ring.
Another song from the album, " Maybe He'll Know ", was rerecorded by Lauper on her second solo album, True Colors, in 1986.
Lauper also has a cameo in the film, performing the song on TV, although the song was not completed until after filming.
* " Time After Time " ( Cyndi Lauper song ), covered by many artists
* Time After Time ( Eva Cassidy album ), including a cover of the Lauper song, 2000

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