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Lawton and was
In late 1954, Gen. J. Lawton Collins was made ambassador to " Free Vietnam " ( the term South Vietnam came into use in 1955 ), effectively elevating the country to sovereign status.
The Texas longhorn stock slowly dwindled, until in 1927 the breed was saved from near extinction by enthusiasts from the United States Forest Service, who collected a small herd of stock to breed on the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Lawton, Oklahoma.
The group had occupied part of the grounds of Fort Lawton, which was in the process of being surplussed by the United States Army and turned into a park.
Based on an original screenplay by J. F. Lawton, Under Siege was rated ' R ' (' Restricted ') by the MPAA.
The Everglades Forever Act, introduced by Governor Lawton Chiles in 1994, was an attempt to legislate the lowering of phosphorus in Everglades waterways.
Confederate General James Longstreet was headquartered at Home Hill ( now the Lawton House on Lawton Street ) following the First Battle of Manassas.
According to the US census, the population of Lawton was 96, 867 in 2010, which is 78 percent of the county's population.
Michael Collins was born in Rome, Italy on October 31, 1930, to United States Army Major General James Lawton Collins, who would serve in the army for 38 years.
His decision to join the United States Air Force for his active service was based on both the wonder of what the next fifty years may bring in aeronautics, and also to avoid accusations of nepotism if he joined the Army where, among other things, his uncle, General J. Lawton Collins, was the Chief of Staff of the United States Army.
According to the 1916 History of Clinch County the town was first settled around 1856 as Lawton, but was renamed in 1874 after J. P. A. DuPont, an early settler.
Camp Lawton — also referred to as Fort Lawtonwas built in what is today Magnolia Springs State Park ; the location was favorable because the springs provided potable water and because of its proximity to the Augusta and Savannah Railroad.
Screenwriter J. F. Lawton had prepared a script before relations soured over the film's rating, content and merchandising rights and the project was abandoned.
Its most important business was the Lawton twine factory, which was long closed by 1880.
Lawton was founded in 1902.
Built on former reservation lands of Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache Indians, Lawton was founded on August 6, 1901, and was named after Major General Henry Ware Lawton, a Civil War Medal of Honor recipient who was killed in action in the Philippine – American War.

Lawton and company
Some of these offered to serve as native guides for U. S. forces commanded by General Henry Lawton and, after authorization by General Elwell Otis, a company of " Macabebe Scouts " was formed under Lieutenant Matthew A. Batson.
Lawton was killed in the battle, and his attack was repelled, making the Battle of Paye the final confrontation between Lawton's company and Gerónimo's.
When Lawton died, Brassey became sole manager of the company and sole agent and representative for Francis Price.

Lawton and
Lawton was among the first to respond to President Lincoln s call for three-month volunteers.
Its first major engagement would be at the Battle of Shiloh where Lawton s regiment suffered heavy losses.
Lawton s unit also fought at Iuka while attached to Buell s forces.
Lawton wished for a Captain s commission in the Army which was not forthcoming.
Generals William Tecumseh Sherman and Philip Sheridan wrote recommendations supporting Lawton s efforts to rejoin the Army.
Sheridan strongly urged Lawton to accept a 2nd lieutenant s commission, which he did and he joined the 41st Infantry Regiment under the command of Colonel Ranald S. Mackenzie July 31, 1867.
In recent memory, the only prime minister who has not accepted the commission's preferred candidate was Margaret Thatcher, who opposed James Lawton Thompson s nomination as Bishop of Birmingham, due to his ( perceived ) liberal and left-leaning views.

Lawton and first
* Brian Lawton, the first American ice hockey player selected no. 1 overall in the NHL entry draft, grew up in Cumberland although he was born in New Jersey.
Anastasio's first solo tour was with the trio, which included himself, Russ Lawton, and Tony Markellis.
* 1983: Brian Lawton ( first overall )
The first live performance was given on September 29, 2000 in the Nikolaisaal in Potsdam by the Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg under the direction of Scott Lawton.
Florida Governor Lawton Chiles explained her impact, saying, " Marjory was the first voice to really wake a lot of us up to what we were doing to our quality of life.
Hastings ran unsuccessfully for the U. S. Senate in 1970, losing in the first primary to Lawton Chiles.
The North Stars selected Modano as the first overall draft pick in the 1988 NHL Entry Draft at the age of 18, an honor shared by only five other Americans: Brian Lawton ( 1983 ), Bryan Berard ( 1995 ), Rick DiPietro ( 2000 ), Erik Johnson ( 2006 ), and Patrick Kane ( 2007 ).
* George C. Jenks, author of first The Shadow story under pen name Frank S. Lawton ( Feb. 1929 )
In 1929 the All Blacks toured Australia, Towers was in two of the three Test sides captained by Tom Lawton which for the first time in history beat the All Blacks 3-0 in a series whitewash.
Harold Lawton " Punch " Broadbent ( July 13, 1892-March 5, 1971 ) was an ice hockey player for the Ottawa Senators, Montreal Maroons and the New York Americans, and generally regarded as one of the first true power forwards in National Hockey League ( NHL ) history.
Fourteen days later, she obtained her first win, defeating Genevia Buckhalter by knockout in two back at home in Lawton.
On 1 May, Hughes added another two goals in County's final home game of the season making him the first Notts player to score 30 league goals since Tommy Lawton in the 1949 – 50 season.
Lawton got his first hit of his major league career on September 6, against the Tigers.
On September 28, against the Cleveland Indians, Lawton hit his first career major league home run.
In his first full season in the majors, Lawton batted. 248 with 74 runs scored, 114 hits, 29 doubles, three triples, 14 home runs, 60 RBIs, and seven stolen bases in 142 games played.
The activities initially were local walks with the first trip being a hike through Fort Lawton to the West Point Lighthouse ( now part of Discovery Park ).
In the final, she won just 52 % of the vote and took her seat for a four-year term as the youngest council member ever elected and only the second woman — the first having been Estelle Lawton Lindsey in 1915.
In the entry draft, Brian Lawton became the first American to be chosen first overall by the Minnesota North Stars.
Several months later, his rights would be traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins for Anders Hakansson, a left winger from Sweden who had recently been traded to the Penguins along with Ron Meighan from the Minnesota North Stars for the Penguins ' first round pick of the 1983 draft ( Brian Lawton ).

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