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Leaving and Rome
Leaving one of his vassals, Farold, to hold Rome, Arnulf marched on Spoleto, where Ageltrude had fled to join Lambert.
Leaving Octavia pregnant with her second child Antonia in Rome, he sailed to Alexandria, where he expected funding from Cleopatra, the mother of his twins.
Leaving aside the tales regarding miracles, in the Vita Sancti Niniani Ailred includes the following incidental information regarding Saint Ninian: that his father was a Christian king ; that he was consecrated a bishop in Rome and that he met Saint Martin in Tours ; that Saint Martin sent masons with him on his homeward journey, at his request ; that these masons built a church of stone, situated on the shore, and on learning of Saint Martin's death, Ninian dedicated the church to him ; that a certain rich and powerful " King Tuduvallus " was converted by him ; that he died after having converted the Picts and returned home, being buried in a stone sarcophagus near the altar of his church ; and that he had once travelled with a holy person named " Plebia ".
Leaving Copenhagen on August 30 on the frigate Thetis, he landed in Palermo in January 1797 traveled to Napoli where he studied for a month before making his entry to Rome on 8 March 1797.
He also executed a single fresco in the Sistine Chapel in Rome, the Testament and Death of Moses, although most of it has been attributed to Bartolomeo della Gatta ; another, the Moses Leaving to Egypt, once ascribed to Signorelli, is now recognized as the work of Perugino and other assistants.
Leaving aside the original Roman rationale for the rise of Rome, and the later Christian rationale that dominated until its fall, the first to examine the meaning of the rise of Rome were the Muslims-who in general viewed it as a failure to adhere to natural law, which in their view was what Islam provided.
Leaving his senior colleague Balbinus in charge of the civil administration at Rome, sometime during late April Pupienus marched to Ravenna, where he oversaw the campaign against Maximinus, recruiting German auxiliary troops who had served under him whilst he was in Germania ; after the latter was assassinated by his soldiers just outside Aquileia he despatched both Maximinus's troops and his own back to their provinces ( along with a considerable donative ) and returned to Rome with his newly acquired German bodyguard.
Leaving France in 1662, he spent two years in Rome and three in Venice.
Leaving the Army as a Staff Sergeant in 1947, he studied art at the University of Rome then returned to England where he found work as a clapper boy at Denham Studios.
Leaving her small children behind, Hortense finally made a bid to escape from her hellish marriage on the night of 13 June 1668, with help from her brother, Philippe, Duc de Nevers, who procured horses and an escort to help her travel to Rome, where she counted on being able to take refuge with her sister Marie Mancini, now the Princess Colonna.
Leaving his fiancée in Rome, Marseille returned to combat duties on 23 August.
Leaving his own country after the capture of Rome by the French, he carried on a vigorous campaign against priests and Jesuits in England, Scotland and North America, partly by means of a periodical, the Gavazzi Free Word.
Leaving Athens, the Spartan and Castor travel to Rome, via the Gates of Saturn, a fortress in the Alps that blocks the way to Rome, where they encounter an undead Sejanus, who has survived his death in Athens and escaped the underworld.

Leaving and Francis
Leaving Germany on the Feast of the Stigmata of St. Francis ( September 17 ), they arrived in New York City on October 3 and left for their new home on October 4, the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi.

Leaving and took
Leaving the Prussian First and Second Armies besieging Metz, Moltke formed the Army of the Meuse under the Crown Prince of Saxony by detaching three corps from them, and took this army and the Prussian Third Army northward, where they caught up with the French at Beaumont on 30 August.
Leaving his baggage behind, Marcus Valerius took his army by forced marches to Suessula.
Leaving Hill on 25 March 1715, he took charge on 7 April of an extra-parochial chapel at Kirkstead, Lincolnshire, then used for nonconformist worship by the Disney family.
Leaving school at 16, Reid, decided not to go to University but instead took a series of jobs, including construction work on an oil pipeline and another in insurance.
Leaving UC-Berkeley A. B. D., ( All but dissertation ), Bromige took a teaching position in the English Department at Sonoma State University in 1970.
Leaving the Prussian First and Second Armies besieging Metz, Moltke took the Prussian Third Army and the Army of the Meuse northward where they caught up with the French at Beaumont-en-Argonne on 30 August.
Leaving Cole's division in place ( according to Beresford, to protect the Allied flank from further cavalry attack, although Wellington was of the opinion that Beresford was actually securing his line of retreat ), Beresford instead called upon Hamilton's Portuguese Division, but Hamilton had moved closer to Albuera to support Alten in fending off Godinot's attack, and the orders took a long time to reach him.
Leaving the court for the service of God, he took holy orders, and withdrew to a monastery with a few chosen companions.
Leaving Richmond in July 1875, Colhoun was promoted to commodore on 26 April 1876 and took command of Mare Island Navy Yard in Vallejo, California, on 17 April 1877.
Leaving university in 1909 Rhodes-Moorhouse took private flying lessons and gained his pilot's certificate in that year.
Leaving school, Thomas took to the sea, spending several years as a herring fisherman before joining a fishing trawler out of Lowestoft.
Leaving demolition parties aboard the cargo vessels, Ritchie then took the Helmuth further downriver to check for other shipping, but the small ship grounded on a sandbar.
Leaving past feuds behind them, Cao Cao took Zhang Xiu's hands and threw a banquet for him.
Leaving Uppingham in July 1914, Roland was awarded the Classical Postmastership at Merton College, Oxford but the War broke out before he took his place.
Leaving around 40 troops at Deniki, he took the remaining 77 and was deployed in Kokoda by midday on 28 July.
Leaving politics, her father took his family to Mississippi where he bought extensive acreage.
Leaving the university without taking a degree, he took up residence at Lincolns Inn in 1737.
Leaving about 200 French regulars behind in Killala to cover his rear and line of withdrawal, Humbert took a combined force of about 2, 000 French and Irish on 26 August to march on and take Castlebar.
Leaving the main body of his men a small distance outside the city to ambush any pursuers, Buccleuch took a small raiding party on to the castle where Armstrong was imprisoned.
Leaving the United States Army a few years before it was integrated, Matthews then took a job as a security guard in Maryland, rising to the rank of chief of the guards and then retiring in 1970.

Leaving and with
Leaving Cathy with them, Myra had gone out to the Coast for a supposedly brief visit ; ;
Leaving his new wife with her parents in Amesbury, Massachusetts, he subsequently returned to New York in 1933, in the midst of the Great Depression.
A new Leaving Certificate exam subject with the working title ' Politics & Society ' is being developed by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment ( NCCA ) and is expected to be introduced to the curriculum sometime after 2012.
They quickly became Europe's main producers with their actualités like Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory and comic vignettes like The Sprinkler Sprinkled ( both 1895 ).
Leaving the Carthaginians alone at Messana would give them a free hand to deal with Syracuse ; after the Syracusans had been defeated, the Carthaginian takeover of Sicily would essentially be complete.
Leaving Fox on sour terms didn't help his reputation, but Hawks was one of the few people in Hollywood who never backed down from fights with studio heads.
New qualifications were developed to cope with changing aspirations and economics, with the Leaving Certificate being replaced by the Scottish Certificate of Education Ordinary Grade (' O-Grade ') and Higher Grade (' Higher ') qualifications in 1962, which became the basic entry qualification for university study.
Leaving the Greenland Sea with 2. 5 Sv its flow increases to 10 Sv south of Greenland.
Leaving the city 45 minutes later with the remaining cardboard boxes, the men allegedly asked " how to get to Florida.
Leaving the country in the hands of various officials he designated ( including his mother, at times ), Richard was far more concerned with his more extensive French lands.
Leaving gymnasium to study philosophy, psychology and sociology at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt, Adorno continued his readings with Kracauer, turning now to Hegel and Kierkegaard, and began publishing concert reviews and pieces of music for distinguished journals like the Zeitschrift für Musik, the Neue Blätter für Kunst und Literatur and later for the Musikblätter des Anbruch.
" Leaving the convention with his idealism disillusioned by party politics, Roosevelt said he had no further aspiration but to retire to his ranch in the Badlands of the Dakota Territory, which he had purchased the previous year while on a buffalo hunting expedition.
Marcy Playground partnered with Indaba Music to offer fans the opportunity to remix songs from its album " Leaving Wonderland ".
Leaving the city-state the Lower Elbe then passes between Holstein and the Elbe-Weser Triangle with Stade until it flows into the North Sea at Cuxhaven.
Leaving Asia amicably, Fleischman returned to America eventually to work on several projects with ex-KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent.
He produced nearly all of The Beatles ' recordings ( later songs " Real Love " and " Free as a Bird " were produced by Jeff Lynne ) and wrote the instrumental score for the Yellow Submarine film and soundtrack album, and the string and horn ( and even some vocal ) arrangements for almost all of their songs ( with the famous exception of the Phil Spector re-production on the Let It Be album, and " She's Leaving Home ", which was arranged by Mike Leander ).
" Leaving Christabel with Noémie, Pankhurst returned immediately to England.
Leaving Rephidim, the Israelites advanced into the Sinai Wilderness ( Exodus 19: 1-2 ; Numbers 33: 14-15 ), possibly marching through the two passes of the Wadi Solaf and the Wadi esh-Sheikh, which converge at the entrance to the er-Rahah plain ( which would then be identified with the " Sinai Wilderness "), which is two miles ( 3 km ) long and about half a mile broad.
Most recently, the organisation has become embroiled in a dispute with Irish political party Fine Gael over the party's policy to end the status of Irish as a compulsory subject for the Leaving Certificate.

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