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Legend and has
Legend has it that it was once possible to see the Sagrada Familia through this window, which was being built simultaneously.
Legend also has it that the young Alfred spent time in Ireland seeking healing.
Legend has it that for five great Gaelic families — the O ' Gradys, the O ' Neills, the Ó Briains, the Ó Conchobhairs, and the Caomhánachs — the lament would be sung by a fairy woman ; having foresight, she would sing the lament when a family member died, even if the person had died far away and news of their death had not yet come, so that the wailing of the banshee was the first warning the household had of the death.
Legend has it that in 802 CE, Jayavarman II, king of the Khmers, first came to the Kuhlen hills, the future site of Angkor Wat.
Legend has it that Childe was in a party hunting on the moor when they were caught in some changeable weather.
Legend has it that, following Ward's stage performance, he, Mark Twain, and Dan De Quille were taking a drunken rooftop tour of Virginia City until a town constable threatened to blast all three of them with a shotgun loaded with rock salt.
Legend has it that α CVn was brighter than usual during the Restoration, as Charles II returned to England to take the throne.
Legend has it that the Brecbennoch, was carried to the Battle of Bannockburn ( 24 June 1314 ) by the vastly outnumbered Scots army and the intercession of Columba helped them to victory.
Legend has it that the team honored Louis Sockalexis when it assumed its current name in 1915.
Legend ( and Verdi's own " An Autobiographical Sketch " of 1879 ) has it that it was the words of the famous Va pensiero chorus of the Hebrew slaves that inspired him to write music again.
Legend has it that it was here in 1558, while sitting under an oak tree in the Park, that she learned that she had become Queen following the death of her half-sister, Queen Mary I.
Legend has it that if she wishes to make the winter last a good while longer, she will make sure the weather on Imbolc is bright and sunny, so she can gather plenty of firewood.
Legend has it that the idea came to him " like a ray of light ".
Legend has it that at the age of six while in bed with smallpox he was given a watch to amuse himself, spending hours listening to it and studying its moving parts.
Legend has it that the diamond originally belonged to the Pandavas.
Legend has it that he had the Koh-i-Noor positioned near a window so that Shah Jahan could see the Taj only by looking at its reflection in the stone.
Legend in the Lawrence family has it that during the voyage, John Lawrence left the jewel in his waistcoat pocket when it was sent to be laundered, and it was returned promptly by the steward who found it.
Legend has it that Shancai ( also called Sudhana in Sanskrit ) was a disabled boy from India who was very interested in studying the dharma.
Legend has it that carved into the wall above the shelves was an inscription that read: The place of the cure of the soul.
Legend has it that on his arrival in Rome in a chariot, an eagle took his cap, flew away and then returned it back upon his head.
Legend has it that Achilles was born here and Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, died here.
The story has been recounted in Geoffrey Chaucer's The Legend of Good Women, John Gower's Confessio Amantis ( Book VII ), and John Lydgate's Fall of Princes.
Legend has it that these eight schools were founded by eight monks taught by a legendary martial artist resident on the sacred Mount Kurama.
Legend has it that the mountain is based on a doodle made by W. W. Hodkinson during a meeting with Adolph Zukor.

Legend and there
The story of Barlaam and Josaphat was popular in the Middle Ages, appearing in such works as the Golden Legend, and a scene there involving three caskets eventually appeared, via Caxton's English translation of a Latin version, in Shakespeare's " Merchant of Venice ".
Though, according to the 4th-century BC father of botany, Theophrastus, olive trees ordinarily attained an age of about 200 years, he mentions that the very olive tree of Athena still grew on the Acropolis ; it was still to be seen there in the 2nd century AD ; and when Pausanias was shown it, ca 170 AD, he reported " Legend also says that when the Persians fired Athens the olive was burnt down, but on the very day it was burnt it grew again to the height of two cubits.
In The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, there are monsters known as Zora Warriors who often emerge from bodies of water.
Gwyn Jones notes that " no true town has been found and excavated " and that the identification of the site in Elbląg with Truso is based on " finds of Norse weapons " and the presence of " a large Viking Age cemetery " nearby, According to Mateusz Bogucki " by now, there is no doubt that the settlement really is Wulfstan's Truso " The Elbląg Museum brochure: Truso-A Discovered Legend, by Marek F Jagodziński, describes a large number of buildings found during the recent excavations, with burnt remains of posts suggesting buildings of c. 5 x 10 m and long houses of about 6 x 21 m.
It was purchased and renovated by the Italian director Pupi Avati when he filmed portions of his biopic Bix ( film ) | Bix: An Interpretation of a Legend there during the summer of 1990.
Its insights into what it is to be human go far beyond genre, and is all the more surprising because, having read his short stories-which range from competent but simplistic, to having classic Twilight Zone twists ( he was a major contributor to the original TV series ) there is nothing within those short stories that suggests the supreme majesty of the existential masterpiece I Am Legend was aborning.
* In the video game The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, there is a milk bar named Latte in Clock Town that serves milk from the Romani Ranch, a local farm in the land of Termina, though it seems to be hinted that the milk represents alcohol, as children weren't allowed in and people would come to drown their sorrows.
Partly his reasons were sound scholarly ones — the Masoretic text claims an unbroken history of careful transcription stretching back centuries — but his choice was confirmed for him, because it placed Creation exactly four thousand years before 4 BC, the generally accepted date for the birth of Christ ; moreover, he calculated, Solomon's temple was completed in the year 3000 from creation, so that there were exactly 1000 years from the temple to Christ, who was the fulfilment of the Temple .< ref > James Barr, Biblical Chronology: Legend Or Science?
Legend has it that Alexius, Metropolitan of Moscow, later Patron Saint of Samara, visited the site of the city in 1357 and predicted that a great town would be erected there, and that the town would never be ravaged.
However, in the magazine Disney Adventures, there was a five-part crossover / storyline titled " Legend of the Chaos God " which began with TaleSpin, and continued with Chip ' n Dale Rescue Rangers, Goof Troop, and DuckTales, then concluded with Darkwing Duck.
Legend said that as long as the head was there, no invasion would come over the sea to Britain.
Legend says an early traveler, unable to buy a single loaf of bread there, facetiously called the place " short of bread town ," which translates to Paincourtville.
Legend holds that the town was originally called Bear Corners for the many wild black bears crossing nearby Thompson's Creek, and that it eventually took its name from General Andrew Jackson, who reportedly camped there with his troops on a return trip north after the 1815 Battle of New Orleans
Legend has it that President James Monroe stayed there.
( How much truth is there behind the Pied Piper Legend ?).
" But ," adds the historian of the Dominican order Jacques Échard, " if he did so, the version lies so closely hid that there is no recollection of it ," and it may be added that it is highly improbable that the man who compiled the Golden Legend ever conceived the necessity of having the Scriptures in the vernacular.
Legend has it that Saint Patrick's was the origin of the expression " chancing your arm " ( meaning to take a risk ), when Gerald Mór FitzGerald, 8th Earl of Kildare, cut a hole in a door there, still to be seen, and thrust his arm through it, in an effort to call a truce in the Butler – FitzGerald dispute with another Earl, James of Ormond, in 1492.
Legend has previously reported that out of the 30, 000, there were only two survivors: Louis-Auguste Cyparis, a felon held in an underground cell in the town's jail for wounding a friend with a cutlass, and Léon Compère-Léandre, a man who lived at the edge of the city.
The First Complete Documentation of the Facts behind the Legend, are assuming that a more plausible time-frame would be 1086 – 1108, when there were a lot of antipopes, and the reign of the legitimate popes Victor III, Urban II and Paschal II was not always established in Rome, since this city was occupied by Emperor Henry IV, and later sacked by the Normans.
Legend has it that there was once also a " bull ", but that was quarried for stone during the spa town boom that Ilkley was part of in the 19th century.
Legend has it that " Satan himself " attended a ritual there in 1590, although it is more likely that Satan was " played " by Francis Stewart Hepburn, 5th Earl of Bothwell.
* In the video game Legend of Dragoon for PlayStation, there are 108 species ; the 108th of which is the God of destruction.
However, the Nintendo 64 was popular in the Americas, selling 20. 63 million units there ( more than half of its worldwide sales of 32. 93 million units ), and is home to highly successful games such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64, GoldenEye 007, Banjo-Kazooie, and Super Smash Bros ..
In the film Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen, released late September 2010 in Asia and early 2011 in the United States, there is a large feature of the Green Hornet.

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