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Legends and Jews
Under Schechter's leadership, JTS attracted a distinguished faculty, including Louis Ginzberg ( author of Legends of the Jews ), historian Alexander Marx, Arabist Israel Friedlander, and future founder of Reconstructionism Mordecai Kaplan, and became a highly regarded center of Jewish learning.
Ginzberg was the author of a number of scholarly Jewish works, including a commentary on Talmud Yerushalmi ( the Jerusalem Talmud ) and his six-volume ( plus a one-volume index ) The Legends of the Jews, ( 1909 ) which combined hundreds of legends and parables from a lifetime of midrash research.
Apart from Legends of the Jews, perhaps his best known scholarly work was his Geonica ( 1909 ), an account of the Babylonian Geonim containing lengthy extracts from their responsa, as discovered in the form of fragments in the Cairo Genizah.
* The Legends of the Jews
This is possible, but not very likely ( see Ginzberg, Legends of the Jews ).
The work was used extensively but not especially more than many other sources in Louis Ginzberg's Legends of the Jews.
* Ginzberg Legends of the Jews Volume 2 Chapter 4
According to an oral tradition dictated by Xu Xin, Director of the Center for Judaic Studies at Nanjing University, in his book Legends of the Chinese Jews of Kaifeng, the Kaifeng Jews called Judaism Yīcìlèyè jiào ( 一賜樂業教 ), lit.
* Negarsanel, variant of Nasargiel, an angel of Hell according to The Legends of the Jews by Rabbi Louis Ginzberg.
* Xu Xin, Legends of the Chinese Jews of Kaifeng, ( Hoboken: KTAV, 1995 ), ISBN Google books.
* Legends of the Jews, by Rabbi Louis Ginzberg, is an original synthesis of a vast amount of aggadah from the Mishnah, the two Talmuds and Midrash.
** The Legends of the Jews by Louis Ginzberg
In the Jerusalem Talmud ( Louis Ginzberg, Legends of the Jews, 1909 ),
* Ginzberg, Louis, " The Legends of the Jews ".
* Ginzberg, The Legends of the Jews.
Works such as The Decay of Czarism and Legends of the Jews became staples of Jewish literacy and helped to preserve the legacy of European Jewry.

Legends and is
* Absalom is also the oldest and most powerful alliance in the first textbased game on internet called Utopia-World of Legends and holds Kingdoms as Equilibrium, Mercy, Sanctuary and Rage of Absalom.
* In the 2011 video game Warriors: Legends of Troy, Agamemnon is portrayed as a power-hungry tryant and is the main antagonist.
* In the popular MOBA game League of Legends, there is a champion named Diana who is loosely based on the goddess.
Approved for vintage racing by the Historic Sportscar Racing association ( HSR ), Bobby Rahal's Legends of Motorsports ( LOM ), and the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association ( SVRA ), it is distributed by Pathfinder Motorsports.
* In X-Men Legends, Genosha is mentioned when Magneto gives his demands on television to make it a mutant paradise under his control.
Other biographical information, however, is likely to be untrue ( see Legends ).
She is a playable character in X-Men Legends ( 2004 ), X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse ( 2005 ), Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 ( 2009 ), and Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds ( 2011 ), and appeared as an enemy in the first Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.
* Shaka Zulu is a playable character in Deadliest Warrior: Legends.
* In the X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse ( which is loosely based on the Age of Apocalypse storyline ), Avalon is Magneto's base in the Savage Land.
The latest installation of the Zork series is Legends of Zork, a persistent browser-based MMORPG, which was released on April 1, 2009, and shut down on May 31, 2011.
烽火英雄傳 ( pinyin feng1 huo3 ying1 xiong2 zhuan4, literal meaning: Legends of beacon heroes ) is a historical RPG game based on events in the Chinese Northern Wei Dynasty.
* The Rouen-Les-Essarts Grand Prix circuit is featured in both Grand Prix Legends and RFactor.
* In X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse, Jean Grey, who is a playable character, has some attacks related to the Phoenix Force, such as the ability to resurrect another character during game play, and the player can also select for her both the original and Dark Phoenix costumes.
Lexington is home to the Lexington Legends, a Class A minor league affiliate of the Houston Astros.
* He is the only Argentinian to be included in the Football League 100 Legends list.
Grand Prix Legends ( nicknamed GPL ) is a computer racing simulator developed by Papyrus Design Group and published in 1998 by Sierra Entertainment.
This is because, the first time they play Grand Prix Legends, EVERYBODY spins and crashes.
There is an original demo that was succeeded by the newer Grand Prix Legends 2004 Demo which has all the required patches included plus upgrades to the cars and track ( as of 2004 ) that are included within the original one.
The stamp is the 17th commemorative stamp in the Legends of Hollywood series.

Legends and original
Another RPG publisher, TSR, Inc., original publisher of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, included in one of that game's earlier supplements, Deities & Demigods ( originally published in 1980 and later renamed to " Legends & Lore "), a section on the Cthulhu Mythos ; TSR, Inc. later agreed to remove this section at Chaosium's request.
**" Runner of Pern ", by Anne McCaffrey ( 1998 novella original to Legends ; set some time before the events of Dragonflight )
* Legion of Super-Heroes Annual # 7, part of the 1996 " Legends of Dead Earth " event, showed Wildfire as the last survivor of the original Legion, forming a new team.
The Harkonnens are featured prominently in the original 1965 novel Dune, and are also a major presence in both the Prelude to Dune ( 1999-2001 ) and Legends of Dune ( 2002-2004 ) prequel trilogies by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.
The following family tree assembles information from Frank Herbert's original novels as well as the prequel series Legends of Dune and Prelude to Dune.
Actor Pitt joined Fincher in arguing for keeping this original scene, noting that his previous film Legends of the Fall had its emotional ending cut after negative feedback from test audiences, and refusing to do Seven unless the head-in-the-box scene remained.
The Taito Legends pack includes an emulated version of the original arcade version of The NewZealand Story, allowing it to be played on the Xbox, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable and any PC.
The following family tree assembles information from Frank Herbert's original novels as well as the prequel series Legends of Dune and Prelude to Dune.
The Xtreme Legends expansion only have the new contents by its own, so players would require the original game disc and use the " Mixjoy " option to access all features.
Unlike the Xtreme Legends, Empires did not require the original game disc to access all of its features as it is considered a unique game of its own.
Thee Midniters continue to be impressive with a combination of original and new members and will appear in Raven Productions ' PBS pledge break special " Trini Lopez presents the Legends of Latin Rock ," along with El Chicano, Tierra and Gregg Rolie ( of Santana and Journey fame ) in the spring of 2009.
In some cases, a standalone expansion such as Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death, or Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna includes the original game.
The team and its administrator Amanda Waller were introduced in the Legends mini-series, with the original Squad's backstory fleshed out further in Secret Origins ( vol.
In addition to the ongoing series, First reprinted the original mini-series as a graphic novel and later reprinted the first two years of the ongoing title in the Nexus Legends series.
The stock fantasy characters from the original Gauntlet return for Legends ; as before, each has greater starting ability in a single attribute than their fellows.
In November 2003, Gas Powered Games and Mad Doc Software developed an official standalone expansion pack for the game called Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna that includes the original game.
He is best known as the voice of Claude Frollo in Walt Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Shere Khan in The Jungle Book 2, Lord Dregg during the final two seasons of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Chief in the Super Secret Secret Squirrel segment of 2 Stupid Dogs, Galactus and Terrax in The Fantastic Four, Chairface Chippendale in The Tick, Anubis in Gargoyles, Magneto in X-Men Legends, the Narrator in Skeleton Warriors, The Elder God in the Legacy of Kain series, and the virus Megabyte in the award-winning CG-I animated series ReBoot.
In March 2010 the airport hosted " Legends Over the Colorado ", an air show with additional displays of an original B-17 from World War II.
Whereas Xtreme Legends requires the player to use the original Dynasty Warriors 4 disc to access all of its features, Empires is a stand-alone game and can be played with all of its content without the use of the original disk.
Unlike the " Anime Legends " release, this version uses the same cover art and CD as the original standard DVD release.

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