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Legislators and are
He wrote to Prevost's Adjutant General, My situation is most critical, not from anything the enemy can do, but from the disposition of the people – The Population, believe me is essentially bad – A full belief possesses them that this Province must inevitably succumb – This Prepossession is fatal to every exertion – Legislators, Magistrates, Militia Officers, all, have imbibed the idea, and are so sluggish and indifferent in all their respective offices that the artful and active scoundrel is allowed to parade the Country without interruption, and commit all imaginable mischief ... What a change an additional regiment would make in this part of the Province!
Legislators in countries using the Westminster system, such as the United Kingdom, are protected from civil action for slander and libel by parliamentary immunity whilst they are in the House.
Legislators first elected on or before June 5, 2012 are restricted by the previous term limits, approved in 1990, which limited legislators to three terms in the State Assembly and two terms in the State Senate.
Legislators are referred to as Senators or Representatives depending which chamber they were elected.
Legislators with more time to offer are generally placed on " A " committees, which meet Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, while others are assigned to " B " committees that meet only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Legislators then changed the definitions to target size ( barrel lengths under 3 inches ), materials ( such as zinc ), low-cost manufacturing techniques ( e. g., density requirements that specifically ban inexpensive powder cast metals ), redundant safety requirements ( trigger and / or main-spring locks, sizes too large for a child to use, drop tests ), and " quality ", " reliability ", and " accuracy " ( which are often left undefined ).
Legislators from outlying rural districts are chosen on a plurality basis, while districts located in more populous towns and cities elect multiple legislators by means of a proportion-based formula.
Legislators are usually politicians and are often elected by the people.
Legislators are elected to two-year terms and are not subject to term limits.
Legislators are elected by voters, not farms or cities or economic interests.
Legislators are attempting to clarify the laws that govern the fate of a person in Schiavo's position, and in some cases make living wills more available.
Legislators whose voting pattern matches such organizations as Christian Coalition, Family Research Council, Eagle Forum, and the Heritage Foundation are said to " illustrate the strength of dominionists in Congress " even though none of these groups identifies themselves with the dominionist movement.

Legislators and one
Legislators were persuaded at the time that cassette recorders would decimate sales of records as friend after friend would then make copies of only one purchased album.
Voted one of the 10 Best Legislators by his colleagues in a 1986 Denver Post-News Center 4 survey.
He began his political career in 1969 with his election to the Montana State Senate and in his 16-year tenure, he served as floor whip, majority leader, and senate president. In 1986 Stephens was recognized by the National Republican Legislators ' Association as one of the country's 10 most outstanding state lawmakers.
For his work in this Session, Deuell was named as one of Texas Monthly's Ten Best Legislators.
Legislators largely ignored the report, a decision Kentucky historian Thomas D. Clark called " one of the most egregious blunders in American educational history ".
He was also elected as one of the 6 Christian Legislators in the Cypriot Parliament.
He was named as one of the " Ten Worst Legislators " by Texas Monthly magazine.

Legislators and such
Legislators usually enact such laws when they wish to impose penalties that fall outside the framework specified by each class.
Legislators such as Social welfare constituency legislator Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung and those from Hong Kong Association for Democracy & People's Livelihood had for years demanded that such concessions be put in place.

Legislators and state
The National Conference of Insurance Legislators ( NCOIL ) also works to harmonize the different state laws.
Legislators rewrote all of the human rights laws in the state, restricting discrimination based on " race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, physical or mental disability, military status, sexual orientation, or unfavorable discharge from military service in connection with employment, real estate transactions, access to financial credit, and the availability of public accommodations.
ALEC first came into being in Chicago as the " Conservative Caucus of State Legislators ", a project initiated by Mark Rhoads, an assistant to an Illinois state senator.
Greens, Libertarians and others have elected state Legislators and local officials.
Legislators, particularly those opposed to slavery, feared that any delay would allow Missouri to apply for statehood before Illinois, and that since Missouri was a slave state, this would cause so much turmoil in Congress that it would delay Illinois ' admission even longer.
Legislators also responded to Blackburn's call for a warden system, authorizing the state to employ a warden, deputy warden, clerk, physician, and chaplain for the penitentiary.
Legislators approved calling a referendum on a constitutional amendment – supported by Collins – to make the state superintendent of education an appointive, rather than elective, office.
Legislators proposed that a succession amendment include provisions to lengthen the terms of state legislators in order to maintain a balance of power between the executive and legislative branches ; Wilkinson insisted that the General Assembly pass a " clean " succession amendment, free from any other provisions that might diminish the amendment's chances of being approved by the state's voters.
This is done to increase the number of trial judges in the state for felony crimes, as it can be easier for Legislators to vote to increase the number of Court of Claims judges than Supreme Court Justices in view of differences in the manner of selecting the judges.

Legislators and legislators
Legislators from the northern counties will often reflexively oppose what is seen as " meddling " from the majority in the south, and the legislators from the south have been too divided on the issue to push through a state-wide ban.

Legislators and have
Legislators who logroll within a small body, for example, the US House or Senate, have incentive to honor their IOU votes because they cannot have their reputations tainted if they wish to be effective politicians ( Holcombe 2006 ).
Legislators in at least twelve states introduced bills, and three states have passed laws to limit the use of credit check during the hiring process.
The power of the Legislative being derived from the People by a positive voluntary Grant and Institution, can be no other, than what the positive Grant conveyed, which being only to make Laws, and not to make Legislators, the Legislative can have no power to transfer their Authority of making laws, and place it it in other hands.
Legislators and voters have acknowledged the inadequacy of California's historically underfunded mental health system to care for the state's residents, especially those with serious mental illness, over the past few decades.
Legislators also receive mileage for " actual daily attendance on legislative days, but not after the legislature shall have been in session for 45 legislative days or after the first day of July following the annual assembly of the legislature.
Legislators, however, have been sparing to invoke it.

Legislators and for
Legislators always get restless for a special session ( whether for the companionship or the $22.50 per diem is not certain ) and if they start agitating.
Legislators later stiffened penalties for leaving the scene of an accident.
Legislators included a classified annex to the Defense Appropriations Act that preserved funding for TIA's component technologies, if they were transferred to other government agencies.
He also chairs the sustainability consultancy Sancroft International, recycler Valpak, GLOBE International-the Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment, the Association of Independent Financial Advisers and Veolia Water UK ..
Legislators kept the idea of a change alive for a long time.
* October-Almost half of Vermont's Legislators regard war as needless and impolitic ; but Vermont imposes a penalty of $ 1, 000 for every unauthorized communication with Canadians.
Legislators met there for 42 days after Belmont was designated the capital of Wisconsin Territory.
Weldon is a member of Global Legislators for a Balanced Environment ( GLOBE ), where he serves as Honorary Chairman of the Oceans Protection Task Force.
Van Rensselaer's effect on the history of the United States cannot be underestimated: the American van Rensselaers all descend from Kiliaen's son Jeremias and the subsequent family is noted for being a very powerful and wealthy influence in the history of New York and the Northeastern United States producing multiple State Legislators, Congressmen, and two Lieutenant Governors in New York.
Winegarten twice won the Liz Carpenter Award, for her books Black Texas Women: 150 Years of Trial and Triumph, and Capitol Women: Texas Female Legislators 1923-1999.
Such figure is not supported by actual test, nor is it confirmed by Shell and which is contradicted from a reading material for Legislators of Legislative Council.
Legislators also receive an " office allowance " of $ 1, 000 per month, ostensibly for the maintenance of an office area devoted to their legislative work in their homes or elsewhere within their district.
In July 2005, Texas Monthly magazine, in its article “ The Best and Worst Legislators of 2005 ,” awarded Brimer an “ Honorable Mention ” for his resolution of the Senate deadlock over taxes.
Legislators from all parties demanded Chan's resignation for attempting to mislead the public, thus precipitating a crisis of confidence in the company, and putting the company into disrepute by her lies.
Legislators reached a compromise when they agreed to make Dr. Seuss the official children's author of the commonwealth and Make Way for Ducklings the official children's book.

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