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Lennon and explained
In the liner notes to Season of Glass, Ono explained that the album is not dedicated to Lennon because " he would have been offended — he was one of us.
Lennon explained much of the song to Playboy in 1980:
Lennon later explained that the lyric was about an affair he had been having:
He later explained this in 2006, stating that " veryone got it into their heads over the last few years that I was in my ivory tower like Lennon, baking bread all day.
Ono explained that she and Lennon were not getting along, had been arguing and were growing apart, and said that Lennon would start seeing other women.
In the interview with Kane, Lennon explained his feelings about his time with Pang: " You know Larry, I may have been the happiest I've ever been ...
These took place at Startling Studios, located in Ringo Starr's countryside home ( formerly owned by John Lennon ), with two distinct line-ups operating in alternation ( Mike Clark again providing drums on the other tracks ), as Percy Jones later explained.
Lennon said, " I've never seen rain as hard as that, except in Tahiti ", and later explained that " Rain " was " about people moaning about the weather all the time ".
In his 1980 Playboy interview, Lennon explained, " That was something I wrote when I was about seventeen.

Lennon and We
" John Lennon: Ringo's Right, We Can't Tour Again ", New Musical Express, 7 June 1969, reproduced by Crawdaddy !, 2007.
McCartney's demos include " One and One Is Two " ( 1964, eventually an uncharted single for Mike Shannon and the Strangers ), " Step Inside Love " ( 1968, given to Cilla Black ), " Goodbye " ( 1969, given to Mary Hopkin ), " Come and Get it " ( 1969, given to Badfinger ), and early versions of " We Can Work It Out " ( partially taped over by Lennon ) and " Michelle ".
" On The Tonight Show a few months later, Lennon said that " We believe in meditation, but not the Maharishi and his scene ".
* In 2000, Grand Royal released a compilation album entitled At Home with the Groove Box in which Lennon contributed the song " Winged Elephants " while Honda and Hatori contributed the song " We Love Our Lawyers ".
John Lennon said, " We never play to segregated audiences and we aren't going to start now.
" We Can Work It Out " is a song by The Beatles, written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon.
In a discussion about what song to release as a single, Lennon argued " vociferously " for " Day Tripper ", differing with the majority view that " We Can Work It Out " was a more commercial song.
Three of the films were mimed performances of " We Can Work It Out ", in all of which Lennon was seated at a harmonium.
In the verse before the lead break after Starr sings " tell me why ," Lennon can be heard saying " We already told you why!
The lyrics, describing the singer's anxieties about his relationship with his girlfriend while he is away, are thematically similar to several other Lennon – McCartney songs, such as " When I Get Home " and " Things We Said Today ," written during the period of 1964 and 1965.
Other than their traditional instruments, a Baldwin Combo Harpsichord ( used by Lennon on the Beatles song " Because ") and a harmonium ( which appeared on the Beatles hit single " We Can Work It Out ") were also used.
( We All Shine On )" is a song written by John Lennon, released as a single in 1970 on Apple Records, catalogue Apple 1003 in the United Kingdom, Apple 1818 in the United States.
#" Here We Go Again " ( written by Lennon / Phil Spector ; produced by Spector ) – 4: 50
In 1969, Lennon was interviewed about these lyrics and said, " We just started joking, you know, singing ' cuando para mucho.
In 2011, Garant and Lennon released a book about writing for film called Writing Movies for Fun and Profit: How We Made a Billion Dollars at The Box Office and You Can Too!
" Julia " was recorded four days after the first session for " Why Don't We Do It in the Road ?," and is a solo performance by Lennon ( double-tracked lead vocals and acoustic guitar ), though McCartney was present for the recording, as he can be heard talking to Lennon from the control room after a take on " The Beatles Anthology 3.
" Looking back, Lennon said, " We sniffed a little when we were in real pain.
John Lennon was quoted as saying, " We were so excited to say ' turn me on ' -- you know, about marijuana and all that ... using it as an expression.
#" Things We Said Today " ( Lennon – McCartney ) – 5: 01

Lennon and didn't
* August 11 – The Beatles hold a press conference in Chicago, during which John Lennon apologizes for his " more popular than Jesus " remark, saying, " I didn't mean it as a lousy anti-religious thing.
Lennon said " Yes It Is " was " me trying a rewrite of ' This Boy ', but it didn't work "; it was released as the B-side of " Ticket to Ride " and was also on Beatles VI.
Chapman recalls having listened to Lennon's John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band albums in the weeks before the murder and has stated: " I would listen to this music and I would get angry at him, for saying that he didn't believe in God ... and that he didn't believe in the Beatles.
John Lennon didn't perform or sing or play on the APC version of " Imagine.
Lennon said the song was originally intended as a single: "' Thank You Girl ' was one of our efforts at writing a single that didn't work.
He then proceeds to confront Dogen and murders him and Lennon, allowing the Smoke Monster into the Temple to kill those who didn't defect.
In his 1980 interview with Playboy, John Lennon described it as an attempt to rewrite " This Boy " ( the style of the song ) that " didn't quite work ".

Lennon and want
In a show of friendship, Lennon accompanied Nilsson to negotiations, and both intimated to RCA that Lennon and Starr might want to sign with them, once their Apple Records contracts with EMI expired in 1975, but would not be interested if Nilsson were no longer with the label.
As his loan spell set to expire, Kamara revealed he want to stay at Celtic permanently and that he would happily stay on at the club under interim boss Neil Lennon after the sacking of Tony Mowbray.
Sheehy ), Joe Pilkington ( Eamon Maher ), Christopher Casson ( The Rector ) and Jack O ' Reilly ( Johnny Mac ) as well as the retirement from acting of Biddy White Lennon ( Maggie Riordan ) and the unavailability of Tom Hickey ( who does not want to reprise his role of Benjy ) and Gabriel Byrne, now a Hollywood actor.
The working title for the song, " All I want is you " was originally the title of another composition by Lennon for Yoko, from which the chorus was taken.
In the liner notes, Miller states: I am a guitar player, but I didn ’ t want to do one of those “ fast ” guitarslinger records … I always wanted to do a record that reflected my interests … from being a John Lennon admirer to a devout Bitches Brew fan … I ’ m very happy with this album.

Lennon and hear
The recording begins before the actual song with coughing and counting ( pointedly cut short-the real count being heard in the background ) that McCartney described as sounds that were on the tape, and that Lennon " thought listeners would like to hear.
The electric piano is a Hohner Pianet, played by John Lennon, and you can hear the instrument's tremolo being switched off after the intro.
The track ends with a comment from Lennon: " Let's hear it, before we get taken away ".
In his native Australia one of his most prominent supporters was Annie Lennon, who on at least one occasion had to book out the Brisbane Football Ground to accommodate those who wished to hear her message.

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