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Leo and Leon
William Haines, Harry Leon & Leo Towers
Other artists associated with Hard-edge painting include Herb Aach, Josef Albers, Richard Anuszkiewicz, Max Bill, Ilya Bolotowsky, Ralph Coburn, Nassos Daphnis, Ronald Davis, Gene Davis, Howard Mehring, Burgoyne Diller, Peter Halley, Al Held, Robert Indiana, Ellsworth Kelly, Günther C. Kirchberger, Alexander Liberman, Agnes Martin, Kenneth Noland, Georg Karl Pfahler, Ad Reinhardt, Bridget Riley, Ludwig Sander, Leon Polk Smith, Julian Stanczak, Frank Stella, Myron Stout, Leo Valledor, Victor Vasarely, Charmion von Wiegand, Neil Williams, Larry Zox and Barbro Östlihn.
Leo was described as " Leon V, King of Armenia " on his own personal seal (), and as " Leon de Lusignan the Fifth " in the Middle French inscription on his cenotaph: Leon de Lizingnen quint.
His name is sometimes spelled as Leo or Leon.
Leo II or Leon II ( occasionally numbered Leo III ;, Levon II ; c. 1236 1289 ) was king of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, ruling from 1269 / 1270 to 1289.
Leo III ( or Leon III ) ( occasionally numbered Leo IV ;, Levon III ) ( 1289 1307 ) was a young king of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, ruling from 1303 or 1305 to 1307, along with his uncle Hethum II.
Leo I (), also Levon I or Leon I, ( unknown Constantinople, February 14, 1140 ) was the fifth lord of Armenian Cilicia or “ Lord of the Mountains ” ( 1129 / 1130-1137 ).
Leo II (, Levon A Metsagorts ), also Leon II, Levon II or Lewon II ( 1150 2 May 1219 ) was the tenth lord of Armenian Cilicia or “ Lord of the Mountains ” ( 1187 1198 / 1199 ), and the first king of Armenian Cilicia ( sometimes as Levon I the Magnificent or Lewon I ) ( 1198 / 1199 1219 ).
Leo Allatius ( c. 1586 January 19, 1669 ) ( Greek: Λέων Αλλάτιος, Leon Allatios, Λιωνής Αλάτζης, Lionis Allatzis ; Italian: Leone Allacci, Allacio ; Latin: Leo Allatius, Allacius ) was a Greek scholar, theologian and keeper of the Vatican library.
Leo II ( or Leon II ) may refer to:
** Judah Leon Abravanel, also Leon Hebreo or Leo Hebraeus ( c. 1460 c. 1535 ), was a European Jewish physician, poet and philosopher, author of the " Dialogues of Love ", the eldest son of Don Isaac Abravanel.
Leona is a female variant of the name Leo or Leon.
Leon Panetta, a former White House Chief of Staff under Bill Clinton, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and Secretary of Defense under Barack Obama, was impressed by the character, telling actor John Spencer that " Any administration that would have Leo McGarry as a chief of staff would be very, very fortunate.
Leo III, Leon III, or Levon III may refer to:
Pauline Oliveros, John Zorn, Dave Douglas ( trumpeter ), Yusef Komunyakaa, Trisha Brown, Tania Leon, Roberto Juan Rodriguez, Makoto Fujimura, Juan Sanchez, Jim Clark, Jude Tallichet, Laiwan Chung, Min Xiaofen, Derek Bailey, Ikue Mori, Sylvie Courvoisier, William Parker ( musician ), David S. Ware, Assif Tsahar, Matthew Shipp, Billy Bang, Jeanne Lee, Miya Masaoka, George Lewis ( trombonist ), Dr. L. Subramaniam, Kavita Krishnamurthi, Wang Ping ( author ), Luis Francia, Wadada Leo Smith, Mark Dresser, Kathleen Supové, Jennifer Choi, Craig Taborn, Bridget Kibbey, Jade Simmons, Arto Lindsay, Thurston Moore, Prefuse 73, Yo La Tengo, Humanfolk, Mephista.
Judah Leon Abravanel ( or Abrabanel, otherwise known as: in Latin, Leo Hebraeus ; in Portuguese, Leão Hebreu ; in Spanish, León Hebreo ; in Italian, Leone Ebreo ; in English, Leo the Hebrew ; and in Hebrew, יהודה בן יצחק אברבנאל ben Yitzhak Abravanel ) ( c. 1465 Lisbon-c. 1523 Naples ) was a Jewish Portuguese physician, poet and philosopher.

Leo and IV
In 853, at the age of four, Alfred is said to have been sent to Rome where, according to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, he was confirmed by Pope Leo IV who " anointed him as king ".
A letter of Leo IV shows that Alfred was made a " consul "; a misinterpretation of this investiture, deliberate or accidental, could explain later confusion.
Following the death of his son Leo IV in 780, the empress Irene restored the veneration of images through the agency of the Second Council of Nicaea in 787.
* 750 Leo IV the Khazar, Byzantine Emperor ( d. 780 )
In 816, Pope Stephen IV, who had succeeded Leo III, visited Reims and again crowned Louis.
" It also changes the date from the 11th to the 9th century, indicating that Joan reigned between Leo IV and Benedict III in the 850s.
Pope John VIII: John, of English extraction, was born at Mentz ( Mainz ) and is said to have arrived at Popedom by evil art ; for disguising herself like a man, whereas she was a woman, she went when young with her paramour, a learned man, to Athens, and made such progress in learning under the professors there that, coming to Rome, she met with few that could equal, much less go beyond her, even in the knowledge of the scriptures ; and by her learned and ingenious readings and disputations, she acquired so great respect and authority that upon the death of Pope Leo IV ( as Martin says ) by common consent she was chosen Pope in his room.
It was around this time when a long series of busts of past Popes was made for the Duomo of Siena, which included one of the female Pope, named as " Johannes VIII, Foemina de Anglia " and included between Leo IV and Benedict III.
Between Leo IV and Benedict III, where Martinus Polonus places her, she cannot be inserted, because Leo IV died 17 July 855, and immediately after his death Benedict III was elected by the clergy and people of Rome ; but, owing to the setting up of an Antipope, in the person of the deposed Cardinal Anastasius, he was not consecrated until 29 September.
Hincmar, Archbishop of Reims, informed Nicholas I that a messenger whom he had sent to Leo IV learned on his way of the death of this Pope, and therefore handed his petition to Benedict III, who decided it ( Hincmar, ep.
All these witnesses prove the correctness of the dates given in the lives of Leo IV and Benedict III, and there was no interregnum between these two Popes, so that at this place there is no room for the alleged Popess.
Sergius died while negotiating between two patriarchs and was succeeded by Pope Leo IV.
Papal interest in Christio-Muslim relations in the peninsular are not without precedent-Popes Leo IV ( 847-855 ), John VIII ( 872-882 ) and John XIX ( 1024 33 ) are all known to have displayed substantial interest in the region.
It is known that Pope Leo IV had the figure of the cock placed on the Old St. Peter's Basilica or old Constantinian basilica and has served as a religious icon and reminder of Peter's denial of Christ since that time, with some churches still having the rooster on the steeple today.
These iconoclastic tendencies were shared by his son, Leo IV.
A defensive wall, commissioned by Pope Leo IV, is built around what came to be called the Leonine City as a defensive response to the Saracen desecration of Rome in 846.
* June 22 Pope Stephen IV ( sometimes referred to as Stephen V ) succeeds Pope Leo III as the 97th pope.
* January Pope Leo IV succeeds Pope Sergius II as the 103rd pope.
* September 29 Pope Benedict III succeeds Pope Leo IV as the 104th pope.
* July 17 Pope Leo IV
* Leo IV succeeds Constantine V as Byzantine Emperor.
* September 8 Leo IV, Byzantine Emperor

Leo and also
In 1899, Bede was made a Doctor of the Church by Leo XIII, a position of theological significance ; he is the only native of Great Britain to achieve this designation ( Anselm of Canterbury, also a Doctor of the Church, was originally from Italy ).
The first benzodiazepine, chlordiazepoxide ( Librium ), was discovered accidentally by Leo Sternbach in 1955, and made available in 1960 by Hoffmann La Roche, which has also marketed diazepam ( Valium ) since 1963.
It is also to be noted that by anathemizing Pope Leo because of the tone and content of his tome, as per Alexandrine Theology perception, Pope Dioscorus was found guilty of doing so without due process ; in other words, the Tome of Leo was not a subject of heresy in the first place, but it was a question of questioning the reasons behind not having it either acknowledged or read at the Second Council of Ephesus in AD 449.
Distributism ( also known as distributionism or distributivism ) is an economic philosophy that developed in England in the early 20th century based upon the principles of Catholic social teaching, especially the teachings of Pope Leo XIII in his encyclical Rerum Novarum and Pope Pius XI in Quadragesimo Anno.
Leo Fender, who did much to create the electric guitar, also created much confusion over the meaning of the terms " tremolo " and " vibrato " by the naming the " tremolo " unit on many of his guitars and also the " vibrato " unit on his " Vibrolux " amps.
Portable projectors ( cheirosiphōnes ) were also invented, reputedly by Emperor Leo VI.
Major companies are now found in Germany ( Seydel, Bushman, Hohner-the dominant manufacturer in the world ), Japan ( Suzuki, Tombo-the manufacturer of the popular Lee Oskar harmonica, and Yamaha also made harmonicas until the 1970s ), China ( Huang, Johnson, Leo Shi, Suzuki, Hohner, Swan, AXL ), and Brazil ( Hering, Bends ).
Leo III the Isaurian also known as the Syrian ( Greek: Λέων Γ ΄, Leōn III ), ( c. 685 18 June 741 ) was Byzantine Emperor from 717 until his death in 741.
Community based clubs also exist, these generally cater for 18-30 year olds and are referred to as Omega Leo Clubs.
He also noted a region of nebulosity between the constellations Ursa Major and Leo that was not associated with any star.
Although he approved of the doctrine thus expressed, he also ordered that the Nicene Creed, without Filioque, be displayed on silver tablets placed in Saint Peter's Basilica, adding: " Haec Leo posui amore et cautela orthodoxae fidei " ( I, Leo, put these here for love and protection of orthodox faith ).
In January 1901 he was also chosen, by Pope Leo XIII himself, according to an official account, to deliver condolences on behalf of the Vatican to Edward VII of the UK after the death of Queen Victoria.
This condemnation was subsequently confirmed by Leo II ( a fact disputed by such persons as Cesare Baronio and Bellarmine, but which has since become commonly accepted ) in the form, " and also Honorius, who did not attempt to sanctify this Apostolic Church with the teaching of Apostolic tradition, but by profane treachery permitted its purity to be polluted ".
Gregory also repaired the Aqua Traiana, which had been damaged during the pontificate of Leo III.
Stephen also raised Bishop Theodulf of Orléans to the rank of Archbishop, and had Louis release from their exile all political prisoners originally from Rome who had been held by the emperor resulting from the conflict that plagued the early part of Pope Leo III ’ s reign.
This affirmed the importance of Sacred Scripture as attested by Providentissimus Deus by Pope Leo XIII and the writings of the Saints, Doctors, and Popes throughout Church history but also approved historically conditioned interpretation of Scripture as presented in Pius XII's 1943 encyclical Divino Afflante Spiritu.
Dr. Leo Ruickbie also notes that the traditional and artistic representation of witches cannot be overlooked as a source for nudity in Gardner's system, citing artists such as Albrecht Dürer and Salvator Rosa.
Pope Leo IX ( in office 1049 to 1054 ) also had family ties to the dynasty, since his grandfather Hugo III was the brother of Adelheid, the grandmother of Henry III.
The Venerable Leo Dupont also known as The Holy Man of Tours lived in Tours at about the same time.
Carl Schmitt, a legal and political scholar, was also a vocal fascist supporter of both the Nazi regime and Spain's Franco ; however, he published works of political philosophy that remained studied by philosophers and political scholars with radically different views, such as Alain Badiou, Slavoj Žižek, and his contemporaries Hannah Arendt, Walter Benjamin, and Leo Strauss.
Norman Quentin Cook ( born Quentin Leo Cook on 16 July 1963 in Bromley, England ), also known by his stage name Fatboy Slim, is an English DJ, musician, and record producer.

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