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Leone and abandoned
In 1844 Isaacs abandoned his claim on the land granted him by Shaka and settled in Sierra Leone where he built up a thriving business.
The village of Kefali, also known by its Venetian name Porto Leone was abandoned following the 1953 Ionian earthquake, which destroyed the water supply, but its church is still in use.

Leone and project
The project was canceled when Leone died two days before he was to officially sign on for the film.
Leone also started writing a screenplay based on Lee Falk's The Phantom, and scouted locations for the project.
He laid his project of reaching Timbuktu before the governor of Senegal, but receiving no encouragement went to Sierra Leone where the British authorities made him superintendent of an indigo plantation.
In fact, when the project first began Leone didn't intend to direct the picture himself.
After Leone begged Wallach to play the part, he dropped out of the other project and told Leone he would do his film.
In October, 2010, the Bunce Island Coalition ( US ) and its partner organization, the Bunce Island Coalition ( SL ), announced the start of the Bunce Island preservation project, a five-year, $ 5 million effort to preserve the ruins of the castle and to build a museum in Freeetown, Sierra Leone's capital city, devoted to the history of Bunce Island and the impact of the Atlantic slave trade in Sierra Leone.
The project grew into a serious band which took the name Dead Brain Cells among three suggestions by Leone, the others being " The Mental Pukes " and " The Retarded Assholes ".

Leone and favor
In the early 1960s, historical epics fell out of favor with audiences, but Leone had shifted his attention to a sub-genre which came to be known as the " Spaghetti Western ", owing its origin to the American Western.
Leone turned down the opportunity to direct The Godfather, in favor of working on another gangster story he had conceived earlier.
In Sierra Leone, however, the government capitulated to international pressure to have EO withdraw in favor of an ineffective peacekeeping force, allowing the RUF to rebuild and sack the capital in Operation No Living Thing.
Toni Cipriani is fresh back in the city after lying low for several years, having killed a made man as a favor for Don Salvatore Leone.

Leone and Mary
* Mary Kingsley lands in Sierra Leone on the first of her journeys through Africa in the interests of anthropology and natural history.
Mary landed in Sierra Leone on 17 August 1893 and pressed on into Luanda in Angola.

Leone and though
One of these films was My Name is Nobody ( 1973 ) by Tonino Valerii ( though true participation of Leone in shooting is disputed ), a comedy western film that poked fun at the spaghetti western genre.
Jonathan Rosenbaum from the Chicago Reader observed that " Raimi tries to do a Sergio Leone, and though The Quick and the Dead is highly enjoyable in spots, it doesn't come across as very convincing.
The Creoles play a leading role in the city, even though they are a minority of the overall Sierra Leone population.
Air Rum was an airline registered in Sierra Leone, though based in Amman, Jordan, which operated leasing and charter flights out Queen Alia International Airport, Amman.
By 1991, Sierra Leone was ranked as one of the poorest countries in the world, even though it benefited from ample natural resources including diamonds, gold, bauxite, rutile, iron ore, fish, coffee, and cocoa.

Leone and Donati
The film's script was written by Leone and his longtime friend and collaborator Sergio Donati, from a story by Bernardo Bertolucci and Dario Argento, both of whom went on to have significant careers as directors.
In 1987, Sergio Leone contacted his old collaborators Sergio Donati and Fulvio Morsella, pitching an idea for a TV miniseries about a Colt revolver that passed from owner to owner throughout the Old West, similar to Anthony Mann's film Winchester ' 73 ( 1950 ).
Donati indicated that Leone was interested in a more revisionist take on the genre than his earlier works, wanting to show the Old West " like it really was.
The screenplay was written by Leone and Sergio Donati, from a story devised by Leone, Bernardo Bertolucci, and Dario Argento.
During production, Leone recruited Donati to rewrite the script due to concerns over time limitations.

Leone and wrote
Of course filmmakers also tried to emulate the Leone cinematography ( at least the close-ups ) and most important of all, if Ennio Morricone couldn't compose the music for the film himself, composers like Luis Enrique Bacalov, Francesco Di Masi, Bruno Nicolai, Carlo Savina and others wrote something similar.
Rabbi Leone di Modena wrote that if we were to accept the Kabbalah, then the Christian trinity would indeed be compatible with Judaism, as the Trinity closely resembles the Kabbalistic doctrine of the Sefirot.
After seeing the film, director Sergio Leone wrote a letter to Deodato, which stated, " Dear Ruggero, what a movie!
He wrote two reports-“ The Forgotten Crisis ” ( April 1999 ) and “ Sierra Leone: Danger and Opportunity in a Regional Conflict ” ( July 2001 ).
" A woman with long thick hair demonstrated the life force, the multiplying power of profusion, prosperity ... a green thumb for raising bountiful farms and many healthy children ", wrote Sylvia Ardyn Boone, an anthropologist specializing in the Mende culture of Sierra Leone.
John Podesta and Richard C. Leone wrote that Bolton's comment " distorted Mr. Malloch Brown ’ s remarks by calling them an attack on ' the American people ', and ... by conflating Rush Limbaugh and Fox News with the American people.
Leone Battista Alberti, the learned Greek and Latin scholar, wrote in the vernacular, and Vespasiano da Bisticci, while he was constantly absorbed in Greek and Latin manuscripts, wrote the Vite di uomini illustri, valuable for their historical contents, and rivalling the best works of the 14th century in their candour and simplicity.
Leonardo da Vinci wrote a treatise on painting, Leone Battista Alberti one on sculpture and architecture.
The great architect and polymath Leone Battista Alberti wrote ( De architectura ) that " the art of building ... in Italy achieved perfect maturity ", that the Romans had " created such a perfect art of building that there was in it nothing mysterious, hidden or unclear.

Leone and treatment
However unfair treatment and harsh conditions caused about one-third of the Black Loyalists to resettle in Sierra Leone in 1792 where they founded Freetown and became known in Africa as the Nova Scotian Settlers.
A treatment for an " Americanized " western was written by Leone, Luca Morsella, and Fabio Toncelli.

Leone and remained
Leone then called to apologize to Wallach, who remained dumbstruck on the other end of the line.
Export slavery remained a major business in Sierra Leone from the late 15th century to the mid 19th century.
This pattern of activity became permanent: even after the Mane had blended with the indigenous population — a process which was completed in the early 17th century — the various kingdoms in Sierra Leone remained in a fairly continual state of flux and conflict.
On August 24, 1792, the Black Poor or Old Settlers of the second Granville Town were incorporated into the new Sierra Leone Colony but remained at Granville Town.
The Kamajors, a group of traditional fighters mostly from the Mende ethnic group under the command of deputy Defence Minister Samuel Hinga Norman, remained loyal to President Kabbah and defended the Southern part Sierra Leone from the soldiers.
Some UN peacekeepers remained to assist the Sierra Leone government until the end of 2005.
The RSLMF remained a single service organisation until 1979 when the Sierra Leone Navy was established.
It then remained largely unchanged for 16 years until in 1995 when Defence Headquarters ( DHQ ) was established and the Sierra Leone Air Wing ( SLAW ) formed.
On August 24, 1792, the Black Poor or Old Settlers of the second Granville Town were incorporated into the new Sierra Leone Colony but remained at Granville Town. Post of the Month: FreetownThe colony of Freetown in 1856 It survived being pillaged by the French in 1794, and was rebuilt by the Nova Scotian settlers.
The British forts and Sierra Leone remained under common administration for the first half of the century.
Notwithstanding repeated violations by the RUF, the document, known as the Lomé Peace Agreement, remained the cornerstone of sustainable peace, security, justice and national reconciliation in Sierra Leone.
In 1903, the British forced a concession of Liberian territory to Sierra Leone, but tension along that border remained high.

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