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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 141
from Brown Corpus
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Less and than
Less assured than the tall, wide-shouldered man in the lead, Cobb followed alertly, a hand on his gun butt.
Less than half the sum has been spent, since the Interama board pinched pennies during that period of painstaking negotiations.
Less than 60-1, but at least 6-1.
Less than three hours ago we'd decided, in Maxine Wells's pad on Cosmo, to commit a trial murder.
Less than 35 minutes into the flight, the hijackers stormed the cockpit and forced the passengers, crew, and pilots to the rear of the aircraft.
Less than 20 miles downstream from the dam sat the city of Johnstown.
Less than a year after retiring as a player, the Blues retired number 24 in his honor on March 16, 1992.
Less than a week after the government report, a boy was walking by the River Fowey when he discovered a large cat skull.
Less than a month after his controversial instruction to the unit, Smyth was shot dead by an IRA party led by Dan " Sandow " O ' Donovan.
Less than a month later, on September 11, 1973, the Chilean military deposed Allende, who shot himself in the head to avoid capture as the Presidential Palace was surrounded and bombed.
Less than a year after Havana was seized, the Peace of Paris was signed by the three warring powers, ending the Seven Years ' War.
Less than 1 % of all runway models are known to make more than $ 1000 dollars USD for every fashion showcase.
Less than one-quarter of them were regicides.
Less than 0. 1 % of an oral dose is eliminated unchanged in the 24 hour urine of humans.
Less than a week after the Westminster convention ended, while Allen and the committee worked on their petition, the American Revolutionary War began.
Less than one-half of Ethiopia ’ s towns and cities are connected to the national grid.
Less than a hundred years later, Aristotle developed an almost " biological ' theory of the development of tragedy in Athens: according to this view, the art form grew under the influence of Aeschylus, matured in the hands of Sophocles then began its precipitous decline with Euripides.
* Full Truckload, a standard logistics / transportation term: See Less than truckload
Less than 10 % of the formal labor force and less than 7 % of export revenue come from the agriculture sector.
Less than two years after its U. S release, King Kong vs. Godzilla was paid homage to by DC Comics, where the King Kong-like Titano battles the Godzilla-like Flame Dragon on the set of a monster movie.
Less than 10 % are Christians, mostly Roman Catholics.

Less and Hamilton
* Less Browne – player ( DB ), 2002 ( Hamilton Tiger-Cats 1984 – 88 ; Winnipeg Blue Bombers 1989 – 91 ; Ottawa Rough Riders 1992 ; BC Lions 1993 – 94 ).

Less and less
Less expensive student bows may be constructed of solid fiberglass, or of less valuable varieties of brazilwood.
* Less pain, leading to less pain medication needed.
Modernist Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is associated with the phrase " less is more "; in contrast Venturi famously said, " Less is a bore.
* Spam Less Sodium – " 25 % less sodium "
Less rain falls from April to August although no month receives less than.
Less information is available about the education of Spartan girls, but they seem to have gone through a fairly extensive formal educational cycle, broadly similar to that of the boys but with less emphasis on military training.
Less favored areas with a shorter growing season and less access to water rights tend to be devoted to alfalfa and grazing.
Less water means less gas ( steam ) to vent from the mold as metal is poured into the mold.
For large shipments even if less than a full truckload ( Less than truckload ) a truck is more appropriate.
Less pigmented by retinal iodopsins ( three forms / colors in humans ), responsible for color vision and sensing relatively high light intensities ( day vision ), are less impaired at early stages of the vitamin A deficiency.
Less extreme examples of much less restrictive peering requirements being set for regions in which a network peers, but does not sell services or have a significant market share, are relatively common among many networks, not just regional tier 1 networks.
Less well understood than her sister Isis, Nephthys was no less important in Egyptian Religion as confirmed by the work of E. Hornung, along with the work of several noted scholars.
* Less frequent flights: for instance, if two airlines separately fly three and two times a day respectively on a shared route, their alliance might fly less than 5 ( 3 + 2 ) times a day on the same route.
Less known, but no less incisive in their creative development is their intense engagement in stage design for opera, ballet and theatre: since 1988, the Quays have created sets and projections for performing arts productions on international stages.
Less drastic but no less apparently fatal, the fox in The Golden Bird, the foals in The Seven Foals, and the cats in Lord Peter and The White Cat tell the heroes of those stories to cut off their heads ; this restores them to human shape.
Less sophisticated ( and much less expensive ) spark gaps are made using modified ceramic capacitors ; in these devices, the spark gap is simply an air gap sawn between the two lead wires that connect the capacitor to the circuit.
Less successful have been his short-lived spells as manager of Bradford City and Sheffield United, the former lasting barely six months and ending in relegation from what is now the Football League Championship, and the latter lasting less than a year and seeing his expensively-assembled side fail to challenge for promotion to the Premier League.
Less blood volume in the cranial cavity results in less pressure compressing the brain.
* Less than 3m in length ( sometimes less than 8 ', 2. 440m ).
The Part-time Workers ( Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment ) Regulations 2000 state that part-time workers cannot, without objective justification, be treated less favourably than a comparable full-time worker.
Less discriminating items provide less information but over a wider range.
Less rain falls from April to August although no month receives less than an average of.
Less favorable reviews criticized the cliche plot, character voices and less than crisp artwork.

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