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Less and than
Less assured than the tall, wide-shouldered man in the lead, Cobb followed alertly, a hand on his gun butt.
Less dazzling than Hamilton, less eloquent than Jefferson, John Jay commands an equally high rank among the Founding Fathers.
Less than half the sum has been spent, since the Interama board pinched pennies during that period of painstaking negotiations.
Less than 60-1, but at least 6-1.
Less than three hours ago we'd decided, in Maxine Wells's pad on Cosmo, to commit a trial murder.
Less than 35 minutes into the flight, the hijackers stormed the cockpit and forced the passengers, crew, and pilots to the rear of the aircraft.
Less than 20 miles downstream from the dam sat the city of Johnstown.
Less than a year after retiring as a player, the Blues retired number 24 in his honor on March 16, 1992.
Less than a week after the government report, a boy was walking by the River Fowey when he discovered a large cat skull.
Less than a month after his controversial instruction to the unit, Smyth was shot dead by an IRA party led by Dan " Sandow " O ' Donovan.
Less than a month later, on September 11, 1973, the Chilean military deposed Allende, who shot himself in the head to avoid capture as the Presidential Palace was surrounded and bombed.
Less than a year after Havana was seized, the Peace of Paris was signed by the three warring powers, ending the Seven Years ' War.
Less than 1 % of all runway models are known to make more than $ 1000 dollars USD for every fashion showcase.
Less than one-quarter of them were regicides.
Less than 0. 1 % of an oral dose is eliminated unchanged in the 24 hour urine of humans.
Less than a week after the Westminster convention ended, while Allen and the committee worked on their petition, the American Revolutionary War began.
Less than one-half of Ethiopia ’ s towns and cities are connected to the national grid.
* Full Truckload, a standard logistics / transportation term: See Less than truckload
Less than 10 % of the formal labor force and less than 7 % of export revenue come from the agriculture sector.
Less than two years after its U. S release, King Kong vs. Godzilla was paid homage to by DC Comics, where the King Kong-like Titano battles the Godzilla-like Flame Dragon on the set of a monster movie.
Less than 10 % are Christians, mostly Roman Catholics.

Less and hundred
Less than a few hundred of such kidney donations have been performed.
Less than two hundred thousand rockets and seven hundred launchers were built during the war.
Less than one hundred people lived in this quiet community.
Less than hundred meters away from here the City Gallery can be found, where from time to time periodical exhibition of the Gallery the aquarelles of the painter-artist of Csongrád, János Piroska representing the brilliant technique of color-runout as light as air are shown.
Less than 100 Republican soldiers escaped, several hundred were captured, and the remainder killed.
Less than 200 battle deaths: fewer than a hundred.

Less and years
Less than three years ago, the nation ’ s tourism budget was U. S. $ 400, 000 ; today, it is over $ 2 million.
Less than twenty years after the last vestiges of Paganism were crushed with great severity by the emperor Theodosius I Rome was seized by Alaric in 410.
Less than 20 years later, Europeans came to Australia and began creating pottery.
Less than two years after becoming king, William II lost his father William I's advisor and confidant, the Italian-Norman Lanfranc, Archbishop of Canterbury.
Less than two years later on the infamous Black Wednesday of September 1992, the pound sterling crashed out of the system after the pound fell below the agreed exchange rate with the Deutsche Mark.
Less than forty years later, nearly one-third were in an adoptive home.
Less than two years after the Watergate scandal, Hoffman and Robert Redford starred as Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, respectively, in All the President's Men ( 1976 ).
Less than three years later, Henry was in command of part of the English forces — he led his own army into Wales against Owain Glyndŵr and joined forces with his father to fight Harry Hotspur at Shrewsbury in 1403.
Less than a year later, Emperor Francis married his cousin Maria Ludovika Beatrix of Austria-Este, who was four years older than Marie Louise.
The Sequences on Less Wrong, comprising over two years of blog posts on epistemology, Artificial Intelligence, and metaethics, form the single largest bulk of Yudkowsky's writing.
After the extinction of the main line, much of their extensive territory in the Breisgau and modern-day Switzerland returned to the crown, except for their allodial titles, which were divided between the Counts of Urach ( who subsequent called themselves " Counts of Freiburg ") and the Counts of Kyburg, both of whom had married sisters of Berthold V. Less than fifty years later, the Kyburgs died out and large portions of their domains were inherited by the House of Habsburg.
Less than two years later, on April 21, 1865, Lincoln's funeral train also passed through Cockeysville on its way from Washington, D. C., to his final resting place at Springfield, Illinois.
Less than fifty years later, Pike's island 72 was selected by Captain Orrin Smith as a townsite on the west bank of the Mississippi River.
Less than two years later in November 2002, a tornado hit Columbus and caused more damage to the city, including the Mississippi University for Women.
Less than twenty years after it was built, the original light succumbed to erosion as it had been built too close to the water.
Less than 30 years ago, there were fewer than half a dozen homes on the entire hill.
Less than a year after Black Flag broke up, Rollins returned to music with guitarist Chris Haskett ( a friend from Rollins ' teen years in Washington D. C .), bass guitarist Bernie Wandel, and drummer Mick Green.
Less than thirty years later in 1913 Harold Murray in his History of Chess estimated there existed at least 1, 000 chess columns worldwide.
Less than two years later, on 2 March 1962, Ne Win again seized power in a coup d ' état.
Less than two years after breaking ground, Kings Island opened its gates to the public on April 29, 1972.
Less than two years later, in 1775, his first play, The Rivals, was produced at London's Covent Garden Theatre.
Less than a year after he and Mayer took charge of the newly-created MGM studios, and still only twenty-five years old, Thalberg suffered a serious heart attack due to overwork.
Less than three years after leaving Hollywood, he journeyed to his mother's home in Harrogate, Yorkshire at a time of family grief following the death of his brother.

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