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Less and than
Less assured than the tall, wide-shouldered man in the lead, Cobb followed alertly, a hand on his gun butt.
Less dazzling than Hamilton, less eloquent than Jefferson, John Jay commands an equally high rank among the Founding Fathers.
Less than half the sum has been spent, since the Interama board pinched pennies during that period of painstaking negotiations.
Less than 60-1, but at least 6-1.
Less than three hours ago we'd decided, in Maxine Wells's pad on Cosmo, to commit a trial murder.
Less than 35 minutes into the flight, the hijackers stormed the cockpit and forced the passengers, crew, and pilots to the rear of the aircraft.
Less than 20 miles downstream from the dam sat the city of Johnstown.
Less than a year after retiring as a player, the Blues retired number 24 in his honor on March 16, 1992.
Less than a week after the government report, a boy was walking by the River Fowey when he discovered a large cat skull.
Less than a month after his controversial instruction to the unit, Smyth was shot dead by an IRA party led by Dan " Sandow " O ' Donovan.
Less than a month later, on September 11, 1973, the Chilean military deposed Allende, who shot himself in the head to avoid capture as the Presidential Palace was surrounded and bombed.
Less than a year after Havana was seized, the Peace of Paris was signed by the three warring powers, ending the Seven Years ' War.
Less than 1 % of all runway models are known to make more than $ 1000 dollars USD for every fashion showcase.
Less than one-quarter of them were regicides.
Less than 0. 1 % of an oral dose is eliminated unchanged in the 24 hour urine of humans.
Less than a week after the Westminster convention ended, while Allen and the committee worked on their petition, the American Revolutionary War began.
Less than a hundred years later, Aristotle developed an almost " biological ' theory of the development of tragedy in Athens: according to this view, the art form grew under the influence of Aeschylus, matured in the hands of Sophocles then began its precipitous decline with Euripides.
* Full Truckload, a standard logistics / transportation term: See Less than truckload
Less than 10 % of the formal labor force and less than 7 % of export revenue come from the agriculture sector.
Less than two years after its U. S release, King Kong vs. Godzilla was paid homage to by DC Comics, where the King Kong-like Titano battles the Godzilla-like Flame Dragon on the set of a monster movie.
Less than 10 % are Christians, mostly Roman Catholics.

Less and one-half
Less than one-half mile ( 800 m ) away from the water, days can be warmer and nights cooler by several degrees.

Less and Ethiopia
He crossed the sea on Michaelmas Day 1322 ; had traversed by way of Turkey ( Asia Minor ), Armenia the Little ( Cilicia ) and the Great, Tartary, Persia, Syria, Arabia, Egypt upper and lower, Libya, great part of Ethiopia, Chaldea, Amazonia, India the Less, the Greater and the Middle, and many countries about India ; had often been to Jerusalem, and had written in Romance as more generally understood than Latin.

Less and
Less than three years ago, the nation s tourism budget was U. S. $ 400, 000 ; today, it is over $ 2 million.
" Less openly, Hoover decided to interpret Labor s agreement to act against the Communist Party to include a different organization, the Communist Labor Party.
The visual simplicity and conceptual clarity that were the hallmarks of Modernism as an artistic movement formed a powerful toolset for a new generation of graphic designers whose logos embodied Ludwig Mies van der Rohe s dictum, " Less is more.
Less successfully, Stanley s brother William unwisely supported the later pretender Perkin Warbeck, and was, at last, executed for treason in 1495.
Less than a day s trip away from Philadelphia and attracted by the country, more and more inns and restaurants sprang up.
Less than a year later Colonel Baker s career in the British army came to an untimely end.
" Less than 1 hour from Montréal, in Canada s beautiful Québec, sits one of the most amazing paintball sites in the world.
Less than four months after her death, Joan s father, Edward I died.
Less than 24 hours later, a C-130H landed at the air base with members of Louisiana s 159th Fighter Wing.
Less than a month after Adolf Hitler s appointment as chancellor in 1933, the Reichstag Fire Decree invoked Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution, suspending several constitutional protections on civil rights.
* Jane Brierley, Memoirs of a Less Travelled Road: A Historian s Life
Less capable of fulfillment was Amir Kabir s desire to prohibit the taziyeh, the Shiʿite “ passion play ” enacted in Moharram, as well as the public self-flagellation that took place during the mourning season.
Less than half ( 45 %) of adults believe in Darwin s theory of evolution but this is more than the 40 % who believe in creationism .....
Less than a year from his military coup, Sidqi s death emphasizes the need for a political and military stronghold in Iraq.
* New York Times: More Sex, Less ‘ Joy
Less than two years after his election victory, Nu was overthrown by a coup d état led by General Ne Win on 2 March 1962.
During the recording sessions, Hannah stated that to his ears the record " resemble a nuclear-powered space-age composite of Potemkin City Limits, Less Talk More Rock, Giant Son s Anthology and a carefully measured dose of Today s Empires Tomorrow s Ashes ".
Less than one year after announcing the 7 series 28 nm FPGAs, Xilinx shipped the world s first 28 nm FPGA device, the Kintex-7, making this the programmable market s fastest product rollout.
Dilnot was the presenter of BBC Radio 4 s series on the beauty of numbers, More or Less.
Less than three months elapsed between the discovery of Emily Mather s body in Windsor, Melbourne, in March 1892, and Deeming s execution at the Old Melbourne Gaol for her murder in May 1892 ; a remarkably short time by comparison to modern western legal standards.

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