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from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Let and every
Let evildoers contemplate their ways, and let every man beware ''!!
Let us take a set of circumstances in which I happen to be interested on the legislative side and in which I think every one of us might naturally make such a statement.
For those who put their trust in Him He still says every day again: `` Let there be light ''!!
Let A be a complex unital Banach algebra in which every non-zero element x is invertible ( a division algebra ).
Let A be a unital commutative Banach algebra over C. Since A is then a commutative ring with unit, every non-invertible element of A belongs to some maximal ideal of A.
Let be the product of every modulus then define
Let us call the class of all such formulas R. We are faced with proving that every formula in R is either refutable or satisfiable.
states Isaac's blessing: " Therefore God give thee of the dew of heavens, and the fatness of the earth, and plenty of corn and wine: Let people serve thee: be lord over thy brethren, and let thy mother's sons bow down to thee: cursed be every one that curseth thee, and blessed be he that blesseth thee.
Let φ be a net on X based on the directed set D and let A be a subset of X, then φ is said to be frequently in ( or cofinally in ) A if for every α in D there exists some β ≥ α, β in D, so that φ ( β ) is in A.
Let be the space of real-valued continuous functions on X which vanish at infinity ; that is, a continuous function f is in if, for every, there exists a compact set such that on
Let F: J → C be a diagram of type J in a category C. A cone to F is an object N of C together with a family ψ < sub > X </ sub >: N → F ( X ) of morphisms indexed by the objects of J, such that for every morphism f: X → Y in J, we have F ( f ) o ψ < sub > X </ sub >
" His comment was: " Let every sheep keep its own skin ", a reference to the tradition of diplomas being written on sheepskin vellum.
Beginning with From Russia with Love in 1963, Llewelyn appeared as Q, the quartermaster of the MI6 gadget lab ( also known as Q branch ), in almost every Bond film until his death ( 17 ), only missing appearances in Live and Let Die in 1973, and Never Say Never Again, the latter of which is not part of the official James Bond film series.
Let a power be given to the Secretary to establish and maintain free schools in every city, village and township in the United States ; ... Let the youth of our country be instructed in reading, writing, and arithmetic, and in the doctrines of a religion of some kind ; the Christian religion should be preferred to all others ; for it belongs to this religion exclusively to teach us not only to cultivate peace with all men, but to forgive — nay more, to love our very enemies ....< p >
Let every family be furnished at public expense, by the Secretary of this office, with an American edition of the Bible ....< p >
Let the following sentence be inscribed in letters of gold over the door of every home in the United States: The Son of Man Came into the World, Not To Destroy Men's Lives, But To Save Them .< p >
: Let every tongue awake ;
Let there be a set of differentiable fields φ defined over all space and time ; for example, the temperature T ( x, t ) would be representative of such a field, being a number defined at every place and time.
Let every man honor and love the land of his birth and the race from which he springs and keep their memory green.
Let me not be misunderstood: richly as the valleys wave with corn, and beautiful as is the general aspect of modern Palestine, vestiges of the ancient cultivation are every where visible ... proofs far more than sufficient that the land still enjoys her Sabbaths, and only waits the return of her banished children, and the application of industry commensurate with her agricultural capabilities, to burst once more into universal luxuriance — all that she ever was in the days of Solomon.
Let U be an open set in R < sup > n </ sup > and φ: U → R < sup > n </ sup > an injective differentiable function with continuous partial derivatives, the Jacobian of which is nonzero for every x in U. Then for any real-valued, compactly supported, continuous function f, with support contained in φ ( U ),
Let U be a measurable subset of R < sup > n </ sup > and φ: U → R < sup > n </ sup > an injective function, and suppose for every x in U there exists < span > φ '</ span >( x ) in R < sup > n, n </ sup > such that φ ( y ) = φ ( x ) + < span > φ '</ span >( x ) ( y − x ) + o (|| y − x ||) as y → x.
With Davis ' approval, Benjamin proclaimed, " Let us say to every Negro who wishes to go into the ranks, ' Go and fight — you are free.

Let and policeman
The incident was dramatized in the film Let Him Have It, which is what Bentley allegedly said to Craig during the incident, which can be interpreted either as telling Craig to shoot the policeman, or to give him the gun.

Let and park
Let the Memories Begin marketing campaign begins, using new enhanced video projection technology to project images of park guests on Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, and on " it's a small world " at Disneyland Park.

Let and guard
Let them guard the door ".
In reference to Lucas, his three Ohio commissioners and their guard, Mason wrote, " Let him get on our soil, arrest him, strike the blood at once, disgrace him and his state, and end the controversy.
*" Let us guard against the insidious encroachments of innovation, that evil and beguiling spirit which is now stalking to and fro through the earth seeking whom he may destroy.
After a change of guard at Hollywood Records, the Minus 5 found themselves releasing music via independent channels, with the Return to Sender label releasing a collection of outtakes from Let the War Against Music Begin called I Don't Know Who I Am before McCaughey signed the band to the Yep Roc label for his collaboration with Wilco, Down With Wilco.
Let ' em laugh at what they always laugh at, then catch them off guard, which is what I do in all my films.

Let and keep
Let Mullins keep the firm seat ; ;
The Beatles ' 1968 track " Back in the U. S. S. R " references the instrument in its final verse (" Let me hear your balalaikas ringing out / Come and keep your comrade warm ").
Pseudo-Ignatius amplified this point by combining weekly observance of spiritual seventh-day Sabbath with the Lord's assembly: " Let us therefore no longer keep the Sabbath after the Jewish manner, and rejoice in days of idleness ....
: Let us keep to the same will,
* Let them keep their own orders but install a puppet regime.
*" Let us keep the figure of the Five-pointed Star always upright, with the topmost triangle pointing to heaven, for it is the seat of wisdom, and if the figure is reversed, perversion and evil will be the result.
This original anthem made no reference to the name of Argentina or an independentist will, and talked instead about Spain being conquered by France in the Peninsular War, the absolutist restauration began by the Council of Regency, and the need to keep the republican freedoms achieved so far in the Americas: " Spain was victim / of the plotting Gaul / because to the tyrants / she bent her neck / If there treachery / has doomed a thousands cities / let sacred freedom and union reign here / Let the father to the sons / be able to say / enjoy rights / that I did not enjoy ".
Let others keep their reputation ... you keep their latinum.
Let there be N individuals, and to keep this calculation simple, let the individuals be haploid ( i. e. have one copy of each gene ).
While discussing proposed healthcare reform on the December 17, 2009, edition of Hardball, Matthews stated, " The Republicans will know they have lost .... Let them keep score and it's easy.
Let us as a Rainbow nation keep this in focus and move forward .!
He lived long enough to say, " Let me lie here-to keep the ford until Éomer comes.
Let us keep the stars and strips forever!
Let us keep them strong with firm endeavor!
Let us keep our honor, justice, faith, and courage, ringing through this happy land.
Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.
But they fear not the Hereafter, Nay, this surely is an admonition: Let any who will, keep it in remembrance!
Let ’ s keep them working and hopefully all the rest of us will be able to see .”
Another feature unique to this Liturgy is that the usual Cherubic Hymn is replaced by that from the Liturgy of St. James, " Let all mortal flesh keep silence ".
In “ Let us beat up the poor ,” Baudelaire makes up a parable about economic and social equality: no one is entitled to it ; it belongs to those who can win it and keep it.
Let ’ s keep the doors open.

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