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Lexicographer and English
Lexicographer Jesse Sheidlower, the principal American editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, argues that the terms hipster and hippie derive from the word hip, whose origins are unknown.

Lexicographer and .
Lexicographer Grant Barrett nominated the term for the American Dialect Society's 2006 Word of the Year.
Riddall notes that it may have a racist connotation, as it was used in this way in 1859 in the United Kingdom: " If you dare work we shall consider you as blacks ..." Lexicographer Geoffrey Hughes, however, notes that " blackleg " and " scab " are both references to disease, as in the blackleg infectious bacterial disease of sheep and cattle caused by Clostridium chauvoei.

Edwin and Radford
Artists included Alexander Kipnis ( III, IV, V ); Herbert Janssen ( II, V ); Gerhard Hüsch ( II, III, IV, V ); John McCormack ( accompanied by Edwin Schneider ) ( II ); Alexandre Trianti ( II, III ); Ria Ginster ( IV, V ); Friedrich Schorr ( II ); Elisabeth Rethberg ( IV, V ); Tiana Lemnitz Each volume was accompanied by a booklet containing a short essay by Ernest Newman ( I: Words and Music in Hugo Wolf, II: Wolf's Goethe Songs, III: A Note of Wolf as Craftsman, IV: The Italienisches Liederbuch ) together with German texts, English translations ( by Winifred Radford ) and notes on each song ( by Newman ).
* Radford, Edwin ; Hole, Christina ; and Radford, M. A.

Edwin and 1974
Edwin " Ed " Meese, III ( born December 2, 1931 ) is an attorney, law professor, and author who served in official capacities within the Ronald Reagan Gubernatorial Administration ( 1967 – 1974 ), the Reagan Presidential Transition Team ( 1980 ), and the Reagan White House ( 1981 – 1985 ), eventually rising to hold the position of the 75th Attorney General of the United States ( 1985 – 1988 ).
Its application to 3D graphics was pioneered by Dr Edwin Catmull in his Ph. D. thesis of 1974.
The invention of the z-buffer concept is most often attributed to Edwin Catmull, although Wolfgang Straßer also described this idea in his 1974 Ph. D. thesis < sup id =" fn_1_back "> 1 </ sup >.
* 1974: Edwin A. Roberts Jr., National Observer, " for his commentary on public affairs during 1973.
* Edwin M. Lee ( 1974 ), Mayor of San Francisco
In more recent times David Hope ( Principal from 1974 – 1982 ) went on to become Bishop of Wakefield, Bishop of London and later Archbishop of York ; David Thomas ( Vice-Principal from 1975 – 79 and Principal from 1982 – 87 ) continues to serve as Provincial Assistant Bishop to the Church in Wales ; Edwin Barnes ( Principal from 1987 – 1995 ) became Bishop of Richborough ; Andrew Burnham ( Vice-Principal from 1995 – 2000 ) was the Bishop of Ebbsfleet before resigning from the Church of England in 2010.
Edwin Jacob " Jake " Garn ( born October 12, 1932 ) is an American politician, a member of the Republican Party, and served as a U. S. Senator representing Utah from 1974 to 1993.
* 1974 Edwin M. Kellogg
Mills Edwin Godwin, Jr. ( November 19, 1914January 30, 1999 ) of Chuckatuck, Virginia, was an American politician who was the 60th and 62nd Governor of Virginia for two non-consecutive terms, from 1966 to 1970 and from 1974 to 1978.
In 1974, NYIT ’ s Computer Graphics Lab ( CGL ) was established and attracted the likes of: Pixar Animation Studios President Edwin Catmull and co-founder Alvy Ray Smith ; Walt Disney Feature Animation Chief Scientist Lance Joseph Williams ; Dreamworks animator Hank Grebe ; and Netscape and Silicon Graphics founder Jim Clark.
In 1974, she married David Birney and had three children — Kathleen Jeanne (" Kate "; born December 5, 1974 ) and twins, Mollie Elizabeth and Peter David Edwin ( born October 2, 1984 ).
* Walter Edwin Gilbert ( 1974 )
* Mills, Edwin S. Sensitivity Analysis of Congestion and Structure in an Efficient Urban Environment, in Transport and Urban Environment, J. Rothenberg and I. Heggie ( eds ), Wiley, 1974
Precursor work in texture mapping had been established by Edwin Catmull, with refinements for curved surfaces by James Blinn, in 1974.
* Edwin Neal, an American actor, best known for his role in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre ( 1974 );
* 1974 Edwin H. Land
Edwin Moliki Mulitalo (; born September 1, 1974 in Daly City, California ) is an American football guard who is currently a free agent.

Edwin and attributes
Rittenberg attributes his survival in solitary confinement to a poem by Edwin Markham:

Edwin and current
In 1879, Edwin Herbert Hall working at the Johns Hopkins University discovered the development of a voltage across conductors transverse to an electric current in the conductor and magnetic field perpendicular to the current.
Since the early twentieth century when astronomer Edwin Hubble first hypothesized that redshift shows the universe is expanding, prevailing scientific opinion has been that the current state of the universe is the result of a process described by the Big Bang.
Edwin applied for a transfer to Springfield, Missouri, in 1915 but the current claims officer reconsidered his retirement and demanded his job back, leaving the elder Earhart with nowhere to go.
Persichilli's current term ends December 31, 2011., members of the Borough Council are Council President Edwin " Weed " Tucker ( D, 2011 ), Alyce McClurg Doldy ( D, 2013 ), Glen Griffiths ( D, 2011 ), Eileen Heinzel ( D, 2012 ), Joseph Lawver ( D, 2012 ) and Thomas Ogren ( D, 2013 ).
Edwin Earl Catmull, Ph. D. ( born March 31, 1945 ) is a computer scientist and current president of Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios.
The current mayor of Camuy is Edwin García Feliciano, of the New Progressive Party ( PNP ).
The current Mayor is Edwin Castellanos of the Movement Towards Socialism.
The current bishop is the Right Reverend Edwin Regan, the 2nd Bishop of Wrexham.
Edwin D. Fuller is the current President and Managing Director of International Lodging for Marriott International.
Beginning with the inauguration of the current president, Dr. Edwin H. Welch, the school has undergone a physical and academic transformation.
* The current editor is Edwin A. Finn Jr., and the newspaper has over 40 news department personnel.
Taylor Edwin Hackford ( born December 31, 1944 ) is an American film director, and the current president of the Directors Guild of America.
Jerry Edwin Abramson ( born September 12, 1946 ) is a Democratic politician who is the 55th and current Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky.
Leslie Edwin " Les " Miles, nicknamed " The Mad Hatter ", ( born November 10, 1953 ) is an American college football coach and the current head coach of the LSU football team.
All members of the current SFMTA Board were initially appointed by Mayor Gavin Newsom except for Directors Joél Ramos and Cristina Rubke, initially appointed by Mayor Edwin Lee.
Spin was in short supply apart from the steady work of Edwin Smith and the underrated allrounder Geoff Miller, the current National selector of the England team and noted after-dinner speaker. The signing of Eddie Barlow, the famous South African in 1976 and the lengthy period under the captaincy of Kim Barnett starting in 1983, meant the side were rarely uncompetitive.
The Director of the library is Edwin S. Clay III, who has served in his current position for more than twenty-five years.
The current school site in the Victorian quarter of Abingdon, adjacent to Albert Park, was designed by Edwin Dolby and was developed from 1870.
Douglas ' other recordings included " Headline News "-a minor Edwin Starr hit from 1966 written by " Doctor's Orders " co-writer Roger Greenaway remade by the latter track's originator Sunny -, and in the tradition of " Doctor's Orders " Douglas cut discofied covers of several songs which were current or recent hits in the UK including ABBA's " Dancing Queen ", " I Wanna Stay With You " by Gallagher and Lyle and " So You Win Again " by Hot Chocolate.
* Edwin Harrison, current CFL offensive lineman for the Calgary Stampeders
The current line up features Ian on vocals, Brendan Phipps on keyboard, Tim Love on guitar, Edwin Pearson on bass, Duraid Alkazraji on drums and Mike Brown on saxophone.
The current Director of FoE ( HK ) is Mr Edwin Lau.

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