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Lift and Every
* Lift Every Voice ( Blue Note, 1969 )
Every summer, the cities of Hancock and neighboring Houghton host a festival known as " Bridgefest ," to commemorate the building of the Portage Lake Lift Bridge.
* Lift Every Voice: Turning a Civil Rights Setback into a New Vision of Social Justice ( Simon and Schuster: 1998 )
From this point on he was credited as both screenwriter and director for most of his films, including The Shocking Miss Pilgrim, Miracle on 34th Street, Apartment for Peggy, Chicken Every Sunday, The Big Lift, For Heaven's Sake, Little Boy Lost, The Country Girl, and The Proud and Profane.
" Lift Every Voice and Sing " — often called " The Negro National Hymn ", " The Negro National Anthem ", " The Black National Anthem ", or " The African-American National Anthem "— is a song written as a poem by James Weldon Johnson ( 1871 – 1938 ) and set to music by his brother John Rosamond Johnson ( 1873 – 1954 ) in 1900.
" By the 1920s, copies of " Lift Every Voice and Sing " could be found in black churches across the country, often pasted into the hymnals.
In 2008, jazz singer Rene Marie was asked to perform the national anthem " National Anthem " at a civic event in Denver, Colorado, where she caused a controversy by substituting the words of " Lift Every Voice and Sing " in the song.
This arrangement of the words of " Lift Every Voice and Sing " with the melody of " The Star Spangled Banner " became part of the titular suite on her 2011 CD release, " The Voice of My Beautiful Country ".
* Lift Every Voice and Sing: A Celebration of the Negro National Anthem, edited by Julian Bond and Sondra Kathryn Wilson
* Video of singing " Lift Every Voice and Sing " led by Alice Walker and Dr. Rudolph Byrd at Emory University
She played herself in the late-90's Pam Grier series Linc's, and at the end of the show accompanied herself on the piano for " Lift Every Voice.
* Lift Every Voice and Sing
CoCo Brother originally worked at WHTA before landing the show, and in addition, also hosts Lift Every Voice on BET.
* UVa Library: Exhibits: Lift Every Voice: Patriotic Odes
# REDIRECT Lift Every Voice and Sing
# REDIRECT Lift Every Voice and Sing
Many African Americans sing " Lift Every Voice and Sing " in addition to the American national anthem, " The Star-Spangled Banner ", or in lieu of it.
* Lift Every Voice ( ECM, 2002 )
* 1995, she was the inaugural recipient of the National Opera Association's " Lift Every Voice " Legacy Award, honoring the contributions of African Americans to the field of opera.
Johnson is most notable as the composer of Lift Every Voice and Sing which has come to be known in the United States as the " Black National Anthem ".
* Lift Every Voice and Sing, song
Her biggest claim to fame was singing the classic hit " It Takes Two " with Marvin Gaye in 1966 and her later recording of the Black National Anthem, " Lift Every Voice and Sing ".
She made an album for the label, This Is America, which included her popular version of the Black National Anthem, " Lift Every Voice and Sing.
* Lift Every Voice: African American Oratory, 1787-1900.

Lift and Voice
He wrote a Brandeis University publication about coalition building and Lift Up Your Voice, a book about race and religious relations released in 1998.
In 1939, Augusta Savage received a commission from the World's Fair and created a 16-foot plaster sculpture called Lift Ev ' ry Voice and Sing.
Partly because of the success of this recording, " Lift Ev ' ry Voice and Sing " was entered into the Congressional Record by Del.
* Perry, Mark, Lift Up Thy Voice: The Grimke Family's Journey from Slaveholders to Civil Rights Leaders, New York: Viking Penguin, 2002.
It was there that two brothers, James Weldon Johnson and J. Rosamond Johnson ( faculty member ), wrote the words and music to " Lift Ev ' ry Voice and Sing " ( known as the " Negro National Anthem "), in 1900.
* " I Will Lift My Voice " ( from Spirit and Truth )
Throughout the years Voice of Prophecy broadcasts were marked by an opening theme song of " Lift Up the Trumpet " performed by the King's Heralds quartet and closed with Richard's poem " Have Faith in God " each week having a new verse written.
" Lift Ev ' ry Voice and Sing " traditionally is sung immediately following, or instead of, " The Star-Spangled Banner " at events hosted by African-American churches, schools, and other organizations.

Lift and Sing
Kim Weston follows with a performance of the " Black National Anthem ", " Lift Ev ' ry Voice and Sing ".
The camera pans out at the end of the stadium showing several people during the interludes in the film while the speech " I Am Somebody " is being shouted again followed by " Lift Ev ' ry Voice and Sing " as the credits roll.
* " Lift Ev ' ry Voice and Sing ", performed by Kim Weston

Lift and was
" God Will Lift Up Your Head ", reworked as an acoustic rocker, was a hit for the band on Christian radio.
The Waterloo & City originally had its own electric power station, and coal was delivered from Waterloo main line station using a second, smaller lift ( known as the Abbotts Lift ), which explains the continued presence of a wagon turntable in Waterloo depot.
The Zamoras left Cuba for the United States during the Mariel Boat Lift, when Pedro was eight.
Clift's next movie was The Big Lift.
The site of the Foxton Inclined Plane Boat Lift has been recognised as a Scheduled Ancient Monument and was on the Monuments at Risk Register.
Travel was blocked beyond Balsam Lake until the opening of the Kirkfield Lift Lock in 1907.
The second occurrence was the completion of the Peterborough Lift Lock on July 9, eight years after construction was initially approved.
The Black Mountain Express takes the place of the Exhibition Lift which was retired at the end of the 2009-10 season and runs nearly the same path.
" The episode " The Lift " was taken from the separate magnetic soundtrack of the telerecording, with the opening non-dialogue sequence omitted and one extra line of dialogue added: " Watch that door button ... Oh my God!
A " Lift the ban " conference at Central hall, Westminster on 21 March 1942 was attended by over 2, 000 delegates.
Its tail ends at the dragon trail at the northern part of Imbiah Lookout. It was demolished a few months before the groundbreaking ceremony of the sky tower. It was opened on 7 February 2004, is situated in the Imbiah Lookout zone in the centre of Sentosa and can be reached by Cable Car, Sentosa Luge Chair Lift, by Sentosa Express or by bus.
The nameplate found on Lift Engineering's ski lifts. Lift Engineering, more commonly known as Yan Lifts, was a major ski lift manufacturer in North America.
Lift Engineering was founded by Janik Kunczynski, a Polish immigrant and former ski racer who initially worked at Poma.
Lift Engineering was the first ( and only ) company to design and build a DC motor control tailored solely to the ski lift industry.
By the late 1980s, Lift Engineering was one of the largest suppliers of ski lifts based in North America.
Garibaldi Lift Company was formed, shares were sold, and in 1966, Whistler Mountain opened to the public.
The Arthur Kill Vertical Lift Bridge which transports trains from Staten Island to New Jersey over the Arthur Kill waterway was renovated from 2004 to 2006 and began regular service on April 2, 2007, 16 years after the bridge closed.
In June 1969, the Great Orme Cabin Lift, a modern alternative to the tramway, was opened with its base station adjacent to the open air theatre.

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