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Like and IBM
Like Wang systems, MultiMate controlled most editing operations with function keys, assigning four functions to each of the 10 function keys, which IBM initially located at the left side of the keyboard in two vertical rows.
Like the console typewriter, these were built around a typing mechanism that was mechanically the same as an IBM Electric typewriter.
Like the IBM Stretch computer, ILLIAC II was designed using " future transistors " that had not yet been invented.
Like many other Infocom titles, it was released for the IBM PC ( DOS ), Atari 8-bit, Amiga, Apple II, Apple Macintosh, Atari ST and Commodore 64 computers.
Like most IBM printers of the era, the 1403 used fan-folded paper with perforated edges for tractor feeding.
Like its predecessor, the IBM 727 and many successors, the 729 used 1 / 2 inch ( 12. 7 mm ) magnetic tape up to 2400 feet ( 730 m ) long wound on reels up to 10½ inch ( 267 mm ) diameter.
Like the IBM PC and IBM XT models before it, many third-party manufacturers produced motherboards compatible with the IBM AT form factor, allowing end users to upgrade their computers for faster processors.
Like most of Infocom's works, it was released simultaneously for several popular computer platforms of the time, such as the Commodore 64, Apple II, and IBM PC.
Like most Infocom titles, it was written in highly portable ZIL and made available for an array of popular computer platforms, including the Apple II, IBM PC, Atari ST, and Commodore 64.
Like most titles Infocom produced, the use of ZIL made it possible to release the game simultaneously for many popular computer platforms, including the Apple II, IBM PC, Atari ST, and Commodore 64.
Like most Infocom titles, it was written in highly portable ZIL and made available for an array of popular computer platforms, including the Apple II, IBM PC, and the Atari XL and XE series.
Like DDial, it was a multi-line modem system that originally could handle 8 simultaneous connections ( later updated to handle 16 ), and using custom-produced RS-232 serial boards had a theoretical connection limit of 32 on an IBM PC-AT-type computer ( 80286 processor ).

Like and Burroughs
Like many of Burroughs Martian heroines, she is tough, courageous, proud and strongly identifies with her aristocratic position in Martian society.
Like many of Burroughs ' heroines, she is tough, courageous, proud, and strongly identified with her aristocratic position in Martian society.

Like and tried
Like all early filmmakers, he took ideas from others, and tried to improve on what he borrowed.
Like other European nations, Sweden tried to protect and promote its national interests during the Finnish Civil War and World War I.
" Like many dissenting religions, the hippies were enormously hostile to the religious institutions of the dominant culture, and they tried to find new and adequate ways to do the tasks the dominant religions failed to perform.
Like Eugene, Vitalian tried to restore the connection with Constantinople by making friendly advances to the Eastern Emperor Constans II and to prepare the way for the settlement of the Monothelite controversy.
Like the character of Prince Prospero, Poe tried to ignore the fatality of the disease.
Like in the comics, the second episode of the third season revealed that Uncle Ben was killed by a crook Peter let go from a wrestling ring whom he tried to stop.
The breakthrough came with Bob Dylan's " Like a Rolling Stone ", although CBS tried to make the record more " radio friendly " by cutting it in half and spreading it over both sides of the vinyl, both Dylan and fans demanded that the full six-minute take be placed on one side and that radio stations play the song in its entirety.
Like many young men, he tried to enlist in the Army in the wake of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor at the end of 1941.
Like many forms of popular music, the tango was associated with the underclass, and the better-off Argentines tried to restrict its influence.
Like other European traders they tried to obtain a local monopsony in the spice trade ; by keeping out the factors of other European countries by force of arms.
Like the Burmans and the Thais, some modern Mons have tried to identify their ethnicity and, specifically this kingdom at Thaton, with the semi-historical kingdom of Suwarnabhumi (" The Golden Land "); today, this claim is contested by many different ethnicities in Southeast Asia, and contradicted by scholars.
Like all early filmmakers, he took ideas from others, but rather than simply copying films he tried to improve on what he borrowed.
Like his father, he was sent to Harrow, but left after only a year, being described by his housemaster as " without doubt, the most difficult boy I have ever tried to manage ".
Like Lex Barker ( who recorded two tracks as a singer ), Pierre Brice tried to sing with the help of German composer Martin Boettcher, and even managed to issue several singles and CDs.
Like Al Brady Law, Jay Clark tried to improve the time-spent-listening.
Like Czartoryski, Piattoli tried to push for a more lenient and friendly attitude towards Poland at the Russian court, but with little success.
Like the rest of the Earth Alliance, ISN tried to cope with and recover from the events of the Civil War.
" " Like a lot of things in life: you ’ ve got to do everything you can do " Hill said, to ensure " that you have left no stone unturned, that you have really tried.
Like his father, Mountjoy was deeply interested in the humanist educational programme and he tried to engage the learned scholar and educationist Roger Ascham, then teaching at Cambridge, as a tutor to his eldest son and secretary to himself.
Like European cathedrals, the Cathedral of the Assumption has tried to respond to the needs of the community, serving as a hospice, an orphanage, and a shelter for the poor.
Like many of the radio plays, fairy tale adaptation and calendar pages that Eich also wrote he never tried to ' make a career ' out of it.
Its release in 1985 coincided with the success of her Like a Virgin album, and Madonna tried to prevent its release.
Like many young footballers born to Turkish immigrant parents in Germany, he tried his chances by joining a Turkish team.
Like their customers, they spent afternoons in the fall drinking beer and watching professional football on television, often doubling up wagers on late West Coast games as they desperately tried to break even and chased their losses.

Like and supply
Like most other countries, New Zealand was hard hit by the Great Depression of the 1930s, which affected the country via its international trade, with farming export drops then going on to affect the money supply and in turn consumption, investment and imports.
Like many northern communities, the Naskapis rely on subsistence hunting, fishing, and trapping for a large part of their food supply and for many raw materials.
Like all of the major armies, Russia's armed forces suffered from inadequate supply.
Simon Jamieson, General Manager SKYCITY Auckland Hotels Group, said: " Like every New Zealander, we are concerned about the country's electricity supply, and we believe it is our responsibility to make this move to assist with the power saving request.
Like other requiem sharks, it is viviparous: once the developing embryos exhaust their supply of yolk, the yolk sac develops into a placental connection that sustains them to term.
Like all Canadian banks, they endured criticism of its credit policies and resisted the introduction of a central bank to control the money supply and advise on fiscal policy.
Like other conservatives, he also has advocated expanding the U. S. oil supply by eliminating several federal and state regulations that currently prohibit petroleum drilling in various U. S. coastal waters and in the oil-rich portion of Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, known as ANWR.
Like other members of its family, the whitetip reef shark is viviparous ; once the developing embryos exhaust their supply of yolk, the yolk sac is converted into a placental connection through which the mother delivers nourishment for the remainder of gestation.
Like its twin Dymchurch Redoubt it was built as a barracks and supply depot for the towers, and designed for 11 guns, although only 10 guns were installed.
Like any other self-loading design without an external power supply, the action is cycled by the energy of the shot ; this sends the bolt back to the rear, ejecting the empty cartridge case and preparing for the next shot.
Like many such rivers flowing from the Derbyshire, it gave a good supply for water mills, many of them for crushing locally mined and quarried minerals, such as limestone.
Like most O gauge systems of its era, the Delta Lines was hand-built of separate ties and rail and used outside third rail for power supply.
Like all other towns in Maharashtra, power supply remains off daily for around six hours.
Like the rest of East Prussia, Angerburg was initially only indirectly affected by World War II ( 1939 – 45 ), such as casualties of war and supply shortages.
Like the rare items, the player has to play a specific stage and complete a specific task to get a supply team to appear.
Like the water supply, generated electricity is supplemental.
Like all explosives factories, they needed a guaranteed year-round supply of water and good transport links.

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