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Like and Reform
Like Reform Judaism, Reconstructionist Judaism has also altered traditional prayers so that they no longer refer to a personal Messiah.
Like almost all English constituencies before the Great Reform Act of 1832, it originally returned two members to each Parliament.

Like and Judaism
Like many Jewish scholars and theologians, Bloom understands Judaism as fundamentally a religion of love.
Like Christianity, Judaism developed several responses to this unprecedented phenomenon.
Like One Law groups, the Two House movement has many superficial similarities to Messianic Judaism, such as their belief in the ongoing validity of the Mosaic Covenant.
* Prayer types in Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Do You Pray Like Your Fathers?
Like the Spanish Inquisition, it concentrated its efforts on rooting out those who had converted from other faiths ( overwhelmingly Judaism ) but did not adhere to the strictures of Catholic orthodoxy.
Like Judaism and Christianity, Islam is a monotheistic religion.
Like many other types of social category, in Judaism the mamzer status is hereditary-a child of a mamzer ( whether mother or father ) is also a mamzer.
*" Like Father, Like Clown " ( season three, 1991 ) – Judaism

Like and Conservative
Like much of rural northern Florida, Bradford County votes heavily Republican in presidential and congressional races, although still occasionally supporting Conservative Democrats in local and state contests.
Like most of the panhandle, Calhoun County votes heavily Republican in presidential and congressional races, although still occasionally supporting Conservative Democrats in local and state contests.
Like most of the Florida Panhandle, Franklin County votes Republican in presidential, Congressional, and statewide elections, although there is a tendency to support Conservative Democrats in local elections.
Like many of the Coalition leaders he did not hold office in the Conservative governments of 1922 – 4, although as an elder statesman he was consulted by the King in the choice of Baldwin as Bonar Law's successor as Conservative leader in May 1923.
Like his father he was regarded as a staunch Conservative and bitterly opposed the Parliament Act 1911, which sought to curtail the powers of the House of Lords.
Like his grandfather, Roblin was a member of Manitoba's Conservative Party, which was renamed the Progressive Conservative Party in 1942.
Like Blair, Straw believed Labour's electoral chances had been damaged in the past by the party appearing to be " soft on crime " and he developed a reputation as being even more authoritarian than the Conservative Home Secretary Michael Howard.
Like its historical predecessors and conservative parties in some other Commonwealth nations ( such as the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom ), members of the present-day Conservative Party of Canada are sometimes referred to as " Tories ".
Like his father and grandfather he is a lawyer and Conservative politician and was a Member of Parliament from 1979 to 2010.
Like his father he was a Vice-Admiral in the Royal Navy and also held political office in the first two Conservative administrations of the Earl of Derby as Postmaster General and as Lord Privy Seal.
Like his father Lord Denham is a Conservative politician and one of the ninety elected hereditary peers that remain in the House of Lords after the passing of the House of Lords Act 1999.
Like his wife, Willis was a keen supporter of the British Conservative Party.
Like the WIL the new party was opposed to the electoral truce of the war years between the Labour and Conservative parties.
The gouvernmant is made by coalition of Social Democrats ( SDP ) and Conservative People Party ( SDA ) Like many other heads of executive branches of government in the world, the Premier has a cabinet which helps him go about his duties.
Like other wards within the Edgbaston constituency such as Harborne and the Edgbaston ward itself, Bartley Green is a safe Conservative ward at Birmingham City Council level, with all three serving councillors-John Lines, Vivienne Barton and Bruce Lines ( son of John )-representing the party.
Like most Nottinghamshire mines Cotgrave continued working through the NUM declared UK miners ' strike ( 1984-1985 ) however the view by many was that this allegiance to the then Conservative government was betrayed.
Like John Christian Schultz, he gradually left his Ontario Conservative background, and sometimes aligned himself with a " Liberal " position when opposing the provincial government.
Like many of her Liberal colleagues, she was defeated in the 1990 election amid a general decline in support for her party ( once again, she placed third behind the NDP and Progressive Conservative candidates ).
Like many right-wing Conservative MPs, Heffer backed John Redwood, though he preferred Michael Portillo to be party leader.
Like every other ward in Trafford they are each represented by three local councillors, giving Urmston 12 of the 63 seats on Trafford Council ; as of the 2012 local election nine of these were held by the Conservative Party, and three by Labour.
Like many other members of the Libertarian Party, Apelbaum believes in reducing government participation in education and healthcare and widespread taxation reform, and criticized the Progressive Conservative government of Mike Harris as being too statist in its policies.

Like and movement
Like many social movements, the free software movement has ongoing internal conflict between personalities and between supporters of compromise versus strict adherence to values.
Like the French epics, such as the Chanson de Roland, Homeric poetry is indigenous and, by the ease of movement and its resultant simplicity, distinguishable from the works of Dante, Milton and Virgil.
Like Crass, Jello Biafra was influenced by the hippie movement and cited the yippies as a key influence on his political activism and thinking, though he did write songs critical of hippies.
Like Britain, a gradual liberalization of trade laws as part of the free trade movement meant less smuggling.
* Men Like Gods ( 1923 ) by H. G. Wells, men and women in an alternative universe live without world government in a perfected state of anarchy ; " Our education is our government ," a Utopian named Lion says ; sectarian religion, like politics, has died away, and advanced scientific research flourishes ; life is governed by " the Five Principles of Liberty ," which are privacy, free movement, unlimited knowledge, truthfulness, and free discussion and criticism.
Like the divide that occurred within the black civil rights movement, the late 1960s and the 1970s brought a new generation of activists, many of whom felt that the gay rights movement needed to endorse a larger and more radical agenda to address other forms of oppression, the Vietnam War, and the sexual revolution.
Like a gyroscope, the overall effect is a slight " wobble " in the movement of the axis of a planet.
Like Wandervogel, the hippie movement in the United States began as a youth movement.
Like Crass, Jello Biafra was influenced by the hippie movement, and cited the yippies as a key influence on his political activism and thinking, though he also wrote songs critical of hippies.
The song's meter allows it to be sung to a number of popular tunes including: " Amazing Grace "; " Greensleeves "; " The House of the Rising Sun "; " The Rising of the Moon / Wearing of the Green "; Beethoven's " Ode to Joy " ( in his Ninth Symphony, fourth movement ); " Oh My Darling, Clementine "; " Semper Paratus "; " The Marine Corps Hymn "; " The Yellow Rose of Texas "; " I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing "; " Ghost Riders in the Sky "; " Acres of Clams ", and the theme song from the TV show Gilligan's Island.
Like the passepied, a Baroque dance movement, this variation is in 3 / 8 time with a preponderance of quaver rhythms.
Like the similar local currency in Totnes, the initiative is part of the Transition Towns movement.
Like the Long Depression in Europe, the main features of the U. S. depression included deflation, rural decline, and unemployment, which aggravated the bitter social protests of the " Gilded Age "— the Populist movement, the free-silver crusade, and violent labor disputes such as the Pullman and Homestead strikes.
The influence of this folk-protest movement would later manifest itself in the sociopolitical lyrics and mildly anti-establishment sentiments of many folk rock songs, including hit singles such as " Eve of Destruction ", " Like a Rolling Stone ", " For What It's Worth ", and " Let's Live for Today ".
: Like the sit-up, except instead of bringing the whole torso area closer to the knees, only a concentrated but shorter movement of the abdominals is performed.
Like many in the neoconservative movement, Perle had long been an advocate of regime change in Iraq.
Like all grebes, the Red-necked Grebe nests near water into which it can escape, since the position of the legs far back on the body prevents fast movement on land.
Like all birds, the bills of sandpipers are capable of cranial kinesis, literally being able to move the bones of the skull ( other than the obvious movement of the lower jaw ) and specifically bending the upper jaw without opening the entire jaw, an act known as rhynchokinesis.
Like the Traditionalist Catholic movement in general, the SSPX was born out of opposition to changes in the Catholic Church that followed the Second Vatican Council ( 1962 – 1965 ).
Like other Futurists, his work centered on the portrayal of movement ( dynamism ), speed, and technology.
Like all religious movements, the movement faces challenges today.

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