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Like and predecessor
Like his predecessor, Lord Germain, he turned for advice to Arthur Phillip.
Like its predecessor, Modern Times employed sound effects but almost no speaking.
Like its predecessor, Hexen II also used a hub system.
Like its predecessor, the UN does not have its own standing armed forces, but calls on its members to contribute to armed interventions, such as during the Korean War and the peacekeeping mission in the former Yugoslavia.
Like its predecessor, Accent, Mach used a single shared-memory mechanism for physically passing the message from one program to another.
Like his predecessor, Farrakhan was a dynamic, charismatic leader and a powerful speaker with the ability to appeal to the African-American masses.
Like his predecessor Nicholas I, Adrian was forced to submit in temporal affairs to the interference of the emperor Louis II, who placed him under the surveillance of Arsenius, bishop of Orte, his confidential adviser, and Arsenius ' nephew Anastasius, the librarian.
Like his famous predecessor Innocent III, he set his mind on the achievement of two great goals: the recovery of the Holy Land in the Fifth Crusade and a spiritual reform of the entire Church.
Like his predecessor, Gregory was nominated by the nobility, and the electors unanimously agreed that he was the most worthy to become the Bishop of Rome.
Like its predecessor, Character Options have released a spring-loaded toy version constructed of injection-moulded plastic.
The band's second album Different Light ( 1986 ) was more polished than its predecessor and, with the help of the worldwide No. 1 hit " Walk Like an Egyptian ", saw the band firmly in the mainstream.
Like its predecessor, American Doll Posse debuted at # 5 on the Billboard 200.
Like its predecessor, it was also well-received critically.
Like his predecessor, Clement V, he centralized power and income in the Papacy and lived a princely life in Avignon.
Like his predecessor Henry, he was disliked by much of the Czech nobility.
Like its predecessor, the album features diverse musical styles and experimentation with stereo sound.
Like its predecessor, it drew heavily from war films, as shown in titles of levels such as " Bridge Over the River Kwai " and " Saving Private Ryan ".
Like its immediate predecessor, Joan Baez, Vol.
Like its predecessor, the Embargo Act, it was mostly ineffective, and contributed to the coming of the War of 1812.
Like the Former Shu, the capital was at Chengdu and it basically controlled the same territory as its predecessor.
Like his famous predecessor Man o ' War, Secretariat was a large chestnut colt and was given the same nickname, " Big Red.
Like its predecessor, Beadle ’ s New Dime Novels ran for 321 issues, until 1885.
Like its predecessor, it was overwhelmingly Royalist.
Like its predecessor, the sequel remains a highly influential film in the gangster genre.

Like and Herodotus
Like Herodotus and Thucydides, he probably autographed his work for the benefit of later writers.
Like the Scythians whom Herodotus describes in book four of his History ( Saka is an Iranian word equivalent to the Greek Scythos, and many scholars refer to them together as Saka-Scythian ), Sakas were Iranian-speaking horse nomads who deployed chariots in battle, sacrificed horses, and buried their dead in barrows or mound tombs called kurgans.
Like the Massagetae to the west, the Issedones are described by Herodotus as similar to, yet distinct from, the Scythians.

Like and known
Like The Black Diamonds, it uses a medieval, Arabian Nights – like setting, and the Arabian Nights, like the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm and the works of Edgar Allan Poe, are known to have strongly influenced Smith's early writing, as did William Beckford's Vathek.
Like Berkeley Bradley thought that nothing can be known to exist unless it is known by a mind.
Like other Bolsheviks, he became commonly known by one of his revolutionary noms de guerre, of which " Stalin " was only the last.
Like other Virginia statesmen in the slave society, he was a slaveholder and part of the élite ; he inherited his plantation known as Montpelier, and owned hundreds of slaves during his lifetime to cultivate tobacco and other crops.
Like Whipper Whip ; Markie, Wise and Super Lover Cee's ethnic heritage was not that well known.
Like the holiday of Sukkot, the intermediary days of Passover are known as Chol HaMoed ( festival weekdays ) and are imbued with a semi-festive status.
Like the 911 ( original internal factory designation " 901 "), the four-cylinder 912 was originally known at Zuffenhausen by a number with a zero in the middle, but the " 902 " designation was never used publicly.
Like Machiavelli, Thomas Hobbes, well known for his theory of the social contract, believed that a strong central power, such as a monarchy, was necessary to rule the innate selfishness of the individual but neither of them believed in the divine right of kings.
Like many other male genital piercings, it has a history of practice in gay culture in the twentieth century and became known outside that culture at the same time that body piercing began to emerge in popular culture in the late 1970s.
The two known songs that had Sondheim contributions are " In There " from the adaption of The Exception and the Rule ( which would later be named The Race to Urga ) and a cut song from West Side Story " Kids Ain't ( Like Everybody Else )".
Like many contemporaries, little is known of his early years.
Like TD-CDMA, it is known as IMT CDMA TDD within IMT-2000.
Like the Mexican Revolution, the Russian Revolution of 1917, known as the October Revolution, immediately turned to Russian Civil War that dragged until approximately late 1920.
Like most extinct sharks, C. megalodon is also primarily known from its fossil teeth and vertebrae.
Now recognized as a major talent, Altman had critical breakthroughs with McCabe & Mrs. Miller ( 1971 ), known for its gritty portrayal of the American frontier ; The Long Goodbye ( 1973 ), a remake of a Raymond Chandler novel ; Thieves Like Us ( 1974 ), and Nashville ( 1975 ).
Like his renowned father Alessandro Scarlatti he composed in a variety of musical forms, although today he is known mainly for his 555 keyboard sonatas.
Hua spearheaded what became known as the Two Whatevers, namely, “ Whatever policy originated from Chairman Mao, we must continue to support ,” and “ Whatever directions were given to us from Chairman Mao, we must continue to follow .” Like Deng, Hua wanted to reverse the damage of the Cultural Revolution ; but unlike Deng, who wanted to propose new economic models for China, Hua intended to move the Chinese economic and political system towards Soviet-style planning of the early 1950s.
Like Ireland, France became well known for its butter, particularly in Normandy and Brittany.
Like regional cooking and cuisines in the Song, the era was known for its regional varieties of performing arts styles as well.
Like cartilaginous fishes, the coelacanth can store urea in its blood, as can the only known amphibians that can live for long periods of time in salt water ( the toad Bufo marinus and the frog Rana cancrivora ).
Like Kennedy, Quimby is known as a womanizer, and occasionally amuses himself with pornographic playing cards during town meetings.
Like all other Urulóki, Ancalagon breathed fire, which was said to be hotter than any other known flame.
He is known for his roles as teenage father Ricky Baker in the 1991 film Boyz n the Hood, groom-to-be Lance Sullivan in the 1999 film The Best Man, as Tracy Reynolds, NBA star in the 2002 film Like Mike, and as the Visitor Ryan in the 2009 TV series V.

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