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Like and its
Like its long-lived cousin, the refrigerator, a conditioner can be expected to last 20 to 25 years or more.
Like primitive numbers in mathematics, the entire axiological framework is taken to rest upon its operational worth.
Like other groups, the members of this family show patterns in its electronic configuration, especially the outermost shells, resulting in trends in chemical behavior:
Like an alphabet the phonemes of syllable initials are represented by individual symbols, but like a syllabary the phonemes of the syllable finals are not ; rather, each possible final ( excluding the medial glide ) is represented by its own symbol.
Like many games of its time, Asteroids contains several bugs that were mostly the result of the original programmers underestimating the game's popularity or the skill of its players.
) Like the central processing unit ( CPU ) in a modern computer, the mill would rely upon its own internal procedures, to be stored in the form of pegs inserted into rotating drums called " barrels ", to carry out some of the more complex instructions the user's program might specify.
Like most dialects of English it is distinguished primarily by its vowel phonology.
Like IBM, Burroughs tried to supply a complete line of products for its customers, including Burroughs-designed printers, disk drives, tape drives, computer printing paper, and even typewriter ribbons.
Like its native relative the Hortaya Borzaya, the borzoi is basically a very sound breed.
Like its predecessor, Modern Times employed sound effects but almost no speaking.
Like the Eastern Orthodox, the Roman Catholic Church through Apostolic succession traces its origins to the Christian community founded by Jesus Christ.
Like the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church also traces its heritage to the foundation of Christianity through Apostolic succession and has an episcopal structure, though the autonomy of the individual, mostly national churches is emphasized.
Like several other stars such as Denebola and Deneb, it is named for the Arabic word for " tail " ( deneb ); its traditional name means " the tail of the kid ".
Like zinc, it prefers oxidation state + 2 in most of its compounds and like mercury it shows a low melting point compared to transition metals.
Like a grain boundary, a twin boundary has different crystal orientations on its two sides.
Like the 1541 and 1571, the 1581 has an on board MOS Technology 6502 CPU with its own ROM and RAM, and uses a serial version of the IEEE-488 interface.
Like its cousin the guinea pig, the capybara does not have the capacity to synthesize vitamin C, and capybaras not supplemented with vitamin C in captivity have been reported to develop gum disease as a sign of scurvy.
Like a typical diode, there is a fixed anode and cathode in a Zener diode, but it will conduct current in the reverse direction ( electrons from anode to cathode ) if its breakdown voltage or " Zener voltage " is exceeded.
The name Cuāuhtemōc ( Nahuatl pronunciation: ) means " One That Has Descended Like an Eagle ", commonly rendered in English as " Descending Eagle " as in the moment when an eagle folds its wings and plummets down to strike its prey, so this is a name that implies aggressiveness and determination.
Like the 1571, its built-in DOS provided a data burst mode for transferring data to the C128 computer at a faster speed than a 1541.
Like most state agencies, Caltrans maintains its headquarters in Sacramento, which is covered by District 3.
Like all other former Illuminati members, Xavier has sworn to never use the gem and to keep its location hidden.
Like the PDP-1 before it, the PDP-5 inspired a series of newer models based on the same basic design that would go on to be more famous than its parent.

Like and immediate
Like his immediate predecessors, he was devoted to France, and he demonstrated his French sympathies by refusing a solemn invitation to return to Rome from the city's people, as well as from the poet Petrarch.
Like his immediate older brother, Philippe Dagobert ( who died in 1232 aged 10 ) he did not receive a county as appanage, as had his older brothers.
Like several others under Bragg's command, he urged an immediate follow-up attack to recapture Chattanooga, which had fallen a few weeks before.
Like Manwë and Varda, to whom they are attached, they are of higher rank yet of less immediate intercourse and involvement in the histories.
Like many of its immediate successors it was originally aired during prime time when the whole family would be watching television.
Like his immediate predecessors, John V was unusually generous towards the dioconies of Rome, distributing 1, 900 solidi to " all the clergy, the monastic diaconies, and the mansionarii ".
Like its immediate predecessor, the show was a single-night live event at London's Royal Albert Hall.
Like the Fibonacci numbers, each Lucas number is defined to be the sum of its two immediate previous terms, i. e. it is a Fibonacci integer sequence.
Like Kūkai, Saichō emphasized the importance of striving for enlightenment as an immediate goal to be attained in this existence ( sokushin-jōbutsu ).
Eric Temple Bell says, " Like his contemporaries and immediate predecessors among Cambridge mathematicians of the first decade of this century ... Bateman was thoroughly trained in both pure analysis and mathematical physics, and retained an equal interest in both throughout his scientific career.
Like his immediate predecessor, William M. Meredith, Corwin believed in a protective tariff, but he did not want to make sudden or drastic changes in the free-trade tariff law of 1846.
: Like the inessive, the elative can also be used to indicate time or immediate contact.
Like its immediate predecessors and the next two installments this book contains the central theme of World War II and the war effort, which was being fought at the date of this book's original publication.
Like their immediate tribal neighbors, the Úbûs, Blàan, Blit, Tàú-Segél and, for those who have serious doubts in the hoax argumentation, the Tasaday, they have been variously termed hill tribes, pagans, animists, etc., as opposed to the indigenous Muslim peoples or the Christian settlers.
Like the 203 before it, the 204 had no immediate replacement.
Like his immediate predecessors he excelled in the portrayal of contemplative figures and scenes ; Mena's drawing of Santiago leaping upon his charger is good, and the carving admirable, but the necessary movement for so spirited an action is lacking.
Like his mentor, Tsunesaburō Makiguchi, he was disillusioned with the Japanese educational system — which he thought of as suppressive of individual thought and as geared toward the interests of the state — Toda took immediate interest in Makiguchi's pedagogical theories when they met in 1920.
Like his immediate predecessors in the Liberal Party, he was considered to be a pawn of " La Argolla " ring "), a plutocracy of coastal agricultural and banking interests whose linchpin was the Commercial and Agricultural Bank of Guayaquil led by Francisco Urbina Jado.
Like other state law enforcement agencies, West Virginia troopers enforce traffic laws statewide, investigate crimes and protect the governor and his immediate family.

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