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from Brown Corpus
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Like and primitive
Like most primitive, but unlike all previously recognized hominins, it had a grasping or big toe adapted for locomotion in the trees.
Like comets, chondritic asteroids are some of the oldest and most primitive materials in the solar system.
Like other cells of connective tissue, fibroblasts are derived from primitive mesenchyme.
Like the " primitive " Mesothelae, they have two pairs of book lungs, and downward pointing chelicerae.
Like all primitive mammals, the gait was somewhat sprawling, and the hind feet likely bore a spur similar to those found in the platypus and echidnas.
Like APL, the primitive functions and operators are represented by single or double characters ; however, unlike APL, K restricts itself to the ASCII character set ( a feature it shares with J, another variant of APL ).
Like many theorists of his time, Lévy-Brühl believed in a historical and evolutionary teleology leading from the primitive mind to the Western mind.
Like Langer, Bonaparte found that these forms may have been primitive sauropodomorphs, or an assemblage of forms close to the common ancestor of the sauropodomorphs and theropods.
Like most other forms of wrestling it seems that tegumi evolved from a primitive form of grappling self-defense, which was constantly being adapted and enhanced as it was exposed to outside influences.
Like Mandel, Harvey claims that the word " primitive " leads to a misunderstanding in the history of capitalism ; that the original, " primitive " phase of capitalism is somehow a transitory phase that need not be repeated once commenced.
Like all Christian utopians, he advocated that the true Christian should follow what Jesus asked the young man to do in Matthew 19: 16, and he called on members to follow the mode of life of the primitive Christian community in the 1st century ( Acts 2: 43 ).
Like most colobi, the guereza has a small thumb that is primitive.

Like and numbers
Like the Japanese internees, these smaller groups had American-born citizens in their numbers, especially among the children.
Like all subatomic particles, hadrons are assigned quantum numbers corresponding to the representations of the Poincaré group: J < sup > PC </ sup >( m ), where J is the spin quantum number, P the intrinsic parity ( or P-parity ), and C, the charge conjugation ( or C-parity ), and the particle's mass, m. Note that the mass of a hadron has very little to do with the mass of its valence quarks ; rather, due to mass – energy equivalence, most of the mass comes from the large amount of energy associated with the strong interaction.
One of his most famous numbers is " They Ain't Makin ' Jews Like Jesus Anymore ," a song in which Kinky verbally and physically beats up a drunken white racist who berates blacks, Jews, Greeks, and Sigma Nus in a bar.
Like the Pythagoreans ' perfect numbers, magic squares have passed from superstition into recreation.
Like all triangular numbers, it is the sum of all natural numbers up to a certain point ; in this case: Furthermore, any even perfect number except the first one is the centered nonagonal number as well as the sum of the first odd cubes:
Like other newly industrializing economies, South Korea experienced rapid growth of urban areas caused by the migration of large numbers of people from the countryside.
Like many other large mammals, hippos are described as K-strategists, in this case typically producing just one large, well-developed infant every couple of years ( rather than large numbers of small, poorly developed young several times per year as is common among small mammals such as rodents ).
Like other groups of Indian scouts, Pawnee warriors were recruited in large numbers to fight on the Northern and Southern Plains in various conflicts against hostile native Americans.
Like phone numbers, most IP addresses cannot be easily remembered, and are looked up in the internet equivalent of a phone book.
The album was varied: Like the first releases, it still featured a sprawling psychedelic opening track and noise rock numbers like Young Man's Stride ( for which a music video released ), but also more melodic songs, such as Sudden Ray of Hope.
Like other strict finitists, ultrafinitists deny the existence of the infinite set N of natural numbers, on the grounds that it can never be completed.
Like the original Riemann hypothesis, it has far reaching consequences about the distribution of prime numbers.
The band recorded two sessions for John Peel's BBC Radio 1 show in 1990, and their popularity with the show's listeners saw them with three tracks in the Festive Fifty that year, with " Dreams Burn Down " and " Like a Daydream " at numbers 3 and 4 respectively, and " Taste " at number 25.
Downey was also a songwriter whose most successful numbers include " All I Need is Someone Like You ", " California Skies ", " In the Valley of the Roses ", and " Now You're in My Arms ", " Sweeten Up Your Smile ", " That's How I Spell Ireland ", " There's Nothing New ", and " Wabash Moon ".
Like other bee-eaters it predominantly eats insects, especially bees, wasps and hornets, which are caught in the air by sorties from an open perch. This species probably takes bees and dragonflies in roughly equal numbers.
Like the masculine praenomina, the months of the old Roman Calendar had names based on the numbers five through ten: Quintilis ( July ), Sextilis ( August ), September, October, November, and December.
Like the change to co-education at Birkenhead School, this decision was largely driven by falling pupil numbers.
Like the paper bill, the copper coins issued by the Central Mint also had the Chinese Soviet Republic ( 中華蘇維埃共和國 ) in the traditional Chinese character engraved, and due to the fact that the coin lasts longer than the paper bill, these coins were issued and circulated in much greater numbers.
Like Cullen numbers, Woodall numbers have many divisibility properties.
Like the Fibonacci numbers, each Lucas number is defined to be the sum of its two immediate previous terms, i. e. it is a Fibonacci integer sequence.
Like complex numbers rotations in two dimensions are commutative, unlike in higher dimensions.
Like many grassland birds, this bird's numbers have declined across many parts of its range, including a 98 % drop in New York State.

Like and mathematics
Like his contemporary, Henri Poincaré, Picard was much concerned with the training of mathematics, physics, and engineering students.
Like the other sciences, mathematics is viewed as an empirical endeavor whose results are constantly evaluated and may be discarded.
Like George Boole, Peirce believed that mathematics could be used to study logic.
Like natural languages in general, discourse using the language of mathematics can employ a scala of registers.
Like any other profession, mathematics also has its own brand of technical terminology.
Like English, or Latin, or Chinese, there are certain concepts for which mathematics is particularly well suited: it would be as foolish to attempt to write a love poem in the language of mathematics as to prove the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra using the English language.
Like reform mathematics, which is distinguished by an emphasis on building on what a child already knows and understands, the standards intend to update the methods of science education to achieve greater effectiveness with children.
Like his father and brother before him, in 1904 Bohr enrolled at the University of Copenhagen, where he studied mathematics, obtaining his masters in 1909 and his doctorate a year later.
Like other forms of social networks, sexual networks can be formally studied using the mathematics of graph theory and network theory.
Like Russell and Whitehead, Couturat saw symbolic logic as a tool to advance both mathematics and the philosophy thereof.
Like most young boys of the era he received a haphazard education, learning a little scripture, reading, writing and basic mathematics.
Like the usual composition of functions in mathematics, the result of each function is passed as the argument of the next, and the result of the last one is the result of the whole.
Like surface diffusion ( mathematics ) it is a fourth-order
Like other schools, international schools teach the subjects such as language arts, mathematics, the sciences, humanities, the arts, physical education, information technology, and design technology.
Like MCDS, the IB Programme emphasizes an intellectual approach to academics: the IB math curriculum prepares students for further studies and careers but also aims to develop an appreciation of the intrinsic beauty of mathematics.

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