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Like and BBC
* " John Wyndham: No Place Like Earth ", programme on BBC Radio 4, 11. 30 am, 12 November 2010
Like the rest of the BBC, the World Service is a Crown Corporation of the UK Government and is therefore independent from Parliament.
* Connie Fisher — singer and actress, winner of the BBC TV program " How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?
Like A Man for All Seasons, the play had been written for the BBC, and in 1995 was re-written into a children's book.
* Connie Fisher, the winner of the BBC talent show How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria ?, actress and singer from The Sound of Music, lived in Haverfordwest from the age of six.
They recorded a session for BBC Radio 1's John Peel, which was released on Paul Smith's Blast First and Steve Shelley ’ s record label Smells Like Records.
She was the subject of the Horizon documentary “ The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow ”, first broadcast by the BBC on June 8, 2006, and Nick News in the spring of 2006.
And John Duttine played David Powlett-Jones in BBC TV's To Serve Them All My Days ( 1980 ), adapted by Andrew Davies from the eponymous novel and as Archie Carver in London Weekend Television's People Like Us ( 1977 ), adapted from the Avenue novels.
The band recorded two sessions for John Peel's BBC Radio 1 show in 1990, and their popularity with the show's listeners saw them with three tracks in the Festive Fifty that year, with " Dreams Burn Down " and " Like a Daydream " at numbers 3 and 4 respectively, and " Taste " at number 25.
Like Channel 4, S4C does not produce programmes of its own ; instead, it commissions programmes from BBC Cymru and independent producers ( although the quantity purchased from ITV Wales has greatly reduced since the early years of S4C ), and it has particularly developed a reputation for commissioning cartoons, such as SuperTed, Sam Tân ( which became Fireman Sam in its English version on the BBC ) and Shakespeare: The Animated Tales.
Frida was the subject of a BBC Radio 4 project, Like An Angel Passing Through My Room, broadcast on 16 February 2011.
Like its cleaner BBC counterpart, Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, it had a running order but no script ( with the exception of some specific sketches ).
All productions were shot on video with multiple cameras in Studio 1 at the BBC Television Centre studios, with the exception of two first season episodes, As You Like It and Henry VIII, which were shot on location.
A 2007 revival of the London Palladium production at the Adelphi Theatre was the subject of BBC One's second search for a West End star, capitalizing on the success of the BBC's 2006 Lloyd Webber talent search series, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria ?.
He is most famous for playing MP Hugh Abbot in BBC Four sitcom The Thick of It and as presenter Roy Mallard in People Like Us, first on BBC Radio 4 and later on its transfer to television on BBC Two, where Mallard is almost entirely an unseen character.
* 2006: The Sound of Music directed by Jeremy Sams, starring BBC How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?
Dudley won the " Best Original Musical or Comedy Score " Oscar for her music ; The Gathering ( 2002 ) a Anthony Horowitz thriller directed by Brian Gilbert and starring Christina Ricci ; The Grotesque ( 1997 ) released in the US as Gentlemen Don't Eat Poets a British film starring Alan Bates, Theresa Russell and Sting ; Hollow Reed ( 1996 ) a drama directed by Angela Pope and set in Bath ; Knight Moves ( 1992 ) American thriller directed by Carl Schenkel and starring Christopher Lambert ; Lucky Break ( 2001 ) a British feelgood comedy starring James Nesbitt and based around a prison escape ; The Miracle Maker ( 2000 ) an animated feature film made for TV by BBC Wales with Russian model makers ; Monkeybone ( 2001 ) an American film combining live-action and stop-motion animation starring Brendan Fraser and Bridget Fonda ; Perfect Creature ( 2007 ) a New Zealand made horror / thriller film starring Leo Gregory ; Pushing Tin ( 1999 ) a comedy-drama film directed by Mike Newell based around air traffic controllers in New York ; The Pope Must Die ( 1991 ) a comedy film starring Robbie Coltrane the score was co-written with Jeff Beck ; Silence Like Glass ( Zwei Frauen ) ( 1989 ) German made but set in a cancer ward at a hospital in America ; Tristan & Isolde ( 2006 ) a Ridley Scott romantic drama based on the medieval romantic legend of Tristan and Iseult and starring James Franco and Sophia Myles ; The Walker ( 2007 ) a drama written and directed by Paul Schrader set in Washington, D. C .; Her TV music includes scores for all episodes of Jeeves and Wooster with Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie ; Lynda La Plante's Above Suspicion ; Kavanagh QC with John Thaw and The Tenth Kingdom an American epic fantasy TV miniseries written by Simon Moore.
Like many BBC Radio comedies, On the Hour has been repeated on BBC Radio 7 although most of these deviate from the original broadcast versions.
On 19 May, 2012, BBC Radio 4 broadcast a sequel to the film called Kind Hearts and Coronets-Like Father, Like Daughter.
In 1997 a six part radio version of " A Town Like Alice " was broadcast on BBC Radio 2 starring Jason Connery, Becky Hindley, Virginia McKenna and Bernard Hepton.

Like and Micro
Like most arcade games of this era, this game was ported to many home systems, including the video game consoles NES, Family Computer Disk System, Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Atari XE Game System, ColecoVision, Coleco Adam, Intellivision and BBC Micro.
Like the Micro Edition, the color television video signal is generated in software on the microcontroller.

Like and Electron
Like its main rival, Visa Electron, Solo cards required all transactions receive electronic authorisation from the issuing bank.

Like and was
Like Napoleon, he was the worst of losers.
Like his volume on Wycliffe, the work was accompanied by the publication of a selected group of documents, in this case illustrative of the history of Queen Anne's reign down to 1707.
Like all Russians he was an emotional man, and in him the emotions warred.
Like the bell at Mass, the doorbell was pitched too high.
Like a particle drawn to a magnet he returned to that which was pressing so hard in his mind.
Like Eliot, in my fantasies, I had a proud bearing and, with a skill that was vaguely continental, I would lead Jessica through an evening of dancing and handsome descriptions of my newest exploits, would guide her gently to the night's climax which, in my dreams, was always represented by our almost suffocating one another to death with deep, moist kisses burning with love.
Like many others, he had to work hard, long hours in a struggling family business which, though it was allied to art of a kind -- the design and production of engraved seals -- bore no relation to the painting of pictures.
Like a wise gardener, Hardy pruned away the Shakespearian sonnets and songs, and the elements of meter and poetic diction to which his personal style was not suited, and let the main stock of his talent flourish.
Like many regular army officers from the South he was opposed to secession, but resigned his commission soon after he heard of the secession of his adopted state Texas.
Like Achilles in a later generation, he was trained by the centaur Chiron.
Like Emerson, Alcott was always optimistic, idealistic, and individualistic in thinking.
Like the historical Absalom, Absalom Kumalo was at odds with his father, the two fighting a moral and ethical battle of sorts over the course of some of the novel's most important events.
Like his father, Alboin was raised a pagan, although Audoin had at one point attempted to gain Byzantine support against his neighbours by professing himself a Catholic.
Like other children of the rich Meccan merchant families, Abu Bakr was literate and developed a fondness for poetry.
Like many ancient historians, Ammianus had a strong political and religious agenda to pursue, however, and he contrasted Constantius II with Julian to the former's constant disadvantage ; like all ancient writers he was skilled in rhetoric, and this shows in his work.
" Like his brother Baldwin III, he was more of an academic than a warrior, who studied law and languages in his leisure time: " He was well skilled in the customary law by which the kingdom was governed – in fact, he was second to no one in this respect.
Like his mother, neither he nor Christine sought a divorce for the next thirty years and it was only in 1997 that they formally divorced ; Ayckbourn married Heather Stoney.
Like the previous, this Aeolus was said to have had had twelve children-six sons and six daughters.
In 2010, the Australian a cappella Quartet The Idea of North was nominated for an ARIA for their seventh studio album, " Feels Like Spring ", bringing a cappella music back into pop culture.
Like all early Germanic rulers, he was heavily involved in ecclesiastical disputes ; in 895, at the Diet of Tribur, he presided over a dispute between the Episcopal sees of Bremen, Hamburg and Cologne over jurisdictional authority, which saw Bremen and Hamburg remain a combined see, independent of the see of Cologne.

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