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Like and Eastern
Like the Roman Catholic Church, these ancient Eastern churches may use the doctrine of apostolic succession in ministry in their apologetics against Protestantism.
Like the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church also traces its heritage to the foundation of Christianity through Apostolic succession and has an episcopal structure, though the autonomy of the individual, mostly national churches is emphasized.
Like many of the Eastern Fathers, he has an essentially moralistic conception of Christianity.
Like its Eastern Caribbean neighbors, the main priority of Dominica's foreign relations is economic development.
Like Eastern Christianity, Western Christianity traces its roots, directly or indirectly, to the apostles and other early preachers of the religion.
Like many other Roman institutions, the praetor (, praitōr ) survived in the Eastern Roman ( Byzantine ) Empire.
Like Eugene, Vitalian tried to restore the connection with Constantinople by making friendly advances to the Eastern Emperor Constans II and to prepare the way for the settlement of the Monothelite controversy.
Like many cities in Eastern Oregon, it had a flourishing Chinatown.
Like its Middle Eastern namesake, the Jordan River flows from a fresh water lake ( Utah Lake ) to an inland salt sea ( Great Salt Lake ).
Like the musical genres of the Nile Valley and the Horn of Africa ( sky-blue and dark green region on map ), its music has close ties with Middle Eastern music.
Like Romanians themselves, it is defined as the meeting point of three regions: Central Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Balkans, but cannot be truly included in any of them.
Like all Oriental Orthodox Churches, the Armenian Church has been referred to as monophysite by both Catholic and Eastern Orthodox theologians because it rejected the decisions of the Council of Chalcedon, which condemned the belief of one incarnate nature of Christ ( monophysis ).
Like any other Eastern Caribbean town, Anse-Bertrand experiences quite evenly spread rainfall during the year, with a wetter season between July and November which coincides with hurricane season.
Like any other Eastern Caribbean town, Deshaies experiences quite evenly spread rainfall during the year, with a wetter season between July and November which coincides with hurricane season.
Like most warblers, Eastern Olivaceous is insectivorous.
Like most warblers, Eastern Bonelli's is insectivorous.
Like any other Eastern Caribbean settlement, Baillif experiences quite evenly spread rainfall during the year, with a wetter season between July and November which coincides with hurricane season.
Like any other Eastern Caribbean city, Capesterre-Belle-Eau experiences quite evenly spread rainfall during the year, with a wetter season between July and November which coincides with hurricane season.
Like any other Eastern Caribbean city, Pointe-à-Pitre experiences quite evenly spread rainfall during the year, with a wetter season between July and November which coincides with hurricane season.
Like most predators, Eastern Screech-Owls are opportunistic hunters.
Like most other Local Service airlines Southern flew only Douglas DC-3s for its first few years ; it began acquiring 40-passenger secondhand Martin 4-0-4 piston airliners from Eastern Air Lines in 1961 and its last DC-3 was retired in 1967.
The winners of the 2010 Melodi Grand Prix, Christina Chanée and Tomas N ' evergreen with " In a Moment Like This " were already doing well in Eastern Europe by mid-March as their song became the most popular download in several countries.
Like most Restorationist sects of Christianity, and unlike the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran and some Reformed churches, the LDS Church does not teach any kind of Real Presence.
Like the rest of the Eastern Bloc economies, producer goods were favored over consumer goods, causing consumer goods to be lacking in quantity and quality in the shortage economies that resulted.

Like and Orthodox
Like the Roman Catholic Church, Anglican Communion, Assyrian Church of the East, Oriental Orthodoxy and some other churches, Orthodox bishops trace their lineage back to the apostles through the process of apostolic succession.
Like the Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church claims to be the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.
Like other native Greek Catholics, they celebrate Easter using the same calendar as the Greek Orthodox church.
Like Saturday ( Savato, Σάββατο ) and Sunday, ( Kiriaki, Κυριακή ), Friday is named for its liturgical significance, as the day of preparation before Sabbath, which was inherited by Greek Christian Orthodox culture from Jewish practices.
Like many a ruler of an Orthodox land before him, Ferdinand had a " dream of a new Byzantium ".
Like Orthodox Jews, other Jewish denominations may use any or all of the traditional areas and modes of Torah study.
Like many other Orthodox Jews, he does not believe that God forces people to follow Jewish law ; rather he believes that Jewish law is God's will for the Jewish people, and that Jews should follow Jewish law as normative.
Like the Romanian coat of arms, the Moldovan arms, adopted in 1990, features a dark golden eagle holding an Orthodox Christian cross in its beak.
Like the Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church and some others have always referred to themselves as the Catholic church.
Like most other Great Russians, Pomors are traditionally Orthodox Christians ; prior to 1917 a large percentage of Russians from Pomorje ( or Pomors ) were practicing Old Believers.
Like his teacher Ioakinf Bichurin, Palladius was a Russian Orthodox monk.
Like Moldova, Budjak is home to a small minority of Gagauzes: an Orthodox Christian Turkic people who arrived from eastern Balkans in the early 19th century, and settled part the area vacated by the Nogais.
Like the practitioners of other beliefs including Orthodox Christians, Muslims suffered under the restriction of religious freedom by the Marxist-Leninist Zhivkov regime which instituted state atheism and suppressed religious communities.
Like many other Orthodox immigrants, they were predominantly young, illiterate, male peasants.

Like and Roman
Like the Roman Catholic deuterocanonical books, these texts are integrated with the rest of the Old Testament, not printed in a separate section.
Like the majority of Belgians at that time, his family belonged to the Roman Catholic Church, though were not particularly devout.
Like Petrarch, who had been the first famous philologist to study the works of the ancient Roman poets, Alberti loved classics, but he compared continual reading and rereading in libraries.
Like many Italian dishes, minestrone was probably originally not a dish made for its own sake, like for example the ancient Roman green onion soup " Patella Lucretiana ", or Lucrezio's dish.
Like most northern Italian cities, it was nominally a part of the Holy Roman Empire created by Charlemagne, but locally ruled by its bishops, the first being Guibodus.
Like other iterations of the Inquisition, the Roman Inquisition was responsible for prosecuting individuals accused of committing offences relating to heresy, including Protestantism, sorcery, immorality, blasphemy, Judaizing and witchcraft, as well for censorship of printed literature.
Like all of Poland, Wrocław's population is predominantly Roman Catholic ; the city is the seat of an Archdiocese.
Like other contemporary arrangements, the agreement stressed the responsibility of the adopted rather than adopter, focusing on the fact that, under the contract, the adoptive father was meant to be cared for in his old age ; an idea that is similar to the conceptions of adoption under Roman law.
Like many other Roman towns however, Winchester began to decline in the later fourth century.
Like her mother, Ellen Ewing Sherman was a devout Roman Catholic, and the Shermans ' eight children were reared in that faith.
Like her brother, Berenice was a client ruler of the parts of the Roman Empire that lie in the present-day Syria.
Like much Roman comedy, it is probably translated from an earlier Greek original, most commonly held to be Philemon's Long Night, or Rhinthon's Amphitryon, both now lost.
Like most borderland tribes, they were looked upon as barbarians by the Romans even though they had been Roman subjects for more than five centuries.
Like many other figures in Greek and Roman mythology, Plutus ' name is related to several English words.
Like other towers in the town, from 1686 onwards, the Constance Tower was used as a prison for the Huguenots who refused to convert to Roman Catholicism.
Like Belatu-Cadros, he was probably worshipped by lower-ranked Roman soldiers as well as Britons.
Like many others, St. Kieran's is a casualty in the widespread restructuring and consolidation of Roman Catholic churches currently underway in America.
Like the hairstyles, the clothing depicted also follows the general fashions of the Roman Empire, as known from statues and busts.

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