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Page "Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period" ¶ 48
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Like and Former
Like the older Brampton plant ( see " Former Factory Facilities ", below ), this factory was also part of American Motors Canada, Inc., and with the Chrysler buy-out in 1987, became part of Chrysler Canada Limited.
Former Alaska Governor and 2008 Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin was featured on the cover of the November 23, 2009 issue of Newsweek, with the caption " How do you Solve a Problem Like Sarah?

Like and Shu
Like the Ho Tu ( 河圖 ), the Lo Shu square, in conjunction with the 8 trigrams, is sometimes used as a mandalic representation important in Feng Shui ( 風水 ) geomancy.

Like and capital
Like Balzac, Zola ’ s imagination was roused by Paris and all that the capital represented to him.
Like money, financial instruments may be " backed " by state military fiat, credit ( i. e. social capital held by banks and their depositors ), or commodity resources.
Like all capital punishment, it is forbidden to members of the Council of Europe by the European Convention on Human Rights.
Like the German capital Berlin Enschede has a troubled urban economy, but is still home to a vibrant artistic scene.
Like many towns in Bennington County, Pownal is much closer to New York's state capital of Albany than to its own state capital of Montpelier.
Like the rest of the Greek population, Arvanites have been emigrating from their villages to the cities and especially to the capital Athens.
Like other venture capital firms, the firm does not discourage transactions among companies in which it holds a stake.
Brough died in Washington, D. C. Like many other Arkansas governors, he is interred at the Roselawn Memorial Park Cemetery in the capital city of Little Rock.
Like the Roman emperors, he maintained a system of roads between his capital and provincial towns.
Like the other Roman resorts, Caieta was linked to the capital of the Empire by Via Appia and its end trunk Via Flacca ( or Valeria ), through an opposite diverticulum or bye-road.
Like annuities, distribution yields from REITs, Royalty trusts, and Income trusts often include cash that exceeds the income earned: that is return of capital.
Like his neighbor Sihon of Heshbon, whom Moses had previously conquered at the battle of Jahaz he was an Amorite king, the ruler of Bashan, which contained sixty walled cities and many unwalled towns, with his capital at Ashtaroth ( probably modern Tell Ashareh, where there still exists a 70-foot mound ).
Like his father, Reccared had his capital at Toledo.
Like Los Angeles, Bangkok ( Thailand's capital ) is known as " the City of Angels " ( Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Bangkok's official name, means " the City of Angels ").
Like 74 other countries in the world, Iran carries out capital punishment.
Like Madgearu, he appealed to the works of Rudolf Hilferding, but used them as a basis to argue that foreign capital was being accumulated inside Romania, and only transferred further through a limited number of industries.
Like the Australian capital, Canberra and the nearby town of Leeton, Griffith was designed by Walter Burley Griffin.
Like most Philippine towns that sprawl outward from the capital, is made up of houses, farms and light agricultural industry.
" Like her successor Martha, Rose is from London ; Brett Mills from the University of East Anglia makes the assumption that this is because characters from the capital of the country are " relatable to all British people " because they are seen as " neutral ".
Like every cities in Western Guinea, including the capital Conakry, the Susu language is the most widely spoken language in Kindia and is understood by virtually the entire population.
Like his father, Henry desired to set Goslar as the fixed capital of the German Kingdom.
Like his brother King Norodom, Sisowath was educated in the Siamese capital of Bangkok.
Like capital, labor movements are not permitted in the Heckscher-Ohlin world, since this would drive an equalization of relative abundances of the two production factors, just as in the case of capital immobility above.

Like and was
Like Napoleon, he was the worst of losers.
Like his volume on Wycliffe, the work was accompanied by the publication of a selected group of documents, in this case illustrative of the history of Queen Anne's reign down to 1707.
Like all Russians he was an emotional man, and in him the emotions warred.
Like the bell at Mass, the doorbell was pitched too high.
Like a particle drawn to a magnet he returned to that which was pressing so hard in his mind.
Like Eliot, in my fantasies, I had a proud bearing and, with a skill that was vaguely continental, I would lead Jessica through an evening of dancing and handsome descriptions of my newest exploits, would guide her gently to the night's climax which, in my dreams, was always represented by our almost suffocating one another to death with deep, moist kisses burning with love.
Like many others, he had to work hard, long hours in a struggling family business which, though it was allied to art of a kind -- the design and production of engraved seals -- bore no relation to the painting of pictures.
Like a wise gardener, Hardy pruned away the Shakespearian sonnets and songs, and the elements of meter and poetic diction to which his personal style was not suited, and let the main stock of his talent flourish.
Like many regular army officers from the South he was opposed to secession, but resigned his commission soon after he heard of the secession of his adopted state Texas.
Like Achilles in a later generation, he was trained by the centaur Chiron.
Like Emerson, Alcott was always optimistic, idealistic, and individualistic in thinking.
Like the historical Absalom, Absalom Kumalo was at odds with his father, the two fighting a moral and ethical battle of sorts over the course of some of the novel's most important events.
Like his father, Alboin was raised a pagan, although Audoin had at one point attempted to gain Byzantine support against his neighbours by professing himself a Catholic.
Like other children of the rich Meccan merchant families, Abu Bakr was literate and developed a fondness for poetry.
Like many ancient historians, Ammianus had a strong political and religious agenda to pursue, however, and he contrasted Constantius II with Julian to the former's constant disadvantage ; like all ancient writers he was skilled in rhetoric, and this shows in his work.
" Like his brother Baldwin III, he was more of an academic than a warrior, who studied law and languages in his leisure time: " He was well skilled in the customary law by which the kingdom was governed – in fact, he was second to no one in this respect.
Like his mother, neither he nor Christine sought a divorce for the next thirty years and it was only in 1997 that they formally divorced ; Ayckbourn married Heather Stoney.
Like the BBC Micro, the Electron was constrained by limited memory resources.
Like the previous, this Aeolus was said to have had had twelve children-six sons and six daughters.
In 2010, the Australian a cappella Quartet The Idea of North was nominated for an ARIA for their seventh studio album, " Feels Like Spring ", bringing a cappella music back into pop culture.
Like all early Germanic rulers, he was heavily involved in ecclesiastical disputes ; in 895, at the Diet of Tribur, he presided over a dispute between the Episcopal sees of Bremen, Hamburg and Cologne over jurisdictional authority, which saw Bremen and Hamburg remain a combined see, independent of the see of Cologne.

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