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Like and historical
Like much of his mature work, it employs an idiosyncratic adaptation of Schoenberg's twelve-tone technique that enables the composer to produce passages openly evoking tonality, including quotations from historical tonal music, such as a Bach chorale and a Carinthian folk song.
Like other Reconstructionist traditions, Celtic Reconstructionist Pagans emphasize historical accuracy.
Like many other Chinese historical figures, Chiang used several names throughout his life.
Like the Turk, wrote Benjamin, " he puppet called ' historical materialism ' is always supposed to win.
Like other Reconstructionist traditions, Celtic Reconstructionists emphasize historical accuracy.
Like the comparable field of art history, different branches and schools of historical musicology emphasize different types of musical works and different approaches to music.
Like other Reconstructionist traditions, Celtic Reconstructionists place emphasis on historical accuracy, and base their celebrations and rituals on traditional lore from the living Celtic cultures, as well as research into the older beliefs of the polytheistic Celts.
Like many areas of the Scottish Highlands, historical deforestation, overgrazing by sheep and deer, and extensive 20th century afforestation with non-native tree species ( particularly conifers ) have resulted in landscapes which are semi-natural.
Like in any other historical discipline, most research in music history can be roughly divided into two categories: the establishing of factual and correct data and the interpretation of data.
Like several other Massachusetts counties, Essex County exists today only as a historical geographic region, and has no county government.
Like an increasing number of Massachusetts counties, Hampden County exists today only as a historical geographic region, and has no county government.
Like a number of Massachusetts counties, Hampshire County exists today both as a historical geographic region and a judicial district ; it has no county government.
Like other Polytheistic Reconstructionist traditions, Celtic Reconstructionists ( CRs ) emphasize historical accuracy.
" Like Lincoln, he believed slavery could and should be extinguished by long-run historical forces rather than by coercion or war.
Like many historical dramas, Pearl Harbor provoked debate about the artistic license taken by its producers and director.
Like all other Polynesian languages, Tuvaluan descends from an ancestral language, which historical linguists refer to as " Proto-Polynesian ", which was spoken perhaps about 2, 000 years ago.
Like Pea Island after the inlet separating it from Hatteras Island closed, the two joined areas have maintained their historical names.
Like earlier Durham writers, Symeon finds historical continuity between the major phases of the community's development in the constant presence of their patron, Saint Cuthbert.
( see Kamigata ) Like all regions of Japan, the Kansai region is not an administrative unit, but rather a cultural and historical one, which emerged much later during the Heian Period after the expansion of Japan saw the development of the Kanto Region to the east and the need to differentiate what was previously the center of Japan in Kansai emerged.
Like Vidal's historical novels Julian and Creation, Burr contains an imaginary memoir.
Like Friedrich Christoph Dahlmann, he placed his historical learning at the service of the estates of Schleswig and Holstein and composed the address of 1844, in which the estates protested against the claim of King Christian VIII of Denmark to alter the law of succession in the duchies, an issue diplomatically negotiated through the London Protocol of 1852, and ultimately resolved in a war between Denmark and allied forces from Austria and Prussia in the Second Schleswig War.
Like former historical rivalries between the kings of Luang Phrabang, Champasak and Vientiane, post-independence Laos was quickly divided between the royalists under Prince Boun Oum of Champasak ( ເຈ ົ້ າບ ຸ ນອ ຸ້ ມ ນະ ຈຳປາສ ັ ກ, เจ ้ าบ ุ ญอ ุ้ ม ณ จำปาศ ั กด ิ์), the neutralists under Prince Souvanna Phouma ( ເຈ ົ້ າສວ ັ ນນະພ ູ ມາ, เจ ้ าส ุ วรรณภ ู มา ), and the communist Pathet Lao ( ປະເທດລາວ, ประเทศลาว, pá tʰêːt lá: w ) under his half-brother Prince Souphanouvong ( ເຈ ົ້ າສ ຸ ພານນະວ ົ ງ, เจ ้ าส ุ ภาน ุ วงศ ์).
Like Zhuang, Zhong may also be the short form of Buzhuang, which Zhuang people use to refer to themselves, as the pronunciation of Zhong and Zhuang is similar, and Zhong was once a variant form of Zhuang in the Han Chinese historical books.
Like Agathon and Aristophanes, Alcibiades is a historical person from ancient Athens.

Like and Absalom
Like other Faulkner novels, Absalom, Absalom!

Like and was
Like Napoleon, he was the worst of losers.
Like his volume on Wycliffe, the work was accompanied by the publication of a selected group of documents, in this case illustrative of the history of Queen Anne's reign down to 1707.
Like all Russians he was an emotional man, and in him the emotions warred.
Like the bell at Mass, the doorbell was pitched too high.
Like a particle drawn to a magnet he returned to that which was pressing so hard in his mind.
Like Eliot, in my fantasies, I had a proud bearing and, with a skill that was vaguely continental, I would lead Jessica through an evening of dancing and handsome descriptions of my newest exploits, would guide her gently to the night's climax which, in my dreams, was always represented by our almost suffocating one another to death with deep, moist kisses burning with love.
Like many others, he had to work hard, long hours in a struggling family business which, though it was allied to art of a kind -- the design and production of engraved seals -- bore no relation to the painting of pictures.
Like a wise gardener, Hardy pruned away the Shakespearian sonnets and songs, and the elements of meter and poetic diction to which his personal style was not suited, and let the main stock of his talent flourish.
Like many regular army officers from the South he was opposed to secession, but resigned his commission soon after he heard of the secession of his adopted state Texas.
Like Achilles in a later generation, he was trained by the centaur Chiron.
Like Emerson, Alcott was always optimistic, idealistic, and individualistic in thinking.
Like his father, Alboin was raised a pagan, although Audoin had at one point attempted to gain Byzantine support against his neighbours by professing himself a Catholic.
Like other children of the rich Meccan merchant families, Abu Bakr was literate and developed a fondness for poetry.
Like many ancient historians, Ammianus had a strong political and religious agenda to pursue, however, and he contrasted Constantius II with Julian to the former's constant disadvantage ; like all ancient writers he was skilled in rhetoric, and this shows in his work.
" Like his brother Baldwin III, he was more of an academic than a warrior, who studied law and languages in his leisure time: " He was well skilled in the customary law by which the kingdom was governed – in fact, he was second to no one in this respect.
Like his mother, neither he nor Christine sought a divorce for the next thirty years and it was only in 1997 that they formally divorced ; Ayckbourn married Heather Stoney.
Like the BBC Micro, the Electron was constrained by limited memory resources.
Like the previous, this Aeolus was said to have had had twelve children-six sons and six daughters.
In 2010, the Australian a cappella Quartet The Idea of North was nominated for an ARIA for their seventh studio album, " Feels Like Spring ", bringing a cappella music back into pop culture.
Like all early Germanic rulers, he was heavily involved in ecclesiastical disputes ; in 895, at the Diet of Tribur, he presided over a dispute between the Episcopal sees of Bremen, Hamburg and Cologne over jurisdictional authority, which saw Bremen and Hamburg remain a combined see, independent of the see of Cologne.

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