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Likewise and fixed
Likewise, the ecliptic itself is not fixed.
Likewise, award-winning writers Duncan Mackay, of The Guardian, and Steven Downes unravelled many scandals involving doping, fixed races and bribery in international athletics in their 1996 book, Running Scared, which offered an account of the threats by a senior track official that led to the suicide of their sports journalist colleague, Cliff Temple.
Likewise, holes near the p n interface begin to diffuse into the n-type region, leaving fixed ions ( acceptors ) with negative charge.
Likewise along any fixed value of frequency the value of the function varies as a complex exponential in time.
Likewise, due to limitations on permittivity, stable suspension or levitation cannot be achieved in a static magnetic field with a system of permanent magnets or fixed current electromagnets.

Likewise and point
Likewise, the boiling point decreases with decreasing pressure until the triple point is reached.
Likewise, spheres are compact, but a sphere missing a point is not since a sequence of points can tend to the missing point without tending to any point within the space.
Likewise in xylenes and also dichlorobenzenes the melting point increases in the order meta, ortho and then para.
Likewise, a previously unoccupied time slot or frequency band may be occupied by a signal inserted at the drop-and-insert point.
Likewise, moving to point C from point A is not Pareto efficient, as fewer guns are produced.
Likewise, the curvature of a plane curve at any point is the limiting ratio of dθ, an infinitesimal angle ( in radians ) between tangents to that curve at the ends of an infinitesimal segment of the curve, to the length of that segment ds, i. e., dθ / ds.
Likewise, at sunset, the earliest sunset will occur when the Sun is at its lowest point on the analemma when it is close to the western horizon, and the latest sunset when it is at the highest point.
Likewise, flight numbers larger than 9000 are usually referred to ferry flights, that carry no passengers and are only to move an aircraft from point A to point B, where it is supposed to start a new commercial flight.
Likewise, the school of psychology known as behaviorism ( see Verbal Behavior ( 1957 ) by B. F. Skinner ) puts forth the point of view that language is a behavior shaped by conditioned response, hence it is learned.
Likewise, firms are assumed to choose hiring, investment, and output on the basis of productivity and demand over the foreseeable future, instead of considering these quantities at just one point in time.
Likewise where the price is below the equilibrium point there is a shortage in supply leading to an increase in prices back to equilibrium.
So, any point on or inside the sphere could send a signal moving at the speed of light or slower that would have time to influence the event E, while points outside the sphere at that moment would not be able to have any causal influence on E. Likewise, the set of events that lie on or inside the future light cone of E would also be the set of events that could receive a signal sent out from the position and time of E, so the future light cone contains all the events that could potentially be causally influenced by E. Events which lie neither in the past or future light cone of E cannot influence or be influenced by E in relativity.
Likewise, during the Miner's Strike of 1984-5, the party walked a line between supporting the miners whilst simultaneously suggesting that they couldn't and wouldn't win: It is our job as socialists, then, to stand with our fellow workers in their necessary battles to defend themselves, but to point out at all times that the real victory to be achieved is the abolition of the wages system.
In particular, a vector field on a smooth manifold M is a choice of tangent vector at each point of M: this is a section of the tangent bundle of M. Likewise, a 1-form on M is a section of the cotangent bundle.
Likewise, his conservative family ostracised him from that point onwards.
Likewise, he deplores implementing scenarios to show off technology just for the sake of it, sarcastically asking what is the point of cutting down " thousand heads of cabbages on screen.
Likewise, Wormeln's surrounding area has yielded archaeological finds that point to ancient settlement.
Likewise, chokes are usually not applied to the point where they cut off the oxygen supply to the opponent's brain.

Likewise and theorem
Likewise, Arrow's impossibility theorem demonstrates difficulties in mapping voting results to the will of the people.
Likewise Isenkrahe's violation of the energy conservation law is unacceptable, and Kelvin's application of Clausius ' theorem leads ( as noted by Kelvin himself ) to some sort of perpetual motion mechanism.

Likewise and based
Likewise, Mao Zedong rejected environmentalism and believed that, based on the laws of historical materialism, all of nature must be put into the service of revolution.
Likewise, Mande is often assumed to be the second-most distant branch based on its lack of the noun-class system prototypical of the Niger Congo family.
" Likewise, certain types of ethical theories, especially deontological ethics, sometimes distinguish between ' ethics ' and ' morals ': " Although the morality of people and their ethics amounts to the same thing, there is a usage that restricts morality to systems such as that of Kant, based on notions such as duty, obligation, and principles of conduct, reserving ethics for the more Aristotelian approach to practical reasoning, based on the notion of a virtue, and generally avoiding the separation of ' moral ' considerations from other practical considerations.
Likewise, Richard's room filled with Macintosh computers and synthesisers was based on Adams ' own flat ( visited and photographed by Hi-Fi Choice Magazine ).
Likewise, The Dead Zone, a series based on the Stephen King novel, takes place in a fictional suburb of Bangor called Cleaves Mills.
Likewise, Eliade notes that Nazism involved a pseudo-pagan mysticism based on ancient Germanic religion.
Likewise, in contemporary jazz theory, its use is commonly based upon the key rather than the individual chord.
Likewise, it reinforced the Assembly's strength and forced the King to formally request that voting occur based on head, not order.
Likewise, Freemasonry is outlawed in the PRC and thus the Grand Lodge of China is based in Taiwan.
Likewise, larger defects of the mucosa do require correction with an anteriorly based septal mucosal flap.
Likewise the former flag of Belarus and the Ukrainian flag are also based on earlier influences.
Likewise, if it is intended to provide a minimum value for the convertible at maturity, exchange may be into a sufficient number of shares ( based on the stock price at maturity ) to provide that minimum redemption value.
Likewise Tantrum, the purple monster Thomas turns into, appearance-wise, powers, low intellect, behavior and speech patterns is based on Marvel's Hulk.
Likewise, modern intentional communities based on socialist ideas could also be categorized as " utopian socialist ".
Likewise, the congressional districts and the electoral college during the 2020 general elections will still be based on the 2010 census.
Likewise, the theory that Cogidubnus was created legatus, a rank only ever given to senators, is based on reconstructing the damaged Chichester inscription to read as Cogidubni regis legati Augusti in Britannia (" king and imperial legate in Britain ").
Likewise, some say that the human mind is not naturally inclined to form beliefs based on evidence, viz.
Likewise, Metacritic gave the film a score of 28 out of 100, based on a sample of 17 professional reviews.
Likewise, as laser printers became cheaper, followed by inkjet printers, the need for electrofax based printers & plotters faded.
Likewise, alarm disabling based on unit association or suppressing audible annunciation based on priority do not provide dynamic, selective alarm annunciation.
Likewise, the anomaly does not appear in the orbits of Neptune's moons, challenging the possibility that the Pioneer anomaly may be an unconventional gravitational phenomenon based on range from the Sun.
Likewise, also according to the QS 2009 Asian University Rankings, the university continentally ranked 153rd based on a recruiter review survey.

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