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Likewise and Gary
Likewise, Gary and Val's daughter Lucy ( Charlene Tilton ) made her only appearance during the first season but then remained on Dallas, even though Gary and Val's original plan was to bring Lucy to California.

Likewise and Taylor
Likewise, if a player selects Peach in Brawl using a Wii Remote or classic controller, Peach's taunt from Melee ( then voiced by Taylor ) will sound over the Wii Remote's speaker if the volume is on.
Likewise, the various articles written by Taylor and Trevor-Roper denouncing each other's scholarship, in which both men's considerable powers of invective were employed with maximum effect, made for entertaining reading.
Likewise, Brooke and Ridge resumed their pattern of an on-again-off-again relationship, in-between Brooke's relationship s with other men and Forrester family members, and Ridge's multiple reunions with Taylor.
Likewise, evidence for the asymmetry was considered to be " plentiful ” ( Fiske & Taylor, 1991, p. 73 ) and “ pervasive ” ( Aronson, 2002, p. 168 ).
Likewise, LDS Apostles John Taylor, Orson Pratt ( a mathematician with an interest in astronomy ), Orson F. Whitney, and Alvin R. Dyer referred to Kolob as a planet.
Likewise in the United States, the Lacoste brand can be found in stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Belk, Halls, and other independent retailers.
Likewise, in various systems and geometries, when the Taylor number exceeds a critical value, inertial instabilities set in, sometimes known as Taylor instabilities, which may lead to Taylor vortices or cells.

Likewise and analysis
Likewise, analysis, geometry and topology, although considered pure mathematics, find applications in theoretical physics — string theory, for instance.
Likewise, Brewer ( 1967 ) identified a protein that later became known as superoxide dismutase as an indophenol oxidase by protein analysis of starch gels using the phenazine-tetrazolium technique.
Likewise, Jan Tinbergen, who won the first Nobel Prize in economics in 1969 for having developed and applied dynamic models for the analysis of economic processes, studied physics with Paul Ehrenfest at Leiden University.
Likewise, Dr. Clausen ’ s analysis of the wild sweet pea ( Hedysarum mackenzii )— given as the cause of Chris ’ s death in the 2007 Sean Penn film — has also turned up no toxic compounds, and there is not a single account in modern medical literature of anyone ever being poisoned by this species of plant.
Likewise, in syntax, through paradigmatic and syntagmatic analysis, we can discover the grammatical rules for constructing sentences: the meaning of je dois (" I should ") and dois je?

Likewise and 1
Likewise, many things sit on surfaces ( as in picture 1, to the right ).
Likewise, there is an element, called the multiplicative identity element and denoted by 1, such that for all a in F, a · 1 = a.
Likewise using the 4 × 4 Dirac gamma matrices gives rise to the 4 component Dirac spinors used in 3 + 1 dimensional relativistic quantum field theory.
Likewise, if Q ( x, n ) denotes the number of n-free integers ( e. g. 3-free integers being cube-free integers ) between 1 and x, one can show
Likewise with CATV, although many broadcast TV installations and CATV headends use 300 Ω folded dipole antennas to receive off-the-air signals, 75 Ω coax makes a convenient 4: 1 balun transformer for these as well as possessing low attenuation.
Likewise, if the ETF starts the trading session higher by $ 1. 12, then that would signal an approximate gain for the Dow of 112 points at the open, even if some components begin trading at 9: 31 am or 9: 33 am due to a delay.
* Likewise, the sine function is Lipschitz continuous because its derivative, the cosine function, is bounded above by 1 in absolute value.
Likewise, " 1 C corresponds to " when describing an electric displacement field flux.
Likewise, if is normally distributed, then so is, where a is a positive number ≠ 1.
Likewise, 1 hour is equal to 60 minutes, or 3, 600 seconds.
Likewise, Michael Hattaway, in both his 1990 New Cambridge Shakespeare edition of 1 Henry VI and his 1991 edition of 2 Henry VI argues that the evidence suggests 1 Henry VI was written first.
Likewise, the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ( ICCPR ) mentions conscience in Article 18. 1.
Likewise on Titus 1: 16 (" They profess that they know God ; but in works they deny, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.
Likewise, Charles Barkley was one of the most dominating power forwards, despite also reaching only 6 feet 4 3 / 4 inches ( 1. 95 mt ).
Likewise, S < sup > 2n + 1 </ sup > is a principal U ( 1 )- bundle over complex projective space CP < sup > n </ sup > and S < sup > 4n + 3 </ sup > is a principal Sp ( 1 )- bundle over quaternionic projective space HP < sup > n </ sup >.
The archaeologist Euan Mackie wrote " Likewise it cannot be doubted that important regional cultures existed in the Neolithic period and can be defined by different kinds of stone circles and local pottery styles ( Ruggles & Barclay 2000: figure 1 ).
Likewise, the Millennium Line of the SkyTrain connects the same communities as the former Burnaby Lake Line ; however, the new SkyTrain line does not follow the original right-of-way, which is now the route of Highway 1 through Burnaby.

Likewise and Henry
Likewise, Paul Brennan's Henry was closely modelled after King Edward VIII, prior to his abdication.
Likewise, Paul Brennan's Henry was closely modelled after King Edward VIII, before his abdication.
Likewise, Paul Brennan's Henry was modelled after the King Edward VIII, prior to his abdication.
Likewise, Henry Litolff wrote five Concerto Symphoniques, also with a piano obbligato ,.
Likewise, there is no connection between the original Embassy Records and Embassy Productions, a heavy metal record label from the 1990s, or with the Avco Embassy record label that released records by The Chambers Brothers, The Stylistics and Henry Mancini ( amongst others ) in the 1960s and 1970s.
Likewise the Presbyterian minister supports the Conservative Party regardless of the fact that twenty-year veteran Liberal MP John Henry Bagshaw is a co-religionist and is seen as a supporter of that community.

Likewise and VI
Likewise Pope John Paul I, who chose his double name to honour predecessors John XXIII and Paul VI, and was succeeded by John Paul II.

Likewise and argues
Likewise Stephen Cooper, in his 2004 book Philip Larkin: Subversive Writer, argues that the stylistic and thematic influences of Trouble at Willow Gables and Michaelmas Term at St Brides anticipate the poetry's recurrent concern with rebellion and conformity.
Likewise, Robert Kimbrough argues in his article " Macbeth: The Prisoner of Gender " that in Elizabethan literature, especially Macbeth, there is the idea that to be " manly " is to be aggressive, daring, bold, resolute, and strong, especially in the face of death.
Likewise, she argues for a Marxist history that accords equal importance to the role of both sexes in the history of revolutions, unions, political parties and protest movements.
Likewise, Lisa's challenge to Springfield calls attention to the " cultural limitations of small-town America ," while the episode also argues that intellectual disdain for the common man can be carried too far and that theory can " all to easily lose touch with common sense.
Likewise, Naik argues, “ regarding building of churches or temples, how can we allow this when their religion is wrong and when their worshipping is wrong ?”

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