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Likewise and former
Likewise a former Railway station square in Hennef has been named Banburyplatz.
Likewise, after World War II, Germany was divided into four occupation zones, which later consolidated into West Germany and East Germany, the former a member of NATO and the latter a member of the Warsaw Pact.
Likewise the former flag of Belarus and the Ukrainian flag are also based on earlier influences.
Likewise, in early 2005, the idea was suggested that former Presidents of France should become senators-for-life, instead of being able to sit in the Constitutional Council.
Likewise, he suspects that the Ingush teip Khamkhi is a remnant of the Khamekits, another former Nakh nation that was wiped out.
Likewise, the Millennium Line of the SkyTrain connects the same communities as the former Burnaby Lake Line ; however, the new SkyTrain line does not follow the original right-of-way, which is now the route of Highway 1 through Burnaby.
Likewise there is the tea plant, which bears very sweet berry, and wild thyme which we used as tea, and is very good and much more plentiful than the former.
Likewise, the former Gaeun Line railroad has been converted into a bicycle path.
Likewise the former township of Hull ( although the city itself was in Hull County ) was to the west in Gatineau County.
Likewise, the former madrasah now houses the Istanbul Municipal Library.
" Likewise, Louis Budenz, former editor of the Daily Worker, testified that Alexander Trachtenberg of the Communist Party-affiliated International Publishers told him that party leaders thought the IPR was " too much a concentration point for Communists ; the control could be maintained without such a galaxy of Communists in it.
Likewise, Magallanes was demoted as a Missionary Center from its former status as pueblo or parish.
Likewise, the town itself consisted of the former villages of Heeswijk and Dinther, which have grown together.
Likewise, his former summer mansion in Kamakura ( built in 1936 ) was used as a summer residence by Japanese Prime Minister Eisaku Sato, and later donated to the city of Kamakura for use as the Kamakura Museum of Literature.

Likewise and Social
Likewise, the alter-globalist World Social Forum has launched many national events.

Likewise and Democratic
( See Japan general election, 2003 ) Likewise, that year, the LDP won the election, even though it suffered setbacks from the new opposition party, the liberal and social-democratic Democratic Party ( DPJ ).
Likewise, in the House of Commons of Canada, one of Delta's two MP seats is held by Kerry-Lynne Findlay of the Conservative Party while the other is held by Jinny Sims of the New Democratic Party, both elected in May 2011.
Likewise, Democratic strategists have hoped that the issue of stem cell research could be used as a wedge issue against the right, since some Republicans support the research while others are morally opposed to the use of embryonic cells in research.
Likewise, any supporters of Republican Tom McClintock changed their mind at the last minute and voted for Schwarzenegger for fear of the Democratic candidate, Cruz Bustamante, winning.
Likewise, a CPVI score of D + 3 shows that a generic Democratic candidate would be expected to receive 3 percentage points more votes than the national average.

Likewise and Party
Likewise, the film Land and Freedom, directed by Ken Loach, tells of a group of POUM soldiers fighting in the war from the perspective of a British member of the British Communist Party.
Likewise, the Party is firmly committed to unilateral free trade, rejecting both protectionism and trade agreements.
Likewise the Presbyterian minister supports the Conservative Party regardless of the fact that twenty-year veteran Liberal MP John Henry Bagshaw is a co-religionist and is seen as a supporter of that community.

Likewise and leader
Likewise, during the 32 / 64-bit era, Sega ’ s market share plummeted with the Sega Saturn, and Sony – a newcomer in the industry – became the market leader ( Nintendo took second place with their Nintendo 64 ).
Likewise, some fire stations and emergency personnel use the term to identify the leader of a particular accident scene, or the leader of a hospital ward.
Likewise, the names of most of Sajer's companions and leaders don't appear on official rolls in the Bundesarchiv, nor are they known to the Grossdeutschland Veterans Association, whose leader, Helmuth Spaeter, was one of the first to question whether Sajer actually served in the Division as he claimed.
Likewise, the names of most of Sajer's companions and leaders don't appear on official rolls in the Bundesarchiv, nor are they known to the Grossdeutschland Veterans Association, whose leader, Helmuth Spaeter, was one of the first to question whether Sajer actually served in the Division as he claimed.
Likewise, if a leader has already implicitly decided on a particular course of action, an advisor wishing to have influence must work within the framework of the decision the leader has already made.
* Likewise, the famous general and military leader, Võ Nguyên Giáp, is referred to by his given name, e. g., " General Giáp.

Likewise and Nobel
Likewise, in 1963, JMG Le Clezio, winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize in literature, published the novel Le Proces-Verbal.
Likewise, Jan Tinbergen, who won the first Nobel Prize in economics in 1969 for having developed and applied dynamic models for the analysis of economic processes, studied physics with Paul Ehrenfest at Leiden University.

Likewise and Peace
Likewise, Christian martyrs were a significant part of Early Christianity, until the Peace of the Church in 313.

Likewise and winner
Likewise, the winner and co-star of the story, Enika Chelini, is a fan of Minmay.
Likewise, the 2009 winner, Little Dorrit, was a co-production of British and American companies ( in this case, the BBC and PBS ).

Likewise and John
Likewise if John says he has a flush, but in fact he does not, his hand is judged on its actual merits, not his verbal declaration.
Likewise, John Anthony Walker was advised to by his handlers not to engage in espionage until he had been promoted to the highest position for which a polygraph test was not required, to refuse promotion to higher positions for which polygraph tests were required, and to retire when promotion was mandated.
Likewise Lelio's interpretation of " Before Abraham was I am " John 8: 58 as relating to the resurrection of Abraham was taken up by Fausto.
" Although the book makes the claim that PAZUZU ( like all entities listed therein ) was of Sumerian origin, critics John Wisdom Gonce III and Daniel Harms document the erroneous nature of such a claim, stating: " Likewise, the demon Pazuzu does not appear in myth until Assyria's rise in the first millennium B. c., long after Sumer's prime ...
Likewise Pope John Paul I, who chose his double name to honour predecessors John XXIII and Paul VI, and was succeeded by John Paul II.
Likewise the many Duchies of Silesia, Głogów also fell under the overlordship of King John of Bohemia in 1329.
Likewise, the Byzantine civil-servant, soldier and historian John Kinnamos calls these " axe-bearers " which guarded the Emperor " the British nation, which has been in service to the Romans ' Emperors from a long time back.
Likewise, LDS Apostles John Taylor, Orson Pratt ( a mathematician with an interest in astronomy ), Orson F. Whitney, and Alvin R. Dyer referred to Kolob as a planet.
Likewise, it has been used by House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner, Senator Charles Grassley, Congressman Steve Buyer, and other Republicans.
Likewise for John and Eileen.
Likewise, as part of a plea bargain John Walker Lindh consented to a gag order to not talk to the press or others.
Likewise, Dionysius of Alexandria argued that Revelation was not written by John and could not be interpreted literally ; he was amillennial.
" Likewise, John Paul II said in Laborem Exercens that by his work, man shares in the image of his Creator.
Likewise, they were not offered a John Peel radio session, although they eventually did get one after asking Peel personally, following a Glastonbury performance which he appreciated.
Likewise, he made a small grant for the support of the child of the daughter of a local English farmer, of which John was the father.
Likewise, the explorer John C. Frémont used the Fort as both a staging area and as a replenishment junction, for his expeditions.
Likewise, the list of the Scriptures of the New and Eternal Testament, which the holy and Catholic Church receives: of the Gospels, one book according to Matthew, one book according to Mark, one book according to Luke, one book according to John.
Likewise, one book of the Apocalypse of John.
Likewise, the canonical Epistles, seven in number: of the Apostle Peter, two Epistles < nowiki > and Second Epistle of Peter < nowiki ></ nowiki >; of the Apostle James, one Epistle ; of the Apostle John, one Epistle ; of the other John, a Presbyter, two Epistles < nowiki > and Third Epistle of John < nowiki ></ nowiki >; of the Apostle Jude the Zealot, one Epistle.

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