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Likewise and refers
Likewise, the Esperanto word Ameriko refers only to the continent.
Likewise, " architecture " refers not only to the design of safe, functional buildings, but also to elements of creation and innovation which aim at elegant solutions to construction problems, to the use of space, and to the attempt to evoke an emotional response in the builders, owners, viewers and users of the building.
Likewise, the 6th century historian Zosimus, reporting events around AD 280, refers to " the Bastarnae, a Scythian people ".
Likewise, the number for " K " in Europe can refer to the weight of an equivalent quantity of K < sub > 2 </ sub > O, whereas in Australia it refers to elemental potassium.
Likewise, the wine jar described as a " honey jar " refers to bees, which in Roman lore are sexually abstinent, virtuous females who will desert an adulterous household.
Likewise, in his two wills, he refers to his lands as having been given him in stewardship: in the first by García, and in the second by God.
Likewise, in Scotland a bailie was the chief magistrate of a barony ( baron bailie ) or part of a county, but now refers to a municipal officer corresponding to an English alderman.
Likewise, the sum of absolute errors ( SAE ) refers to the sum of the absolute values of the residuals, which is minimized in the least absolute deviations approach to regression.
Likewise, Registered Architects sometimes use the suffix R. A., or more often a suffix such as AIA or RIBA that refers to their professional society.
Likewise, a macro lens is classically a lens capable of reproduction ratios greater than 1: 1, although it often refers to any lens with a large reproduction ratio, despite rarely exceeding 1: 1.
Likewise, a " Blended Grain Scotch Whisky " is defined as a Scotch whisky distilled from a fermented mash of one or more grains at more than one distillery, in the same way that a " Blended Malt Scotch Whisky " refers to a Scotch whisky distilled from a fermented mash of malted barley at more than one distillery.
Likewise, ' intraweb ' is formed from the prefix intra-plus web and thus refers to web sites that are only accessible to people within a specific group, organization or community.

Likewise and Milton
Likewise, Joseph E. Stiglitz, speaking not only on China but East Asia in general, comments " The countries that have managed globalization ... such as those in East Asia, have, by and large, ensured that they reaped huge benefits ..." According to The Heritage Foundation, development in China was anticipated by Milton Friedman, who predicted that even a small progress towards economic liberalization would produce dramatic and positive effects.

Likewise and other
Likewise, a group of atoms can remain bound to each other, forming a molecule.
Likewise, one might assume that criminalize acts that in themselves do not harm other people (" victimless crimes ") may prevent subsequent harmful acts ( assuming that people " prone " to commit these acts may tend to commit harmful actions in general ).
Likewise, other DNA sequences have structural purposes, or are involved in regulating the use of this genetic information.
Likewise, nations that violate international arms control agreements, even if claiming to be acting within the scope of their national sovereignty, may find themselves with a range of penalties or sanctions regarding firearms placed on them by other nations.
Likewise, Hindu customs may require gelatin-alternatives from sources other than animals.
Likewise other popular sizes are 90mm, 120mm and almost every increment in between.
Likewise, even though the people of Israel worshipped other gods, God continued to love them and did not abandon his covenant with them.
Likewise, East Asian paintings and other works of art ( such as porcelain and lacquerware ) were highly prized in Europe since initial contact in the 16th century.
Likewise, the tradename Hycodan points to its relationship with oxycodone ( Percodan ) hy-for hydrogen, per-for oxygen ( as in potassium permanganate ) -- this can also be seen with other trade names for other drugs, like Permonid ( desomorphine ) and Hydal ( hydromorphone ).
* " Likewise, hypnotic treatment may assist in insomnia in the same way as other relaxation methods.
Likewise, various parties in a dispute may be pointing blame at each other, rather than fixing the problem, and leaving the person or group suffering from the problem to continue to suffer in limbo.
Likewise, it is recommended that women at a mosque wear loose clothing that covers to the wrists and ankles, and cover their heads with a hijab or other covering.
Likewise, most cases of sciatica and other mechanical radiculopathies are treated by general practitioners, though they may be referred to neurologists or a surgeon ( neurosurgeons or orthopedic surgeons ).
Likewise, other DNA sequences have structural purposes, or are involved in regulating the use of this genetic information.
Likewise, when it is written that " the most probable explanation " of the name of Ludlow, Massachusetts " is that it was named after Roger Ludlow ", what is meant here is not that Roger Ludlow is favored by a random factor, but rather that this is the most plausible explanation of the evidence, which admits other, less likely explanations.
Likewise the draft encyclical Humani Generis Unitas (" On the Unity of the Human Race "), which was ready in September 1938 but, according to those responsible for an edition of the document and other sources, it was not forwarded to the Holy See by the Jesuit General Wlodimir Ledochowski.
Likewise, the alveolar and post-alveolar regions merge into each other, as do the hard and soft palate, the soft palate and the uvula, and indeed all adjacent regions.
Likewise, in the East, the business model existed in China 3000 years ago no different than today, through the ages strictly regulated by Imperial or other authorities.
Likewise, syncretism, the attempt to take over creeds of practices from other religions or even to blend practices or creeds from different religions into one new faith is an extreme form of inter-religious dialogue.
“ Thus we find them emerging at once in the eleventh century, in countries the most diverse, and the most remote from each other, in Italy, France, and even in the Harz districts in Germany .” Likewise, also, “ traces of Sabbath-keepers are found in the times of Gregory I, Gregory VII, and in the twelfth century in Lombardy .”
Likewise, some gay men view frotting or oral sex as maintaining their virginity, with anal penetration regarded as virginity loss, while other gay men consider frotting or oral sex to be their main forms of intercourse.
Likewise, Banach's fixed point theorem, based on earlier methods developed by Charles Émile Picard, was included in his dissertation, and was later extended by his students ( for example in the Banach – Schauder theorem ) and other mathematicians ( in particular Bouwer and Poincaré and Birkhoff ).
Likewise, Byrne – in collaboration with Eno – released My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, which incorporated world music, ' found ' sounds, and included a number of other prominent international and post-punk musicians.
Likewise, as portrayed on radio shows, children would have to explain what trick-or-treating was to puzzled adults, and not the other way around.

Likewise and contrasts
Likewise the classic twin study contrasts the differences between identical twins and fraternal twins within a family compared to differences observed between families.
Likewise, as in the first novel, Wright contrasts European / Old World mythos with the American ideals of democracy, liberty, and justice.

Likewise and character
Likewise, the process of character simplification in mainland China since the 1950s has the result that Japanese speakers who have not studied Chinese may not recognize some simplified characters.
Likewise, character set has been widely used to refer to a specific repertoire of characters that have been mapped to specific bit sequences or numerical codes.
Likewise, comics of questionable character ( in the view of the Nazis ) were banned outright.
Likewise, the 30 Rock sitcom character Dennis Duffy attracts disdain and mockery for his career as a pager salesman.
Likewise, Peter Jackson has made brief cameos in all of his movies, except for his first feature length movie Bad Taste in which he plays a main character.
" Likewise, character names are rife with puns and innuendo.
Likewise, a new antagonist named Gill took over M. Bisons role from the previous games as the new boss character.
Likewise, the headmistress of the initial drafts was not a specifically villainous character.
Likewise, blogs that ordinarily cover non-war issues may dedicate their coverage during a time of war to the conflict, with some reverting to their previous missions at the end of the war, and others retaining their new character.
Likewise, allowing a particular character into the party could cause the plot to branch off in a new direction, if even for a short time.
Likewise, Angie's portrayer Debbi Morgan became the first actor to portray the same character as a regular on three different soap operas.
Likewise, the character of Daryoon has had his name spelled / pronounced differently from " Darün " to " Dariun ".
Likewise, the animation frames when a character advances towards an opponent are the same when he or she retreats.
Likewise, for the Latin America version the main character was called Brando Drummond and the carrier " Gran Dragon del Espacio ") who was drafted for the job because his latent psychic powers made him the only one capable of doing so, all other similarly empowered candidates having been assassinated by alien agents with he himself having been injured in an attack that ended his sports career.
Likewise, the Red Room is referenced in the manga / anime series Monster, in which a backroom in a bar that's curtained off serves as a meeting place for the Baby ( whose character was partially inspired by the Man from Another Place ) and Nina Fortner.
Likewise, Gibson includes a character who awkwardly wears only one shoe ; this character ( Ashpool ) is an insane killer.
Likewise, yet another theory identifies Fergus ' father with the obscure Sumarlidi Hauldr, a character in the Orkneyinga Saga.
Likewise, Unilever used integrated agency Billington Cartmell to tie into the 2010 Football World Cup, with the character – now transformed into the " Fanimal " – on posters ( notably in pub's gents toilets with risque slogans ), print ads, radio spots, an interactive website and even distributed in the form of a shouting rubber mascot.
Likewise, the game's character designs were split amongst four artists.
Likewise, in The Nutty Professor and its sequel, Eddie Murphy played the title character and almost every member of his family.
One critic noted “ On the surface, Cleopatra Jones is about a black distaff James Bond who drives a fancy car equipped with a submachine gun in the door, wears smart clothes, is a karate expert, and travels all over the world as a United States secret agent, destroying the poppy wherever it is found .” Another critic, Chris Norton, even suggested, “ Like Bond, Cleo is not a stealthy character who tries to infiltrate the underworld by losing her identity … Bond seldom tried to hide his identity, often using his real name during introductions, and all Bond films rely on his being recognized as 007 .” Likewise, Jones is rarely undercover, and is flashy and flamboyant on tbe job.
" Likewise, when Nancy forgave Lisa for her past transgressions in the 1970s, public opinion softened toward Lisa and she became a respected character on the program.
Likewise, the character of the narrator's grandfather is loosely based on the real life story of the Rev.

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