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Likewise and follow
Likewise, as in Roman Imperial times, armies would frequently follow rivers while their supplies were being carried by barges.
Likewise, if we are engaging in a formal system of logic, then we are to simply follow the rules without question.
Likewise, many spam messages contain Web links or addresses which the user is directed to follow to be removed from the spammer's mailing list.
Likewise: " One must follow Maimonides even when the latter opposed his teachers, since he surely knew their views, and if he decided against them he must have disapproved their interpretation.
Likewise: " One must follow Maimonides even when the latter opposed his teachers, since he surely knew their views, and if he decided against them he must have disapproved their interpretation ".
Likewise, the Millennium Line of the SkyTrain connects the same communities as the former Burnaby Lake Line ; however, the new SkyTrain line does not follow the original right-of-way, which is now the route of Highway 1 through Burnaby.
" Likewise, there are a number of other constants that follow through the series, often under contrived circumstances.
Likewise the summit can be reached from Skyline Drive by following Old Rag Fire Road from the drive at milepost 43 to its eastern terminus with the Saddle Trail and then follow that trail to the summit.
Likewise, " kia ora " can follow a similar pattern to address different specific numbers of people.

Likewise and up
Likewise, the pitcher is recorded as having given up a hit, a run for each runner that scores including the batter, and an earned run each for the batter and for all baserunners who did not initially reach base on error, except that the runs scored by any runners who reached base while facing an earlier pitcher are charged to that pitcher.
Likewise, North Korea attempted another test fire in April 2012, claimed also as a satellite launch, but it broke up in flight after 90 seconds.
Likewise, he may choose to hug the sprinter's line ( a red line 85 cm up track ) to force his opponent to come higher over the top of him.
Likewise, any conductor or cable will pick up energy from any existing electromagnetic field around it.
Likewise, the Dutch set up fur trading posts in the Hudson River valley, followed by large grants of land to patroons, who brought in tenant farmers that created compact, permanent villages.
Likewise, CPU upgrades can accommodate up to 64 MB.
Likewise, the Gladenbach Uplands, lying east of the Dill, also belong to the Westerwald, whereas the mountains reaching up to 680 m near the Haiger Saddle ( Haiger Sattel ) and east of Siegen are counted as part of the Rothaargebirge.
Likewise in 1990 Stonehill teamed up with Daniel Amos once again for an " Amos n ' Randy " reunion concert at Cornerstone 90.
Likewise International Harvester survived its court test, while other trusts were broken up in tobacco, meatpacking, and bathtub fixtures.
Likewise the CBS network was hurt by affiliation switches in late 1994 relating to Fox picking up CBS's National Football League rights, stunting the Late Show just as it was beginning to gain traction.
Likewise, every beth din (" rabbinical court ") was attended by a number of pupils up to three times the size of the court ( Mishnah, tractate Sanhedrin ).
Likewise, celestial navigation was used in commercial aviation up until the early part of the jet age ; it was only phased out in the 1960s with the advent of inertial navigation systems.
The captain says, " In every town, Hot roasted pigs will meet ye, They in the streets run up and down, Still crying out, Come eat me " Likewise, he says, " At every feast, The very fowls and fishes, Nay from the biggest to the least, Comes tumbling to the dishes.
Likewise Lelio's interpretation of " Before Abraham was I am " John 8: 58 as relating to the resurrection of Abraham was taken up by Fausto.
Likewise, all documents in the empire had to have recorded the year they were written, the scribe who copied them, and up to the exact hour of delivery.
Likewise, transmitters are carefully designed to avoid unwanted interference and feature power outputs from a few tens of milliwatts to perhaps 50 watts for a mobile unit, up to a couple of hundred watts for a base station.
Likewise, air pressure acting up against an object in air is greater than the pressure above pushing down.
Likewise, the Dutch set up fur trading posts in the Hudson River valley, followed by large grants of land to rich landowning patroons who brought in tenant farmers who created compact, permanent villages.
Likewise, those strolling the streets of Manhattan's West Side could gaze up at a 102 feet tall Sports Illustrated mural of Gooden painted on the side of a building at 351 West 42nd Street in Times Square, whose caption asked " How does it feel to look down the barrel of a loaded gun?
Likewise, a pitcher can give a poor performance and give up many runs and leave the game earlier than desired, but still win because his team scored even more runs.
Likewise, to pair up with a deity with the sinister sounding name of Chernobog ( Black god ) mentioned by Helmod, the White God, or Belobog, was invented.
" and after his promotion to a general officer " he followed with conspicuous bravery every forlorn hope which the Confederacy offered ..." Likewise historian Jon L. Wakelyn summed up his military career by saying ".. he volunteered for service in the Confederate Army and distinguished himself in the western command.
Likewise, Córdoba set up its own marches as a buffer to the Christian states to the north: the Upper March ( al-Tagr al-A ' la ), centered on Zaragoza and countering the eastern Marca Hispanica ; the Middle March ( al-Tagr al-Awsat ), centred on Toledo and later Medinaceli, which faced the western Pyrenees and Asturias ; and the Lower March ( al-Tagr al-Adna ) or Distant March ( al-Tagr al-Aqsa ), centred on Mérida, and created to protect Córdoba from Asturias.
XVII., condemns the Anabaptists and others ’ who now scatter Jewish opinions that, before the resurrection of the dead, the godly shall occupy the kingdom of the world, the wicked being everywhere suppressed .’" Likewise, the Swiss Reformer, Heinrich Bullinger wrote up the Second Helvetic Confession which reads " We also reject the Jewish dream of a millennium, or golden age on earth, before the last judgment.
Likewise, German bank commissioners compelled occupied Czechoslovakia to buy up German war bonds.

Likewise and series
Likewise Rohmer's publisher, Doubleday, refused to publish further additions to the bestselling series for the duration of the Second World War once the United States entered the conflict.
Likewise, the development of a series of hydroelectric plants along the Río Paraná linked Paraguay to its neighbors and provided it access to cherished energy resources and badly needed export revenues.
Likewise, Xena is suggested to have strong feelings for Ares, but over the course of the series, never pursued them.
Likewise, in continental Europe, both original book-length stories such as La rivolta dei racchi ( 1967 ) by Guido Buzzelli, and collections of comic strips have been commonly published in hardcover volumes, often called " albums ", since the end of the 19th century ( including Franco-Belgian comics series such as " The Adventures of Tintin " and " Lieutenant Blueberry ", and Italian series such as " Corto Maltese ").
Likewise, The Dead Zone, a series based on the Stephen King novel, takes place in a fictional suburb of Bangor called Cleaves Mills.
Likewise, the 2006 video game Sonic the Hedgehog is set later in the same continuity as the first game in the series, 1991's Sonic the Hedgehog.
Likewise, the hardware and software design of the HP-48 calculators are themselves strongly influenced by other calculators in the HP line, most of all by the HP-18C and the HP-28 series.
Likewise, Lazenby has emerged as a very popular contributor to the series and has enjoyed large enthusiastic audiences during his appearances at Bond related events.
Likewise, Richard Epcar was occasionally listed in the end credits under a pseudonym of his own, Richard George ( although he was credited under his real name for the first two episodes of the series ), and Mike Reynolds was credited under the name Ray Michaels.
Likewise, in the New York Daily News, David Bianculli states that the episode is " a true tour de force, and another inventive triumph for this vastly underrated series " Brian Courtis in Australia's Sunday Age agrees, and writes that " Hush " is "( c ) lever, well-written and brightly directed ... Buffy at its best.
Likewise, other books were inspired by the series:
In German script an A and an E can become confused, as can an F and a G. Likewise, an octave line over a series of notes can begin or end ambiguously.
Likewise, the Red Room is referenced in the manga / anime series Monster, in which a backroom in a bar that's curtained off serves as a meeting place for the Baby ( whose character was partially inspired by the Man from Another Place ) and Nina Fortner.
Likewise, FanPro LLC continued to release new Classic BattleTech books in English, and in 2006 released Total Warfare, the first in a series of revised full-color books for Classic BattleTech.
Animated series: Likewise, before she was made a Guardian, Will was a normal girl with divorced parents who lived in Fadden Hills with her mother.
Likewise ; Parker abandoned the conservative suit and tie of the 1960s comics and previous animated series in favor of dark blue straight-legged linen pants ; Paired with a hip turquoise / light blue jacket over a yellow turtleneck ( although he infrequently wore a button down shirt in the series and put on a tie for the President ’ s arrival at the New York City airport in “ Dr.
Likewise, Saskia Mulder ( sister to model Karen Mulder ), made her debut abroad, appearing in French and English films and television series before making guest appearances in Dutch soap-operas.
Likewise, YEC used the C series engines in a new range of locomotives, the first of which was introduced in 1955 and which continued to evolved until 1965, the higher engine speed being an advantage for diesel-electric locomotives as well.

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