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Likewise and tale
Likewise an almost identical Swedish tale from the 18th century about a golden cross on blue appearing in 1157 during a Swedish battle in Finland.
Likewise, the Elohist describes Jacob actually wrestling with God ; later, it features the tale of Balaam and his divinely talking donkey, although this is often considered a tale that was accidentally added to the manuscript, as it appears quite unconnected to the rest of the work.
Likewise, another mistranslation of the Russian title found in English makes this a " legend " rather than simply a " tale " or " fairytale ".
Likewise, Lovecraft used Robert E. Howard's Nameless Cults in his tale " Out of the Aeons ".

Likewise and depicting
Likewise of exceptional reputation were the master of the Gorgoneion Group and the Cavalcade Painter, given this designation because of his preference for depicting horsemen on cup interiors ; he was active around 580 BC.

Likewise and origin
Likewise, the Africanist Karl Richard Lepsius considered Bantu to be of African origin, and many ' Mixed Negro languages ' as products of an encounter between Bantu and intruding Asiatic languages.
Likewise, a supplement to the Nochi Kagami, a record of the Ashikaga shogunate, confirms the same Iga origin:
" Although the book makes the claim that PAZUZU ( like all entities listed therein ) was of Sumerian origin, critics John Wisdom Gonce III and Daniel Harms document the erroneous nature of such a claim, stating: " Likewise, the demon Pazuzu does not appear in myth until Assyria's rise in the first millennium B. c., long after Sumer's prime ...
Likewise, despite its origin in New York musical politics, " Downtown " music is not solely specific to Manhattan ; many major cities such as Chicago, San Francisco, even Birmingham, Alabama have alternative, Downtown music scenes.
Likewise, some of the graphics in the game are of external origin, but all are freeware.
Likewise, cigua or cegua, names for the spirit in Honduras and Costa Rica, also have their origin in the Nahuatl word cihuatl, simply meaning " woman ".

Likewise and Greek
* Likewise the status of women seems lower in Athens than in many Greek cities.
Likewise, the hearth of the later Greek prytaneum was the ritual and secular focus of the community and its government.
Likewise, it is still Wit-Rusland in Dutch, Hviderusland in Danish, Hviterussland or Kviterussland in Norwegian, Vitryssland in Swedish, Բելառուս in Armenian, Λευκορωσία in Greek, " Biélorussie " in French, " Bielorrusia " in Spanish, " Bielorrússia " in Portuguese, Valko-Venäjä in Finnish, Valgevene in Estonian, Baltkrievija in Latvian, Baltarusija in Lithuanian and Fehéroroszország in Hungarian.
Likewise, references to emmer in Greek and Latin texts are traditionally translated as " spelt ," even though spelt was not common in the Classical world until very late in its history.
Likewise we find mention of monographs of Theophrastus on the early Greek philosophers Anaximenes, Anaxagoras, Empedocles, Archelaus, Diogenes of Apollonia, Democritus, which were made use of by Simplicius ; and also on Xenocrates, against the Academics, and a sketch of the political doctrine of Plato.
Likewise, the very term " Eucharist " ( from the Greek eucharistia ) reflects the centrality of thanksgiving.
Likewise, the restriction of the Italian and Greek masculine noun and adjective ending-o to nouns, and the feminine noun and adjective ending-a to adjectives and the article la, is an Esperanto innovation using existing forms.
Likewise, both Catholic and catholic derive from a Greek adjective meaning " universal ".
Likewise advocates of the primacy of an Aramaic New Testament have coined a new meaning for the phrase " Greek primacy " ( earliest confirmed reference 2007 ) to describe the consensus scholarly view that the New Testament was originally written in Greek.
Likewise the Gospel was chanted first in Latin by the cardinal-deacon and then in Greek by the Eastern Rite deacon.
Likewise, as regards the Syriac fragments, Vielhauer writes " the Aramaic ( Syriac ) GN cannot be explained as a retroversion of the Greek Mt ; the novelistic expansions, new formations, abbreviations and corrections forbid that.
Likewise, Modern Greek is divided into several dialects, most of them deriving from the Koiné.
Likewise, he suggests alternating between gracious offers of clemency and harsh threats of reprisals ( especially against Armenian and Syriac Christians, apostates to Islam ( Greek: μαγαρίται ), and other heretics ) whether one plans to honor these or not, as such vacillation will produce dissension among the defenders.

Likewise and god
Likewise, to pair up with a deity with the sinister sounding name of Chernobog ( Black god ) mentioned by Helmod, the White God, or Belobog, was invented.
Likewise, if a god is given sufficient offerings it is thought that the god will richly bless those who gave it offerings.
Likewise, Helmold in his Chronica Slavorum wrote of Radegast as a Lutician god.

Likewise and nature
Likewise, Mao Zedong rejected environmentalism and believed that, based on the laws of historical materialism, all of nature must be put into the service of revolution.
Likewise, there occurred a corresponding rearrangement of the human nature ( Gattungswesen ) and the system of values of the owner-class and of the working-class, which allowed each group of people to accept and to function in the rearranged status quo of production-relations.
Likewise, the subjective nature of good programming may raise the question of individual or public taste.
Likewise, historian WG Beasley states that "... the nature of this document, as published variously in English and Chinese, does not carry conviction as to its authenticity ".
Likewise for the author of On Regimen, the " knowledge and discernment of the nature of man in general — knowledge of its primary constituents and discernment of the components by which it is controlled " may be completely worked out, and yet in practice it is difficult to determine and apply the correct and proportionate diet and exercise to the individual patient.
Likewise, many monographs are less than agenda-setting and some are of a weaker descriptive nature.
) Likewise, if a dæmon is killed — the death being described as the dæmon bursting into golden light, although the violent nature of the death described may have contributed to this — their human dies.
Likewise, May found the multitasking nature of the game crucial to its intensity.
Likewise, the first syllable of the second line ( the first of the word " Italiam ") is heavy (" long by nature ") because it contains a long vowel, and it will be heavy no matter what sounds come after.
Likewise, it was assumed that societies start out primitive, perhaps in a Hobbesian state of nature, and naturally progress toward something resembling industrial Europe.
Likewise, in I. L. W. U. v. The Queen ( 1992 ), the Supreme Court stressed the individual nature of section 7 to deny unions had a right to strike as part of the members ' liberty.
Likewise, a person's sentiment toward their partner will influence the nature of their relationship.
Likewise, it was assumed that societies start out primitive, perhaps in a Hobbesian state of nature, and naturally progress toward something resembling industrial Europe.

Likewise and Pan
Likewise, National Airlines flew out of the north side of Concourse F until its 1980 merger with Pan Am, which continued to use the concourse until its 1991 shutdown.

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