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Some Related Sentences

Likewise and just
Likewise, a below favorable oxygen content can make life just as difficult.
Likewise, a project slogan is to " break down the bars of ignorance and illiteracy ", because its volunteers aim to continue spreading public literacy and appreciation for the literary heritage just as public libraries began to do in the late 19th century .< ref >
Likewise, a Prime Minister is no longer just " first amongst equals " in HM Government ; although theoretically his Cabinet might still outvote him, in practice he progressively entrenches his position by retaining only personal supporters in the Cabinet.
Likewise as well within the Christian " Tomb of the Cocks " in Beit Jibrin, which was a Palestinian Arab village located 13 miles northwest of the city of Hebron and part of the Kingdom of Israel, " we find two spirited cocks painted in red in the spandrels with a cross just over the center of the arch ".
Likewise, cessation is not just a theoretical discovery, but an experience that is very real to you – a sudden gain.
Likewise, some may go in or out of fashion, or evolve over time, just as terms in oral languages do.
Likewise the CBS network was hurt by affiliation switches in late 1994 relating to Fox picking up CBS's National Football League rights, stunting the Late Show just as it was beginning to gain traction.
Likewise, in Slovenian, saying " I do not know anyone " () in place of " I do not know no one " () has the connotation " I do not know just anyone " — i. e., I know someone important or special.
Likewise, firms are assumed to choose hiring, investment, and output on the basis of productivity and demand over the foreseeable future, instead of considering these quantities at just one point in time.
Likewise, during the rapid expansion of capitalism over the past several centuries the theory of the just price was used to justify popular action against merchants who raised their prices in years of dearth.
Likewise with piety, if defined as " what is liked by the gods "; it is liked for some reason, not just because it is liked, so that one likes it, by itself, does not make an action pious.
Likewise, he deplores implementing scenarios to show off technology just for the sake of it, sarcastically asking what is the point of cutting down " thousand heads of cabbages on screen.
Likewise, the southern boundary was moved south to 29 degrees north, just south of present-day Daytona Beach, Florida, which had the effect of including the existing Spanish settlement at St. Augustine.
Likewise, MTVX was not limited to just one genre of rock music videos.
Likewise, W. J. T. Mitchell explicitly distinguishes the two fields in his claim that visual culture studies “ helps us to see that even something as broad as the image does not exhaust the field of visuality ; that visual studies is not the same thing as image studies, and that the study of the visual image is just one component of the larger field .”
Likewise a story is told of how in moments of mystical rapture, Schneur Zalman of Liadi would be seen rolling on the floor, exclaiming " God, I don't want your Garden of Eden ( Heavenly World ), I don't want your World-to-Come ( Messianic days ), I just want You!
Likewise, Thomas Natural was pushed in the 1930s-40s, at a time when alphabetic systems were just beginning their ascendency, whereas in the contemporary era in which Teeline is being promoted, the limitations of the alphabetic systems have made them less attractive today than in an era when their potential seemed greater.
Likewise, the property owner's attorneys ' and appraisers ' fees are not included in just compensation.
Likewise, the wizard high street Diagon Alley lies in central London, just off Charing Cross Road.
Likewise, the description para was reserved for just closely related compounds.
Likewise in the description of Save Mary " Barnaby just blew up the nearby damn " appears.
Likewise, the right-hand inequality can be interpreted as saying that the entropy of a composite system is maximized when its components are uncorrelated, in which case the total entropy is just a sum of the sub-entropies.

Likewise and because
Likewise, the fact that the allomorph does not appear after stem-final is because the earlier clause for the allomorph takes priority ; and the fact that the allomorph does not appear after stem-final voiceless phonemes is because the preceding clause for the takes priority.
Likewise, the Zulus in the early 19th century were victorious in battles against their rivals in part because they adopted a new kind of spear, the iklwa.
Likewise, for litigation of commercial disputes arising out of unpredictable torts ( as opposed to the prospective choice of law clauses in contracts discussed in the previous paragraph ), certain jurisdictions attract an unusually high fraction of cases, because of the predictability afforded by the depth of decided cases.
Likewise, Roger Cohen, in an op-Ed for the New York Times propounded that, " captive minds ... resort to conspiracy theory because it is the ultimate refuge of the powerless.
Likewise Seyfert galaxies were suspected to be industrial accidents because their enormous and directed energy output had no initial explanation.
Likewise Dutch did not get the ' ij ' and ' IJ ' letters, because Dutch speakers had become used to typing these as two letters instead.
Likewise, there is debate as to whether selection at the molecular level prior to gene mutations and fertilization of the zygote should be ascribed to conventional natural selection because traditionally natural selection is an environmental and exterior force that acts upon a phenotype typically after birth.
Likewise, a change in is not necessary to change y, because a change in y could be caused by something implicit in the error term ( or by some other causative explanatory variable included in the model ).
Likewise, twelve manuscript leaves were ripped out between the two final plays because of Catholic references.
Likewise, you live in safety from foreign enemies because our military keeps them from attacking us.
Likewise, because of the lower masses and the screened Coulomb interaction, the binding energy is usually much less than that of a hydrogen atom, typically on the order of.
Likewise, God cannot make a being greater than himself because he is, by definition, the greatest possible being.
Likewise, Gygax's version of the city of Greyhawk had never been published, although Frank Mentzer believed the reason for that was because " the City of Greyhawk was a later development, originally being but a location ( albeit a capital ).
Likewise, because Iguazu is split into many relatively small falls, one can view these a portion at a time.
* Likewise, the sine function is Lipschitz continuous because its derivative, the cosine function, is bounded above by 1 in absolute value.
Likewise, because the register has a finite number of possible states, it must eventually enter a repeating cycle.
Likewise the birds, which evolved from the dinosaurs, are defined as a separate group from them, because they represent a distinct new type of physical form and functionality.
Likewise, the integers 2 and 3 are not composite numbers because each of them can only be divided by one and itself.
Likewise, such an attempt is unlikely with two strikes because a bunt attempt that is fouled off is an automatic third strike.
Likewise, complete information is reflected in the price because all market participants bring their own individual, but incomplete, knowledge together in the market.
Likewise all the other areas also have an assessment because they benefit by reducing or eliminating danger to infrastructure, commerce, and transportation.
Likewise, the design tools used for structured ASIC can be substantially lower cost and easier ( faster ) to use than cell-based tools, because they do not have to perform all the functions that cell-based tools do.
" Likewise, Tom Drummond described the band's thinking on its third major album, " We thought the third album was a very important record, because generally a band either makes or breaks on the third record.

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