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Likewise and older
Likewise, wives are being permitted to add their husband's name to their own, although this has only become popular in Hong Kong among the upper class and older generations.
Likewise, copyright provides an incentive for a publisher to act like The Dog in the Manger, taking older works out of print so as not to cannibalize revenue from the publisher's own new works.
Likewise, an older hydrant without a steamer connection may be referred to as a " village hydrant.
Likewise, in the population aged 85 years and older, the West ( 42. 8 %) also showed the fastest growth and increased from 806, 000 in 2000 to 1. 2 million in 2010.
Likewise, in Mysteries of Sith, Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy, Kyle is exclusively a polygonal model, without FMV scenes, made to look like a slightly older Court, voiced by Rino Romano in Mysteries of the Sith, and Jeff Bennett in the later games.
Likewise, although modern Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese provinces are no longer designated by zhou cognates, the older terms survive in various place names, notably the Japanese islands of Honshu and Kyushu, the Korean province Jeju-do, and Lai Châu in Vietnam.

Likewise and men
Likewise, some gay men view frotting or oral sex as maintaining their virginity, with anal penetration regarded as virginity loss, while other gay men consider frotting or oral sex to be their main forms of intercourse.
Likewise, suppose it is known that 30 % of men have long hair, or
Likewise, he thinks the King's men want to rescue her, and tries to help them find her.
Likewise, the Qur ' an says of Isaac that he was " among the best of chosen men " ( XXXVIII: 47 ) and was a " prophet, one of the righteous " ( XXXVII: 112 ) and further describes him as of " true strength and inner sight " ( XXXVIII: 45 ).
Likewise, Brooke and Ridge resumed their pattern of an on-again-off-again relationship, in-between Brooke's relationship s with other men and Forrester family members, and Ridge's multiple reunions with Taylor.
Likewise some officers had crossed but their men had not followed them.
Likewise men with higher IELTs may consider themselves premature
Likewise, the noble men dressed well, adorning themselves with multicolored cloaks, loin cloths, necklaces, arm bands, lip plugs and devices made of the prized quetzal feathers.
Likewise, women were considered to be particularly attracted to both wakashū and onnagata, and it was assumed that these young men would reciprocate that interest.
Likewise, there is mention of " wise men who became dolphins and forgot their wisdom among the waves of the sea ".
Likewise, a long-held view among some Christians is that the " sons of God " who fathered the nephilim spoken of in the text, were in fact the formerly righteous descendants of Seth who rebelled, while the " daughters of men " were the unrighteous descendants of Cain, and the nephilim the offspring of their union.
Likewise, in the American classic novel Gone with the Wind about the Civil War, numerous references are made to grieving fiancées, women who were " wanted, if not wed ," and to the shortage of single, able-bodied ( and thus " marriageable ") men at war's end.
Likewise the indicative suffix is when addressing men and when addressing women, and also for imperatives: ( male ), ( female ).
Likewise, some ( most famously Rabbi Abraham ben David, known as the RaBad ) objected to Maimonides ' raising the notion of the incorporeality of God as a dogma, claiming that great and wise men of previous generations held a different view.
Likewise, many men are driven to engage in risky endeavours in order to obtain food for their families.
Likewise, in studies of the speech patterns in British English, Peter Trudgill observed that more working class women spoke the standard dialect than men.
Likewise, such a charter may be misinterpreted by the modern observer as signifying that those named as recipients of the conveyance are themselves beneficial owners in the form of a commercial partnership, and therefore may be mistaken for wealthy men.
Likewise, men who cross-dress or are deemed too effeminate will also face harassment or criminal charges.
Likewise, at a Polish consulate in Romania's Bukovina, K-7 trained a group of young men in covert action.
Likewise, Joan and Deborah frequently discuss the shortcomings of men while at their apartment.
Likewise, in the Hungarian translation of Treasure Island, the phrase is " seven ( men ) on a dead man's chest "; apparently these numbers provided the closest effect to the original regarding rhyme and syllables in English.
Likewise, on 7 November 2005 Riyadh police raided what the Saudi press called a " beauty contest for gay men " at al-Qatif.
Likewise in northwestern California, many men headed that way, leaving their wives, children, and homes.

Likewise and often
Likewise aesthetic judgments seem often to be at least partly intellectual and interpretative.
Likewise, schooling attainment is often persistent across generations and families with higher amounts of inheritance are able to acquire and transmit higher amounts of human capital.
Likewise, traditional performing arts often also require the kowtow.
Likewise often called a constituent community is Blumenrod, although this is actually only a big residential neighbourhood in the main town ’ s south end.
Likewise, Mande is often assumed to be the second-most distant branch based on its lack of the noun-class system prototypical of the Niger – Congo family.
Likewise, the impact of the risk is not easy to estimate since it is often difficult to estimate the potential loss in the event of risk occurrence.
Likewise Lebanon, and Beirut in particular, is often depicted symbolically as a phoenix bird having been destroyed and rebuilt 7 times during its long history.
Likewise, military dictatorships often take the form of " collective presidencies " such as the South American juntas of the late 20th century, meaning that no one person wields supreme power.
Likewise it can be seen as consistent with Queen Victoria's regime, the apex of which is often seen as her Diamond Jubilee.
Likewise, in Hindu mythology, Kali is often shown with a protruding tongue and snakes around her head.
Likewise, winters are longer, harsher, and often much colder, with frequent sleet and snowfall, and blizzard-like conditions are not uncommon, especially at the higher elevations.
Likewise, Stanislav Grof suggested that painful and difficult experiences during a trip could be a result of the mind reliving experiences associated with birth, and that experiences of imprisonment, eschatological terror, or suffering far beyond anything imaginable in a normal state, if seen through to conclusion, often resolve into emotional, intellectual and spiritual breakthroughs.
Likewise, in continental Europe, both original book-length stories such as La rivolta dei racchi ( 1967 ) by Guido Buzzelli, and collections of comic strips have been commonly published in hardcover volumes, often called " albums ", since the end of the 19th century ( including Franco-Belgian comics series such as " The Adventures of Tintin " and " Lieutenant Blueberry ", and Italian series such as " Corto Maltese ").
Likewise, the scripts for Star Trek, which were often written by the same people who had written for the live-action version of the show, tended to be quite sophisticated, and garnered the first Emmy Award for the franchise.
Likewise, crystalline materials often have electrical, magnetic, optical, or mechanical properties that can be exploited for engineering purposes.
Likewise, in the Northern Isles, the words " firth " and " sound " are often used arbitrarily or interchangeably.
Likewise, the Mohegan Sun casino resort is also often referred to as being in " Uncasville " although Uncasville itself is actually three miles to the south.
Likewise, Mountain is often erroneously referred to as a power trio, even though there were four instrumentalists ( guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards ) in the band.
Likewise, a set of handbells often contains considerably more bells than towers ever do — sometimes several octaves ' worth.
Likewise the Champion is often associated with a romantic interest that is possibly an aspect of an eternal figure.
Likewise, the Heinkel He 177 is often mentioned as having its development upset by the demand for it to dive bomb, although this too was an example of glide bombing.
Likewise, modern cameras and camcorders seldom need adjustment for technical accuracy, though they are often adjusted to compensate for scene light levels, and for various artistic effects.
Likewise, it can be observed in psychology that indirect cues and hidden motives often lie behind peoples ' statements and acts, frequently because social disincentives discourage individuals from openly voicing their feelings or pursuing their desires.
Likewise, the smaller independent studios were often owned by skilled electronics engineers who designed and built their own desks and other equipment.

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