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Some Related Sentences

Likewise and outside
Likewise, whether we are born in the higher or lower realms, we are never outside samsara.
Likewise, the 10000 Singapore dollar note is the most valuable, but is rarely used and unlikely to be accepted outside of Singapore.
" Likewise, Peter Berkowitz has written that, " Perhaps it would have been more generous for the Court to have asked the Florida court on remand whether ' outside deadline ' referred to contest-period as well as protest-period recounts.
Likewise, cast members could be suspended in " space " outside their spacecraft without the problems of studio cramping.
So, any point on or inside the sphere could send a signal moving at the speed of light or slower that would have time to influence the event E, while points outside the sphere at that moment would not be able to have any causal influence on E. Likewise, the set of events that lie on or inside the future light cone of E would also be the set of events that could receive a signal sent out from the position and time of E, so the future light cone contains all the events that could potentially be causally influenced by E. Events which lie neither in the past or future light cone of E cannot influence or be influenced by E in relativity.
Likewise, during college or university ceremonies, those schools which award an academic hood to their students will generally abide by the American Council on Education guidelines and use the school colors on the inside and the disciplinary colors on the outside velvet trim ( regardless of the ceremony, recipients of a degree have the right to wear the hood thereafter ).
Likewise, images of the sideline may suggest that the highlighted player had done something of interest outside of the confines of play.
Likewise, City 17 has been altered to reflect the aftermath of the resistance's open rebellion, with vast swathes of destroyed buildings, and the introduction of foes previously kept outside its confines in Half-Life 2 to emphasize the scale of the uprising.
Likewise, artist and architect Norbert Troller produced drawings and watercolors of life inside Theresienstadt, to be smuggled to the outside world.
Likewise, when a heat pump operates near its most inefficient outside temperature, typically, the heat pump will perform close to the same as a resistance heater.
Likewise, Wyatt has argued that the standing stones he has found are anchors, while Terian is aware of similar stones outside the Durupinar site area that were pagan cultic stones later converted by Christians for Christian purposes.
Likewise, individuals affiliated with historically black institutions such as Spelman College and Essence Magazine have publicly stated that the erotic imagery of the show falls outside of acceptable standards.
Likewise, digital dance may fall outside the parameters of digital theatre, if it does not contain elements of story or spoken words.

Likewise and gate
In Kiddushin 72b, Adda bar Ahavah of the third century, is said to be " sitting in the bosom of Abraham ," Likewise " In the world to come Abraham sits at the gate of Gehenna, permitting none to enter who bears the seal of the covenant " according to Rabbi Levi in Genesis Rabba 67.

Likewise and are
Likewise, and equally fascinating, is the news that such unlikely synonyms as `` pratakku '', `` sweathruna '', and the tongue-twister `` nnuolapertar-it-vuh-karti-birifw- '' all originated in the same village in Bathar-on-Walli Province and are all used to express sentiments concerning British `` imperialism ''.
Likewise, tan (), tan (), tan (), tan () all satisfy the irreducible polynomial, and so are conjugate algebraic integers.
Likewise a popular Hindu ritual form of worship of North Malabar in Kerala, India is the Tabuh Rah blood offering to Theyyam gods, despite being forbidden in the Vedic philosophy of sattvic Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism, Theyyam deities are propitiated through the cock sacrifice where the religious cockfight is a religious exercise of offering blood to the Theyyam gods.
Likewise during early spring orchard blossoms, bumblebee populations are limited to only a few queens, and thus are not significant pollinators of early fruit.
Likewise, a type collection might focus on an unusual design feature such as coins with a hole in the middle, coins that are not circular in shape or coins with brockage.
Likewise, spheres are compact, but a sphere missing a point is not since a sequence of points can tend to the missing point without tending to any point within the space.
Likewise, all bank accounts are linked to the national identification of the owner ( companies and institutions all have their own identification numbers ).
Likewise, it is unclear whether prophylactic treatment of chronic infection is beneficial in persons who will undergo immunosuppression ( for example, organ transplant recipients ) or in persons who are already immunosuppressed ( for example, those with HIV infection ).
Likewise, ( x, − y ) are the coordinates of its reflection across the first coordinate axis ( the X axis ).
Likewise, other DNA sequences have structural purposes, or are involved in regulating the use of this genetic information.
Likewise, in the sentence, " here, there is a pot ", " here " is the bearer of the property " pot-existence " – this shows that the categories of property and property-bearer are closer to those of a logical predicate and its subject-term, and not to a grammatical predicate and subject.
Likewise, Jesus Christ proclaims in the Gospel of Matthew that one should " Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's "; that is at first, literally, the payment of taxes as binding those who use the imperial currency, but more widely interpreted as the offer of obedience and submission to the proclaimed worldly king () in matters not contrary to conscience.
Likewise, in Eastern Christianity, both meat and dairy are prohibited during the Lenten fast, and eggs are seen as " dairy " ( a foodstuff that could be taken from an animal without shedding its blood ).
Likewise, “ where ” and “ when ” question types are very closely linked.
Likewise other popular sizes are 90mm, 120mm and almost every increment in between.
Hiragana is used to write native words for which there are no kanji, including particles such as から kara " from ", and suffixes such as さん ~ san " Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms ." Likewise, hiragana is used to write words whose kanji form is obscure, not known to the writer or readers, or too formal for the writing purpose.
Likewise, the pitcher is recorded as having given up a hit, a run for each runner that scores including the batter, and an earned run each for the batter and for all baserunners who did not initially reach base on error, except that the runs scored by any runners who reached base while facing an earlier pitcher are charged to that pitcher.
Likewise, schooling attainment is often persistent across generations and families with higher amounts of inheritance are able to acquire and transmit higher amounts of human capital.
Likewise, every hominid species found on the Ringworld is descended from Pak breeders, and all are susceptible to the virus of Tree-of-life.
Likewise, the Al-Masjid al-Nabawi and the city of Medina that surrounds it are also off-limits to those who do not practice Islam.
Likewise, cold-cathode gauges may be reluctant to start at very low pressures, in that the near-absence of a gas makes it difficult to establish an electrode current-in particular in Penning gauges, which use an axially symmetric magnetic field to create path lengths for ions that are of the order of metres.
Likewise, most cases of sciatica and other mechanical radiculopathies are treated by general practitioners, though they may be referred to neurologists or a surgeon ( neurosurgeons or orthopedic surgeons ).

Likewise and old
Likewise, old white dwarfs may also become cold and dead, eventually becoming black dwarfs, although the universe is not thought to be old enough for any stars to have reached this stage.
Likewise, Maestro Martínez is considered a prominent researcher on the Spanish system of swordsmanship " La Verdadera Destreza ", codified throughout the historical period known as " Siglo de Oro Español ", having studied the old fencing techniques developed by such Masters as Don Jerónimo Sánchez de Carranza and Don Luis Pacheco de Narváez, among others.
Likewise, public pension programs transfer wealth from the young to the old.
Likewise, Holda was often identified with Diana in old church documents.
Likewise an " old master drawing ".
Likewise, in Poe's " The Tell-Tale Heart ," the energy at the end of the story comes from the fact that we know the narrator killed the old man, while the guests are oblivious.
Likewise, with the exception of old Cheshire, the north is covered in Roman Catholic Church administration by the Province of Liverpool represented by the Archbishop of Liverpool.
Likewise, the Neiva River, near Braga ( Bracara Augusta, old Roman capital of Gallaecia ) and Nabão River who passes through the city of Tomar are also named after her.
The Sanctuary hoards valiosísimas tokens of historic value, that are object always of the curiosity of the visitors ; among others are found chiefly: the framework of gold and silver of the Virgin, with inlays of precious stones, being emphasized in it the rich brilliant emerald surrounded by, that their Holiness Pious X gave to ours well recalled Archbishop Adolfo Alejandro Nouel from time to time of their election as the President of the Republic, and that that illustrious prelate donated the Virgin of La Altagracia as sure token of its love and refined devotion ; a gigantic and artistic custody of gold of it was colonial ; an elegant throne of plant with inlays and chimes of gold of the year 1811 to remove the procession of the Sacred Picture of the Virgin ; a bright hyphen silver gift of the President of the Real Audience of Saint The year of 1737 ; Likewise, of gold and silver a carries traveling ; a crucifix, two chalices and cups, six sticks of the canopy, cross and parochial candlesticks, candelabras and flower pots, and other objects of the old silver worship.
Likewise worth visiting is the old castle inside the " Hühnenkeller " ringwall near Lengefeld.
Likewise in Pennsylvania, the departure of powerful families — Penn, Allen, Chew, Shippen — destroyed the cohesion of the old upper class there.

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