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Likewise and ship
Likewise the French ships Tonnant, Heureux and Mercure all cut their anchor cables and drifted southwards away from the blazing ship.
Likewise, inadvertently letting a Jaggi pilot into the player's ship has disastrous results-it begins to dismantle the ship.
Likewise, generator and shield upgrades from Single Player will result in a better ship for Arcade Mode.

Likewise and III
Likewise in the film Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, the regenerated adolescent Spock went through at least two pon farr episodes at accelerated speed.
" Although the book makes the claim that PAZUZU ( like all entities listed therein ) was of Sumerian origin, critics John Wisdom Gonce III and Daniel Harms document the erroneous nature of such a claim, stating: " Likewise, the demon Pazuzu does not appear in myth until Assyria's rise in the first millennium B. c., long after Sumer's prime ...
Likewise, as the son and grandson of well-known fundamentalists, Jones III met many politicians and notable preachers in his youth.
Likewise, the development of the Titan III eliminated the need for the " flexible " staging concepts of the Saturn, which was now only intended to be used for manned launches in the Apollo program.
Likewise, common nicknames for a III are " Trip ( p )", " Trace ", and " Trey " which denote that the nameholder is the third in a line.
Likewise, the Australian Constitution has a similar requirement in Chapter III of the Constitution.
Likewise, Level II is providing water for 47. 39 % of all households, while Level III only served 3. 62 % of the total.
Likewise, he had some claim to suzerainty over his brother Ferdinand, who under their father had served as Count of Castile, nominally subject to the Kingdom of León but brought under the personal control of Sancho III.

Likewise and ran
* Likewise, in 1980, the American Psychological Association's publication for humanistic psychology ( Division 32 of APA ), ran an article titled, What makes research humanistic?

Likewise and near
Likewise, the Gladenbach Uplands, lying east of the Dill, also belong to the Westerwald, whereas the mountains reaching up to 680 m near the Haiger Saddle ( Haiger Sattel ) and east of Siegen are counted as part of the Rothaargebirge.
Likewise, the rumblings of Typhon emitted from deepest Tartarus could be clearly heard within the underground torrent near Seleuceia, now in Turkey, until his presence was neutralized by the building of a Byzantine church nearby.
Likewise, the development of the Duval copper mine near adjacent Chloride, Arizona, and construction of the Mohave Generating Station in nearby Laughlin, Nevada, in 1971 contributed to Kingman's population growth.
Likewise, ten Roman Emperors were born in or near this city, Emperors Herennius Etruscus ( 251 ), Hostilian ( 251 ), Decius Traian ( 249-251 ), Claudius II ( 268-270 ), Quintillus ( 270 ), Aurelian ( 270-275 ), Probus ( 276-282 ), Maximianus Herculius ( 285-310 ), Constantius II ( 337-361 ) and Gratian ( 367-383 ).
Likewise for a carousel that turns anti-clockwise: one stands on the near side of the horse to mount ( towards the center of the carousel, not on its outer edge ).
Likewise the East German border troops and police Volkspolizei or VoPo issued reworked G43 rifles, which are recognizable by a sunburst proof mark near the serial number and the serial number engraved by electropencil on removable components.
Likewise, holes near the p – n interface begin to diffuse into the n-type region, leaving fixed ions ( acceptors ) with negative charge.
Likewise, the Neiva River, near Braga ( Bracara Augusta, old Roman capital of Gallaecia ) and Nabão River who passes through the city of Tomar are also named after her.
Likewise, dolmens near Llaviada ( nowadays disappeared ) are supposed to date from this time, together with the oscillating granitic mass known as Penedo Aballón ( located near Penouta, and knocked down in 2004, probably by a few vandals ).
Likewise the interior floor is flatter near this face.
Likewise near Arago are the domes Arago Alpha ( α ) and Arago Beta ( β ).
Likewise the extension of the railroad network up the Roaring Fork Valley to the previously failed mining town of Aspen in the late 1880s made the extraction of silver ore there economically feasible, and saved the town from near extinction.
Likewise worth visiting is the old castle inside the " Hühnenkeller " ringwall near Lengefeld.
Likewise, family services are also held in Ōyama ( 大山 ) near Tokyo.
Likewise, when a heat pump operates near its most inefficient outside temperature, typically, the heat pump will perform close to the same as a resistance heater.

Likewise and territory
Likewise, there is not a single point in U. S. territory from which heading east is a shorter route to Point Udall, Guam, than heading west would be, even accounting for circumpolar routes.
Likewise the acquisition of a line so remote from its main area of operation, and of doubtful profitability, caused heated discussion and the resignation of several directors, who felt that the company should rather secure its territory and develop services in Kent, as the LB & SCR was doing in Sussex.
Likewise, if the people of the territory supported slavery, legislation would provide for its continued existence.

Likewise and off
Likewise, such an attempt is unlikely with two strikes because a bunt attempt that is fouled off is an automatic third strike.
Likewise, the identity of numerous large dark shearwaters observed in October 2004 off Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands remains enigmatic ; they might have been either Sooty or Short-tailed Shearwaters, but neither species is generally held to pass through this region at that time
Likewise, he deplores implementing scenarios to show off technology just for the sake of it, sarcastically asking what is the point of cutting down " thousand heads of cabbages on screen.
Likewise, chokes are usually not applied to the point where they cut off the oxygen supply to the opponent's brain.
Likewise, the icon of the blindfold can symbolize the dichotomy of the conscious and the unconscious, as wearing a blindfold represents a stasis or a lesser state of consciousness, whereas taking off one's blindfold represents a form of awakening or rebirth.
Likewise, the few fishing boats off the beach are too far out.
Likewise, allowing a particular character into the party could cause the plot to branch off in a new direction, if even for a short time.
Likewise, skilled use of the x-guard can prevent the opponent from attempting a kick, or throw them off balance should they raise a leg.
Likewise, the Red Room is referenced in the manga / anime series Monster, in which a backroom in a bar that's curtained off serves as a meeting place for the Baby ( whose character was partially inspired by the Man from Another Place ) and Nina Fortner.
Likewise the wing mirrors off both the 9000 and the Thema are almost identical ( 9000 has a pressed recess on the mirror casing, Thema is without recess ) and should fit both cars with the doors being similar albeit in crash structure.
Likewise, if you are required to work on a public holiday, there is no statutory right to an enhanced pay rate nor to a day off in lieu ( alternative day off ), although many employers do give either or both.
Likewise every king of the world went into prostration, and their crowns fell off from their heads and the satans fled toppling over each other until they came to Iblees and informed him of the strange happenings.
Likewise every king of the world went into prostration, and their crowns fell off from their heads and the satans fled toppling over each other until they came to Iblees and informed him of the strange happenings.
Likewise, the microwave will shut off automatically if the door is opened by the user.
Likewise, he suggests the portmanteau convestment to describe purchases, or consumption, often viewed and written off as investments or serve both purposes.
Likewise, upon receiving a labelled packet which is destined to exit the MPLS domain, the LER strips off the label and forwards the resulting IP packet using normal IP forwarding rules.
Likewise, the wizard high street Diagon Alley lies in central London, just off Charing Cross Road.

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