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Likewise and systems
Likewise, whenever energy is transferred between systems by any mechanism, an associated mass is transferred with it.
Likewise, he asserts that biological systems require multiple parts working together in order to function.
Likewise, the grain, identical in both the troy and avoirdupois systems, is still used to measure arrow and arrowhead weights in archery along with projectile ( bullet ) and propellant ( powder ) weights in ballistics.
Likewise both systems allow the virtual machine to be used either as the complete operating system of the target computer or to run in a " box " under another operating system.
Likewise, Cypherpunks have also discussed under what conditions messages could be encrypted without becoming noticed or flagged as special by network monitoring systems installed by oppressive regimes.
" Likewise, certain types of ethical theories, especially deontological ethics, sometimes distinguish between ' ethics ' and ' morals ': " Although the morality of people and their ethics amounts to the same thing, there is a usage that restricts morality to systems such as that of Kant, based on notions such as duty, obligation, and principles of conduct, reserving ethics for the more Aristotelian approach to practical reasoning, based on the notion of a virtue, and generally avoiding the separation of ' moral ' considerations from other practical considerations.
Likewise, the mind-independent properties of quantum systems could consist of a tendency to respond to particular measurements with particular values with ascertainable probability.
Likewise, his idea of intrinsic randomness generation — that natural systems can generate their own randomness, rather than using chaos theory or stochastic perturbations — implies that explicit computational models may in some cases provide more accurate and rich models of random-looking systems.
Likewise, celestial navigation was used in commercial aviation up until the early part of the jet age ; it was only phased out in the 1960s with the advent of inertial navigation systems.
Likewise, RUNOFF for CTSS was the predecessor of the various RUNOFFs for DEC's operating systems, via the RUNOFF developed by the University of California, Berkeley's Project Genie for the SDS 940 system.
Likewise, producing one standard database for all emotional research would provide a method of evaluating and comparing different affect recognition systems.
Likewise, the mind-independent properties of quantum systems could consist of a tendency to respond to particular measurements with particular values with ascertainable probability.
Likewise, in the Engler, Cronquist and Kubitzki systems, Casuarinaceae was the only family placed in the order Casuarinales.
Likewise, access to USML items on corporate systems such as intranets by foreign persons overseas or in the U. S. is considered a Retransfer of the items.
" Likewise, FOD prevention systems work by sensing and detecting not the damage but the actual debris.
Likewise, Flueckiger ( 1999 ) in a study of twelve Earth-Air Heat Exchangers varying in design, pipe material, size and age, stated, “ This study was performed because of concerns of potential microbial growth in the buried pipes of ' ground-coupled ' air systems.
Likewise, the NBA League Pass package is also unavailable on most Charter systems.
Likewise, the term: " Universal " implies depth and breadth of integration capabilities that transcend disparate operating systems, protocols, APIs, Data Sources, Programming Languages, Composite Processes, Discrete Services, and Monolithic Applications.
Likewise, accessories which are no longer available from manufacturers may be found, and many sales of complete systems are made to buyers who only need one or two components.
Likewise, environmental management systems and environmental due diligence tools are more suited to handle “ traditional ” issues of pollution and natural resource consumption.
Likewise, Thomas Natural was pushed in the 1930s-40s, at a time when alphabetic systems were just beginning their ascendency, whereas in the contemporary era in which Teeline is being promoted, the limitations of the alphabetic systems have made them less attractive today than in an era when their potential seemed greater.
Likewise, in various systems and geometries, when the Taylor number exceeds a critical value, inertial instabilities set in, sometimes known as Taylor instabilities, which may lead to Taylor vortices or cells.
Likewise, VTLs were developed supporting popular SCSI transport protocols such as SPI ( legacy systems ), Fibre Channel, and iSCSI.

Likewise and supported
Likewise, his claim that reverse speech has applications in psychology and psychotherapy is not supported by mainstream research in those fields.
Likewise, the many factories and mills along the banks of the Charles supported a buoyant economy in their time but left a legacy of massive pollution.
Likewise, Maniwa Nen-ryū was founded and supported by the peasant farmers of Maniwa village in Gunma Prefecture, as a means of village protection.
Likewise, in 1980, the Supreme Court affirmed the right of union international offices to negotiate a pension plan in conflict with that supported by the members, when union bylaws allow for approval by international.
Likewise, if the people of the territory supported slavery, legislation would provide for its continued existence.
Likewise, the command has supported numerous humanitarian relief operations transporting relief supplies to victims of natural disasters at home and abroad.
Likewise, in reference to the order by Dr. Bethmann Hollweg to Count Roedern, the State Secretary for Alsace-Lorraine, to put a stop to Francophobic remarks in the German-language press in Alsace, Ritter claimed it was proof of Germany's desire not to have a wider war in 1914 ; Ritter accordingly claimed also that Fischer's contrary interpretation of Dr. Bethmann Hollweg's order was not supported by the facts.
" Likewise, fully automatic exposure will only work with Ai-S type lenses, including many autofocus lenses ( G-type lenses are not supported by the F-501 ).

Likewise and sound
Likewise, if a player selects Peach in Brawl using a Wii Remote or classic controller, Peach's taunt from Melee ( then voiced by Taylor ) will sound over the Wii Remote's speaker if the volume is on.
Likewise, in the Northern Isles, the words " firth " and " sound " are often used arbitrarily or interchangeably.
Likewise, when the sound era of cartoons began in the late 1920s, early animators such as Walt Disney gave characters like Mickey Mouse ( who already resembled blackface performers ) a minstrel-show personality ; the early Mickey is constantly singing and dancing and smiling.
Likewise, sound and vibration isolation is improved ( at the expense of handling ), in production automobiles, by the use of rubber bushings between the frame and suspension, by any flexibility in the frame or body work, and by the flexibility of the seats.
Likewise, Harry Hotspur was said to have been hunting in the Cheviots when he and his hounds got holed-up in the Hen Hole ( or " Hell-hole ") awaiting the sound of a hunting horn to awaken them from their slumber.
Likewise, Tex-Mex and Tejano style featured the conjunto sound, resulting in such important music as " Tequila " by The Champs, " 96 Tears " by Question Mark and the Mysterians, Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs, Thee Midniters, and the many combinations led by Doug Sahm, including the Sir Douglas Quintet and the Texas Tornadoes.
In noting Rova's role in developing the all-saxophone ensemble as " a regular and conceptually wide-ranging unit ," The Penguin Guide to Jazz calls its music " a teeming cosmos of saxophone sounds " created by " deliberately eschewing conventional notions about swing prodding at the boundaries of sound and space ..." Likewise Jazz: The Rough Guide notes, " Highly inventive, eclectic and willing to experiment, Rova arguably the most exciting of the saxophone quartets to emerge in the format's late ' 70s boom.
Likewise, out of the Dischord label, Interscope Records would sign Helmet after a reportedly " ferocious " bidding war between several major record companies, and while MTV would air some videos by the group, which by the time of the release of their major-label debut Meantime, was considered then as " the only band close to the Seattle grunge sound " on the American East Coast and would be hailed as " the next big thing ", these expectations would " never be fully realized " in spite of the record's later influence.
Likewise, the Elefantes ' hard rock roots led to re-emphasizing Hartman's guitars as the preeminent instrument in the band's sound.
" Likewise to GameSpot's review, the game scored 6. 2 on GamersHell, with the graphics and sound scoring the highest.

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