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Likewise and spelled
* Likewise, Old Dutch ( from Proto-Germanic ) becomes a centralising diphthong, spelled < oe > or < ou >.
Likewise, the character of Daryoon has had his name spelled / pronounced differently from " Darün " to " Dariun ".

Likewise and particles
Hiragana is used to write native words for which there are no kanji, including particles such as から kara " from ", and suffixes such as さん ~ san " Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms ." Likewise, hiragana is used to write words whose kanji form is obscure, not known to the writer or readers, or too formal for the writing purpose.
Likewise, they slow down tidal water enough so its sediment is deposited as the tide comes in, leaving all except fine particles when the tide ebbs.
Likewise B will be struck by fewer particles from the direction of A than from the opposite direction.
Likewise, water will rise up above the water table into the small pore spaces around the soil particles.
Likewise, even though sentence-final particles can usually be omitted from a sentence without making the sentence ungrammatical or changing its meaning, some particles do contain information critical to the interpretation of an utterance's meaning, such as Mandarin le 了.

Likewise and wa
Likewise, Sunni Muslims are referred to as Ahlus Sunnah wa Al-Jamā ‘ ah (), literally " people of the tradition Muhammad and the community ", emphasizing their attachment to religious and cultural tradition.

Likewise and ),
Likewise, the book of Sirach ( or Ecclesiasticus ), also written in the second century BC, mentions " The Twelve Prophets ".
Likewise, for litigation of commercial disputes arising out of unpredictable torts ( as opposed to the prospective choice of law clauses in contracts discussed in the previous paragraph ), certain jurisdictions attract an unusually high fraction of cases, because of the predictability afforded by the depth of decided cases.
Likewise, tracing — drawing on a thin piece of paper, sometimes designed for that purpose ( tracing paper ), around the outline of preexisting shapes that show through the paper — is also not considered fine art, although it may be part of the draftsman's preparation.
Likewise, a monopoly should be distinguished from a cartel ( a form of oligopoly ), in which several providers act together to coordinate services, prices or sale of goods.
Likewise, the German Heckler & Koch MP5K ( a weapon small enough to be concealed on one's person or in a briefcase ), is also classed as a compact submachine gun.
Likewise ( and more commonly ), a double sharp sign on a key signature with a single sharp indicates only a double sharp, not a triple sharp.
Likewise King Alfred the Great ( 849 – 899 ), wanting to restore English culture, lamented the poor state of Latin education: Alfred the Great proposed that students be educated in Old English, and those who excelled would go on to learn Latin.
Likewise, P. G. Wodehouse used the phrase " Nigger minstrels " in Thank You, Jeeves ( 1934 ), the first Jeeves – Bertie novel, in admiration of their artistry and musical tradition.
Likewise, a function is called monotonically decreasing ( also decreasing, or non-increasing ) if, whenever x ≤ y, then f ( x ) ≥ f ( y ), so it reverses the order ( see Figure 2 ).
Likewise, the Yankees have also won the most World Series ( 27 ), with the Athletics second in the American League with nine, the Red Sox third with seven, and the Tigers fourth with four.
Likewise, the meticulously accurate mythographer, Pindar ( 522 – 443 BC ), also makes no mention of Zeus:
Likewise, a protected area or an entire network of protected areas may lie within a larger geographic zone that is recognised as a terrestrial or marine ecoregions ( see, Global 200 ), or a crisis ecoregions for example.
Likewise, the town as a whole is represented on the Governor's Council by Charles Oliver Cipollini ( R-Fall River ), councillor for the 1st District.
Likewise, < tt > TH </ tt >, < tt > ER </ tt >, < tt > ON </ tt >, and < tt > AN </ tt > are the most common pairs of letters ( termed bigrams or digraphs ), and < tt > SS </ tt >, < tt > EE </ tt >, < tt > TT </ tt >, and < tt > FF </ tt > are the most common repeats.
" Likewise, in Der Vollkommene Capellmeister ( Hamburg, 1739 ), Johann Mattheson described the allemande as " a serious and well-composed harmoniousness in arpeggiated style, expressing satisfaction or amusement, and delighting in order and calm "
Likewise, sound and vibration isolation is improved ( at the expense of handling ), in production automobiles, by the use of rubber bushings between the frame and suspension, by any flexibility in the frame or body work, and by the flexibility of the seats.
Likewise, " coxswain " ( pronounced cox ' n ), " cox " and " helmsman " are terms originally used in the British navy ( like boatswain pronounced bosun ) to refer to the person in charge of a small boat and this person was not necessarily the sweep or person at the rear steering the boat.
Likewise, during an opposition procedure before the EPO, where the grant of a recently granted European patent may be opposed by a third party ( opponent ), the patent may be revoked if the Opposition Division form a different view on whether or not the invention in question was patentable.
Likewise the genera Piranga ( which includes the Scarlet Tanager, Summer Tanager, and Western Tanager ), Chlorothraupis, and Habia appear to be members of the Cardinal family, and have been reassigned to that family by the AOU.
Likewise, ten Roman Emperors were born in or near this city, Emperors Herennius Etruscus ( 251 ), Hostilian ( 251 ), Decius Traian ( 249-251 ), Claudius II ( 268-270 ), Quintillus ( 270 ), Aurelian ( 270-275 ), Probus ( 276-282 ), Maximianus Herculius ( 285-310 ), Constantius II ( 337-361 ) and Gratian ( 367-383 ).

Likewise and e
Likewise when the exponent ( power ) is one, ( e. g. is written ).
Likewise, the term photophobia may be used to define a physical complaint ( i. e. aversion to light due to inflamed eyes or excessively dilated pupils ) and does not necessarily indicate a fear of light.
Likewise, if Q ( x, n ) denotes the number of n-free integers ( e. g. 3-free integers being cube-free integers ) between 1 and x, one can show
Likewise, some of Leonard Bernstein's works he designated as operas ( e. g., Trouble in Tahiti ) are categorized as operettas, and his operetta Candide is sometimes considered a musical.
Likewise, the curvature of a plane curve at any point is the limiting ratio of dθ, an infinitesimal angle ( in radians ) between tangents to that curve at the ends of an infinitesimal segment of the curve, to the length of that segment ds, i. e., dθ / ds.
Likewise, most advertising, signage and graffiti in the Top 10 universe contains references to the world of comic books and super powers ( e. g. a clothing store called " The Phonebooth ") and crowd scenes usually feature many characters from sci-fi and comic books.
Likewise months may be named after ancient deities in the Assyrian Calendar, i. e. Tammuz.
Likewise, unstressed merges into when in contact with palatal consonants ( e. g. genoll ' knee '), and especially in lexical derivation with-eixement /- aixement ( e. g. coneixement ' knowledge ').
Likewise, in Slovenian, saying " I do not know anyone " () in place of " I do not know no one " () has the connotation " I do not know just anyone " — i. e., I know someone important or special.
Likewise, hyperphagia ( excessive eating ) may be a result of hormonal imbalances, mental disorders ( e. g. depression ) and others.
Likewise, the rule (¬ R ) states that, if Γ and A suffice to conclude Δ, then from Γ alone one can either still conclude Δ or A must be false, i. e. ¬ A holds.
Likewise, such a survey will include a disproportionate number of respondents who have traditional, land-line telephone service with listed phone numbers, and people who stay home much of the day and are much more likely to be available to participate in the survey ( e. g., people who are unemployed, disabled, elderly, etc.
Likewise, many scholarly speeches ( e. g. the traditional Rabbi's speech on the Shabbat preceding Pesach and Yom Kippur ) often revolve around a reconciliation between two passages in Maimonides ' work.
Likewise, critical, constructivist, and participatory paradigms are commensurable on certain issues ( e. g., intended action and textual representation ).
Likewise, the 3-liter cars ( e. g., ' E300 ') where also re-badged to ' E320 ' with the new 3. 2 litre engines and naming rationalization of 1994.
Likewise, the U. S. Marine Corps does not possess its own trained experts in these areas, but rather, it generally uses the corps of experts from the U. S. Navy, or else from the other two American Armed Forces ( whichever one is available in the region ) that have own corps of experts: e. g. medical, dental, legal, or nursing.
Likewise, Eastern Bloc countries conducted espionage in Finland, e. g. the East German Stasi had agents.
Likewise, DVD ± RW ( also written as DVD ± R / W, DVD ± R / RW, DVD ± R /± RW, DVD +/- RW, and other arbitrary ways ) handles both common rewritable disc types ( i. e. DVD-RW and DVD + RW, but not usually DVD-RAM ).
Likewise, data about that relationship, e. g. information about the salary the company pays to its employee, is not a first class item.
Likewise France's desire for military and industrial independence has motivated its continued pursuit of high-technology projects, e. g. Dassault Rafale.
Likewise, he was President of the Coordinating Committee of Agricultural, Trade, Industry and Financial Associations ( In Spanish, Comité Coordinador de Asociaciones Agrícolas, Comerciales, Industriales y Financieras – CACIF -) Director of the Hemispheric Congress of the Chambers of Commerce of Latin America, President of the Permanent Secretary of Chambers of Commerce and Industries of Latin America ( In Spanish, Secretaría Permanente de Cámaras de Comercio e Industrias Latinas – CAMACOL -) and Vice-president of the Permanent Committee of Expositions ( In Spanish, Comité Permantente de Exposiciones – COPEREX -)
Likewise, any angle derived from the longitude of periapsis ( e. g. mean longitude and true longitude ) will also be compound.
Likewise, we should fast with our eyes i. e. not look at agitating things, not allow your eyes freedom to roam, not to look shamelessly and without fear.

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